GKHair Hair Taming System™ with Juvexin™ Review

On Tuesday of this week, I was lucky enough to get a GKhair Hair Taming System™ with Juvexin™at WET Salon in Downtown Austin. I’d been curious about this process for quite awhile, even the name of it, Hair Taming Treatment was enough to catch my interest!

What it is
The Hair Taming System is a salon process where a stylist basically infuses straight keratin protein into the hair, which causes the hair to become frizz free and much, much more manageable for up to 4 months. GKhair uses Juvexin, which is derived from sheep’s wool, and is very similar to human hair’s keratin structure, so it helps create manageable, frizz-free hair. The treatment comes in 3 levels: Light wave, curly, and resistant.

What is the process?

The process is super simple, but a little time consuming. The stylist will shampoo the hair, towel dry, and then apply the hair taming product to wet hair, blow dry (with the product in), and then flat iron the hair.

My Experience

When GKhair asked me if I would be interested in getting the treatment done, I all but yelled OF COURSE at them! This is like a dream treatment for me. A little background on my hair: It’s HUGE. It takes close to an hour to blow dry and flat iron it (and this is with an EXPENSIVE, high-end flat iron, not some cheapy one!) and even then it is still thick and frizzy. I’ve had issues with it for as long as I can remember, and have used just about every deep conditioner in the book. When I heard about this treatment, it sounded like it was made especially for me!

For reference, here is a picture of my hair, half blow dried, half straightened, before the treatment.

Another day, but just after blow drying.


I went to downtown Austin, to WET Salon and met with the owner, Jimmy (Who is super cool and used to be in a band in the 80s, that had a video on MTV- Jimmy and the Mustangs. He was the lead singer. Look up pictures, its awesome haha.) He decided to use the Light Wave treatment on me (I should have came in with my hair like the above picture- I’m pretty sure he would have used at least the level 2 treatment then!). First he washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo, then towel dried and sat me in his chair.

I guess the treatment comes in to scents-chocolate and strawberry. Jimmy used the strawberry scented treatment for me, and I was surprised how good it smelled! Like a strawberry milkshake or strawberry Quik. He applied this to my hair very similarly to how a stylist applies hair dye to dry hair, of course the difference being that this is applied to wet hair. He went through each section with a fine toothed comb after applying the treatment to take out all the excess product; the hair has to be coated thoroughly, but not dripping with product.

See, it’s not dripping with product, but obviously covered!

Once he did that, he blow dried my hair, with the product in. This was the main part that kinda sucked, as the fumes from the product made my eyes burn a bit. Not to the point where it was unbearable, but I did tear up a bit!


After my hair was dry, Jimmy went through and flat ironed tiny sections at a time. This is the most important part, as it seals the keratin into the hair. He took super small sections and flat ironed each piece roughly 10 times to seal in the treatment.

You think I can rock that look? :)

The whole process took shorter than I expected, only about an hour and 45 mins. I was thinking it would take AT LEAST 2 1/2 hours, so that was nice! Once Jimmy was done, my hair felt super soft, but did kind of have a feel of if you put a bit too much pomade in your hair. Nothing horrible, but my hair did feel weighed down just a bit.

Just after the treatment!

Once the product is in, you can’t wash your hair, put it in a pony tail, or do anything to bend or crimp it for 48 hours. Jimmy told me that if it got a kink in it while I was sleeping, to just flat iron it out the next day. I noticed that when I woke up the day after a section on the right side had this crazy kinky crimped grossness to it, I had a mini freak out haha. But I just flat ironed it out really well, and it went back to being straight!

After 48 hours I became extremely weary of washing my hair. Kinda like after you get your hair cut/colored, and the stylist made it oh-so-pretty, and you KNOW you’ll never be able to do it yourself! I decided that I’d obviously need to wash it sometime anyway, and honestly I was very curious if it was gonna be a big hoax and it would wash out and my hair would be back to mondo again. Thankfully, it wasn’t!

Here is my hair after blow drying it today. It isn’t stick straight, but the difference is super obvious from the above picture!! It actually kinda reminds me of how my hair was straightened beforehand, although it is a bit fluffier.

Flat ironing my hair was a BREEZE. I was honestly in shock. It took no more than 15 minutes to get it looking as nice as it did on Tuesday after the keratin treatment! Totally blown away.

