GKHair Hair Taming System™ with Juvexin™ Review

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On Tuesday of this week, I was lucky enough to get a GKhair Hair Taming System™ with Juvexin™at WET Salon in Downtown Austin. I’d been curious about this process for quite awhile, even the name of it, Hair Taming Treatment was enough to catch my interest!

What it is
The Hair Taming System is a salon process where a stylist basically infuses straight keratin protein into the hair, which causes the hair to become frizz free and much, much more manageable for up to 4 months. GKhair uses Juvexin, which is derived from sheep’s wool, and is very similar to human hair’s keratin structure, so it helps create manageable, frizz-free hair. The treatment comes in 3 levels: Light wave, curly, and resistant.

What is the process?

The process is super simple, but a little time consuming. The stylist will shampoo the hair, towel dry, and then apply the hair taming product to wet hair, blow dry (with the product in), and then flat iron the hair.

My Experience

When GKhair asked me if I would be interested in getting the treatment done, I all but yelled OF COURSE at them! This is like a dream treatment for me. A little background on my hair: It’s HUGE. It takes close to an hour to blow dry and flat iron it (and this is with an EXPENSIVE, high-end flat iron, not some cheapy one!) and even then it is still thick and frizzy. I’ve had issues with it for as long as I can remember, and have used just about every deep conditioner in the book. When I heard about this treatment, it sounded like it was made especially for me!

For reference, here is a picture of my hair, half blow dried, half straightened, before the treatment.

Another day, but just after blow drying.


I went to downtown Austin, to WET Salon and met with the owner, Jimmy (Who is super cool and used to be in a band in the 80s, that had a video on MTV- Jimmy and the Mustangs. He was the lead singer. Look up pictures, its awesome haha.) He decided to use the Light Wave treatment on me (I should have came in with my hair like the above picture- I’m pretty sure he would have used at least the level 2 treatment then!). First he washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo, then towel dried and sat me in his chair.

I guess the treatment comes in to scents-chocolate and strawberry. Jimmy used the strawberry scented treatment for me, and I was surprised how good it smelled! Like a strawberry milkshake or strawberry Quik. He applied this to my hair very similarly to how a stylist applies hair dye to dry hair, of course the difference being that this is applied to wet hair. He went through each section with a fine toothed comb after applying the treatment to take out all the excess product; the hair has to be coated thoroughly, but not dripping with product.

See, it’s not dripping with product, but obviously covered!

Once he did that, he blow dried my hair, with the product in. This was the main part that kinda sucked, as the fumes from the product made my eyes burn a bit. Not to the point where it was unbearable, but I did tear up a bit!


After my hair was dry, Jimmy went through and flat ironed tiny sections at a time. This is the most important part, as it seals the keratin into the hair. He took super small sections and flat ironed each piece roughly 10 times to seal in the treatment.

You think I can rock that look? :)

The whole process took shorter than I expected, only about an hour and 45 mins. I was thinking it would take AT LEAST 2 1/2 hours, so that was nice! Once Jimmy was done, my hair felt super soft, but did kind of have a feel of if you put a bit too much pomade in your hair. Nothing horrible, but my hair did feel weighed down just a bit.

Just after the treatment!

Once the product is in, you can’t wash your hair, put it in a pony tail, or do anything to bend or crimp it for 48 hours. Jimmy told me that if it got a kink in it while I was sleeping, to just flat iron it out the next day. I noticed that when I woke up the day after a section on the right side had this crazy kinky crimped grossness to it, I had a mini freak out haha. But I just flat ironed it out really well, and it went back to being straight!

After 48 hours I became extremely weary of washing my hair. Kinda like after you get your hair cut/colored, and the stylist made it oh-so-pretty, and you KNOW you’ll never be able to do it yourself! I decided that I’d obviously need to wash it sometime anyway, and honestly I was very curious if it was gonna be a big hoax and it would wash out and my hair would be back to mondo again. Thankfully, it wasn’t!

Here is my hair after blow drying it today. It isn’t stick straight, but the difference is super obvious from the above picture!! It actually kinda reminds me of how my hair was straightened beforehand, although it is a bit fluffier.

Flat ironing my hair was a BREEZE. I was honestly in shock. It took no more than 15 minutes to get it looking as nice as it did on Tuesday after the keratin treatment! Totally blown away.

After straightening it today. The only thing left to do now is get the dead ends trimmed, them it would be perfect!

So, the big question, Is it worth it? I would say ABSOLUTELY, if you have unruly hair that takes so much effort to make it look even just okay. I will absolutely be getting this done regularly now, as I honestly can’t imagine going back to what I was dealing with!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the treatment have Formaldehyde in it?
but don’t let that scare you. I asked Jimmy about this because I knew it would be asked, and he said that yes, there is, but it isn’t as big of a deal as most people are making it out to be (like most things in the world!) There has been a lot of talk online about these types of hair treatments having formaldehyde, which apparently can cause cancer. The way I look at it is that it is only a small amount, and you’re only around it for a very, very short period of time. I feel like there is more of a risk for hair dressers around it constantly than someone getting a treatment done. It’s kind of like how you’re much, much more likely to get skin cancer if you’re outside in the sun CONSTANTLY than if you go out for a little while, you know?

How much does this cost/where can I get it done?
From what I have noticed, the price is around $200-$250. Yes, expensive, but in my case I’d easily pay it regularly for these results. You can find salons that have certified stylist on the GKhair Website.

Global Keratin® is rebranding as GKhair™ to reflect the company’s new image and superior line of professional hair care

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