After straightening it today. The only thing left to do now is get the dead ends trimmed, them it would be perfect!

So, the big question, Is it worth it? I would say ABSOLUTELY, if you have unruly hair that takes so much effort to make it look even just okay. I will absolutely be getting this done regularly now, as I honestly can’t imagine going back to what I was dealing with!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the treatment have Formaldehyde in it?
but don’t let that scare you. I asked Jimmy about this because I knew it would be asked, and he said that yes, there is, but it isn’t as big of a deal as most people are making it out to be (like most things in the world!) There has been a lot of talk online about these types of hair treatments having formaldehyde, which apparently can cause cancer. The way I look at it is that it is only a small amount, and you’re only around it for a very, very short period of time. I feel like there is more of a risk for hair dressers around it constantly than someone getting a treatment done. It’s kind of like how you’re much, much more likely to get skin cancer if you’re outside in the sun CONSTANTLY than if you go out for a little while, you know?

How much does this cost/where can I get it done?
From what I have noticed, the price is around $200-$250. Yes, expensive, but in my case I’d easily pay it regularly for these results. You can find salons that have certified stylist on the GKhair Website.

Global Keratin® is rebranding as GKhair™ to reflect the company’s new image and superior line of professional hair care


  1. Amber says

    I must say I’m.. well, sort of shocked. Your hair looks amazing now compared to how it used to look! I really didn’t think it would make that big of a change but this is just beyond everything I’ve ever seen before. Looks good Leesha!

    1. Arlene says

      I am sure everyones hair is different. I have long streaked hair which I have blown and ironed weekly to keep it from getting the frizzies. When I heard at my salon about Keratin first I tried the mild one which did not change my hair ; it was still healthy and blew and ironed well. About 6-8 months after that I had the stronger treatment. This was a total mistake which I am still suffering for four months later. My bangs look totally burnt and broken and so is my entire head of hair with the exception of some darker hair underneath my streaks. I would tell anyone to think twice before they use this product. My hairdresser said she had only experienced this with me and one other client. Beware! Arlene

  2. Emma says

    that is AMAZING! looks really pretty ALTHOUGH, I’d never do something like it myself. My hair is the flattest hair in hair-history and repells volume. And I would do anything to have the kinda hair you had before (u know, tha fro’ ;D) so jealous! :P

  3. Heather says

    Wow :D i have frizzy hair so i can appreciate how good it must feel to be able to blow dry and not worry! You look great :) x

  4. Lindsay says

    It doesn’t cause any sort of damage to the hair at all, does it? Especially since my hair is bleached (although still in excellent health, but still :3).

    1. Rachel says

      I do the Juvexin treatment on my clients and it is actually GREAT on bleached or highlighted hair! :)

  5. Ernesto says

    It does leave your hair looking amazing, I had the Brazilian blowout but please know they use formaldehyde and it thins your hair :( I’m never letting that toxic dump touch my hair again, it used to be thick and huge and luscious and now it’s thinner as in when I hold it it’s less hair :( and formaldehyde causes cancer. At least the Brazilian blowout, it has over six times the legal limit no matter if they call it Hyde free. That’s why they don’t include the ingredients list on their products. Please be careful!

    1. Elle says

      According to their website, the Brazilian does NOT contain formaldehyde. A few of my friends have done it with no adverse effects. So sorry you had trouble with it thought

      1. kalee says

        depends on whats being used. still, even if they say it doesnt contain it, when it is heated up can release a formaldehyde gas. some places that do this service have their stylists and clients wear face masks. yikes.

        1. kalee says

          ooops, i wasnt done typing. didnt mean to hit submit. lol. so yea, it does depend on where you go and whats being used. most aren’t as harmful as you would think. there has been salons that were busted because they were saying that their treatments did not contain form at all, and was tested and been proved that there definitely was. (im not saying thats like that everywhere), so its basically just a client beware thing.
          i would love to do this in the salon i work in. great way to make money as its getting more popular.

  6. Sara says

    I’m glad it worked for you, your hair looks lovely.
    Does it feel in better condition than before you had it done?

    I’m getting this done next month, I’m so sick of spending hours on my hair and it never looks like I want it too.

  7. Megan says

    Will yor hair still curl if you style it like that out of the shower? Or did this take away the curl pattern completely until it washes out?

  8. Harper says

    I’m with Ernesto on this. I’d love to have it done, but the risk is just a bit too high for me.

    That said, your hair look AMAZING.

  9. Megan says

    I work at a hair salon that uses Global, the amount of formaldehyde is so small that it’s actually OSHA approved and that’s why it’s the best way to go for keratin treatments.
    I recommend this as well!

  10. Jelissa says

    I have a question, say you get the treatment done and you love it, but after a few months you get over it or dont have enough money to get it done. what would your hair look like? will the treatment just fade away easily? will your hair look damaged?

  11. Katrin says

    Ok.. to all of the people freaking out about formaldehyde in the treatment, did you know that Diet Coke can cause cancer and that spending too much time in the sun can as well? Well then.. if you still tan and drink diet coke or use artificial sugar, than do the best for your hair, and just do the treatment! I am! :)

  12. Ashley says

    omg your hair looks amazing with this treatment!! Im fortunate enough to have thick but tameable hair lol :). As for the formaldehyde, its more personal preference than anything, like if you dont mind it then go for it, if you think its too big of a risk then dont :) lol. if i had your hair type i would DEFINITLY get it lol, but thankfully i dont haha.

  13. Paige says

    I’m a hairstylist, and we offer a treatment very similar to this. Pretty much the exact same treatment but a different brand, as they’re popping up all over the place now. As far as the formaldehyde goes, I think people should be aware that there are brands out there that do this treatment that have zero formaldehyde in them, such as the one I preform on clients. The brazilian blowout as well as other keratin treatments that use formaldehyde have actually been banned in Canada now because over time they WILL damage your hair. I’m not sure if this goes for every single brand that has formaldehyde in it or just the ones with a higher concentration of it. For the comment above asking if the keratin treatment causes damage, it doesn’t (although I cant speak for this one as I’m not firmiliar with it or sure how much formaldehyde is in it) but it should be making your hair healthy and repairing it by replacing the keratin you lose over time. And for the question asking if it just goes away after time, it will to an extent. Your hair will obviously slowly start to grow and the treatment will wash out, however if the treatment was preformed correctly it shouldn’t grow back as bad. It wil generally tame the new growth of the hair for the entire peroid of the treatment being in your hair. So no harsh lines.

    Overall, the treatment is great. I’m glad you liked it. It seems to have made the world of differences to your hair

  14. Ernesto says


    The Brazilian Blowout website says they DONT have it, and technically it may not be actively present in the solution, but it becomes so when heat is applied, meaning it is in the fumes which is why your eyes burn when it hits you. They are facing a law suit or something right now for that after it was tested and the results were that at some point or another during the process, 6 times the legal limit of formaldehyde was released. There’s an article on it, google and I’m sure you’ll find it.

    It is so disgusting to me that they claim it is safe when it is not. I was in love when I had it done, my hair was super pin straight, silky and healthy… It was awesome although it didn’t even last 90 days and i took care of it exactly how they say, and then i did it a second time and it lasted even less…

    It is honestly not worth it because sooner than later your hair is back to normal and you have to do it again if you want the results.

    I wish i had never done it because my hair used to be incredibly thick and bulky and heavy and now it feels so much thinner and it is not fun to experience something like this. It is something I really regret and I wish I was informed that this was a possibility when you get this done. Unfortunately I didn’t know and well, what can I do now.

    Please be informed everyone, don’t make the same mistakes! Appreciate your hair be it thick and crazy or whatever, you can rock it!

    Just my two cents :)

    1. Tess says

      I work in a salon where we use the Brazilian Blowout brand for this treatment. The product we use, has no formaldehyde in the product. The only time it’s present is the chemical change when the product is on the hair and the flat iron touches it, causing a gas to come out. The amount of formaldehyde is so minute, it wouldn’t cause any problems to the person getting the service done. A lot of stylists perform this service twice or more a day. If they are okay, then it’s okay for you.

      There was recently a huge problem in Oregon with the Brazilian Blowout product. Oregon tested the product and thought there was a huge amount of formaldehyde in it, but it ended up they tested the wrong chemical in the product. This product isn’t harmful for you. If you color your hair, you’re exposing yourself to just as many chemicals. You have to think of it this way, if the stylists are okay, then you are too.

      It looks really great on you! I love the Brazilian Blowout and have gotten it done before myself. It makes a world of difference. Especially if you’re someone who likes to have very little maintenance on your hair, then it’s perfect.

  15. beauty addict says

    It looks great on you. I had it done several times and I absolutely love the effect this type of treatment has on my hair. I actually have a review of the treatment on my blog too explaining how it is done on a step by step. I love it!
    And I have to say you look amazing with your new hair!

  16. Jenni says

    Your hair looks amazing!!!

  17. d&rk $p@rk$ says

    in that final picture it looks like you have a black eye do you have a black eye?

  18. Rita Baumann says

    Love the Keratin treatment for my unruly hair. It’s totally worth it – and better for your hair than Rusk Anticurl or any other relaxer.

  19. Rita Baumann says

    OH and PS. After you get it done a few times it lasts longer in between.

  20. Tamara says

    I wish I had the money for that, I wonder how it is in humidity? My hair was fine until this humidity makes it look like yours did before, and I can straighten it but it doesn’t last an hour.

    1. Shelle says

      Humidity is obsolete after this treatment. I live in Houston where the air is so thick and gross most of the time, and literally my hair didnt even budge as far as frizz is concerned…definitely worth the price.

  21. Casey says

    Yesterday I saw a commercial for an at-home treatment JUST like this called Keramaze or something for $30.00. It said it had keratin in it and works just as well as Global Keratin except it’s a lot cheaper. They showed the same steps and everything.

    There’s something sketchy about this…..$200 vs $30….that’s quiiiiteeee a difference….I’d stick to this ;)

    1. Shelle says

      I’ve heard of a take home treatment as well, i think maybe its cheaper because you dont pay for labor and possibly doesnt have a 4 month guarantee…maybe, but ive been curious to try it b/c of the low price.

    2. kalee says

      baaaaahhhhhh never use at home kits. yikes!

    3. itsme says

      It’s because the manufacture is using inexpensive ingredients. When we buy the keratin Treatment ourselves it is not cheap for just a 10oz bottle. Store bought shampoos and conditioners are like that as well. Cheap ingredients like Sodium Chloride (table salt), waxes, silicons, cheap detergents, alcohol, artificial perfumes. Even store box color has cheap ingredients, metals, dyes.

  22. matie says

    wow the difference is very noticeable. I’ve been using Maxliss Keratin at home for 8 months now and my hair has never looked better. I’d suggest you try out that one too!
    Here’s their site if you’re interested: http://www.maxliss-keratin.com

  23. Shelle says

    I just wanted to say that i did a keratin treatment back in 09, and i cant wait to do it again. The only problem i had was that i had two stylists (the guy who didnt know what to do and the main chick who ran late) its very important that your hair gets shampooed completely clean, and that they blow dry your hair completly dry…for this treatment to have lasting results the process must be done by someone who knows what theyre doing technically. Mine came out great but didnt last as long because that dumb dude didnt know what he was doing and i was too hesistant to say anything.

    Also i had medium length super curly kinky hair and the process took me well over 3 hours, so make a day of it…but this couldve been the result of the untrained stylist.

  24. jordyn says

    you look fab with blond hair but i loved it better when you had black and red hair.

    Jordyn p.s go on youtube.com and type in katiepie1992 dynamite, then watch it then subscribe and comment PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she’s an awesome vid maker!!!!

  25. jordyn says

    to the comment above jordyn bummer and that guy must have been a huge piece of
    bull crap if you know what I mean


  26. Ana says

    Hey Leesha! Indeed it’s a big improvement from what i can see on the pics.
    I have heard about this Keratin before with another guru (MnFLiz1217). However, i had been told that you can’t apply Keratin on dyed hair??
    I got so interested on the treatment that i haven’t dyed my hair in 9 months, so maybe in 1 year i can cut out all the dyed remains and apply Keratin.
    I would appreciate an answer about this doubt i have. Thanks a lot in advance :)

    1. itsme says

      Hi ana,
      Not sure what your stylist is using. But the Global Keratin Treatment is manufactured to be used on the same day that you have your color done(this ensures that your color last even longer because your sealing in the moisture and color, the keratin fills in the holes in each hair strand locking in color, moisture, and faster drying time). If you do not do the color and treatment on the same day, you have to wait 2 weeks after treatment. This ensures your color has had time to bond to the hair follicles and not be affected when your stylist uses the “clarifying” shampoo. Or, 2 weeks before treatment, making sure that the color process doesnt pull out the treatment if it done to soon after the keratin treatment.

  27. Snooglerat says

    Wow! I had noticed from your twitpics and such, that your hair was noticeably smoother than usual. I didn’t know you had gotten this process done & I was curious as to what you had done different. This is really awesome and I can tell a world of difference! :)

    I’m curious as to how it would affect someone wearing their hair curly every now and then if they wanted…. Would the curl hold at all? or would the treatment render hair un curl-able for sometime? Have you tried wearing your hair curly at all since the treatment?

  28. Aditi says

    I saw the pictures and honestly, I never thought you’re hair was bad before, but seeing the before and after pictures, I’m in loooooooove with your new hair. It looks so much healthier and a lot like my hair. Being Indian, i get a lot of compliments on my “silky long black hair”. But I think yours beat mine…

  29. Dory A. says

    Hi there! I had this treatment done on June 1st of this year and when I saw my stylist last week, she figured it would be another month or more before I have to do it again.

    My question for you is that you mentioned “dead ends”. I have had non-stop dead-ends since I had the treatment done. Have you found a way or can you ask your stylist what to do about them? One of the stylists told me to come back more often for cuts but I’m there every 4 weeks like clockwork… I won’t have any hair left if I keep cutting them out!!!

    Any suggestions????

  30. Jessica says

    I would love to try this product but it is a bit pricey! I have really damaged hair since I have dyed it since a young age, it is so bad now! Maybe I will give this a try =D

  31. ash says

    the chemicals in that can cause cancer. and while your right that your only being exposed to a small amount that doesn’t lessen the chances of it entering your body. all cancer is, is a mutation that is caused by being exposed to these chemicals. a small amount is enough to do damage. you wouldn’t use mascara with formaldehyde in it, nor would you want to use anything with parabens in it for the same reason. all chemicals that enter our bodies get processed by our bodies and can cause mutations. your hair looks lovely. i think it is important to know that just a little of something can cause damage. perhaps thats the price of vanity.

    1. Melani Nicole says

      An organic apple has more formaldehyde in it (2-4%) than any stage of a GK taming service (0.2%).  GK is the only company that has NOT had any problems with OSHA. :) 

  32. Sarah says

    Hey Leesha!! I´m from Brazil and i really love your tutorials! I´m following you here, on twitter e on youtube…
    Can you do a “tropical make up tutorial”?


  33. pari sood says

    hey nyc haan..
    how did u get dat..??
    bt whatever lovely hair..<3

  34. melanie aka ShesThe1yup says

    damn girl you make me wana go back to Blonde again, I always wanted the blonde bomshell look but yea it never straightened properly so it just didn’t look right, maybe with this it will, Obviously it does for you :) :) LOVE your hair

  35. ashley says

    loook, whoever said they were sketched out about the cheapness of the at-home treatments, they’re cheap because they only last about 1-2 months, they don’t take nearly as long as the pro treatments, and you’re not having to actually pay someone to do the work for you, you do it yourself. the treatments do actually work, though.

    & of course there’s formaldehyde in it! if you’re that cautious about the formaldehyde then i suggest you do the following: stay away from glue, plywood, soap bars, toothpaste, insulation, baby wipes, make up, body wash/bubble bath, sunblock, wooden office furniture, starches, sheet vinyl flooring, wall coverings, ALL TYPES OF LIQUID HOUSEHOLD/CAR CLEANERS, because they all contain at LEAST a small percentage of formaldehyde.

    1. Melani Nicole says

      Actually, those contain MORE formaldehyde than GK Treatments!  :) 
      The only ‘formaldehyde’ comes from the chemical reaction of the heat with the Methyline Glycol during the service.  And yes, That formaldehyde is still less than an apple, baby cribs, all of the above that you mentioned.  This stuff truly rocks.  

  36. Elaine says

    I am an African American stylist and have purchased the Global Keratin system to use on mine and my clients’ hair. One of my sisters has had the treatment done on her natural hair since November 2010 and she loves the results. She had never been able to get her hair relaxed and keep her hair for any length of time. It is reported that it works on hair that has been previously relaxed and/or colored. I am a person who relaxes and color my hair. I applied the treatment on my hair a couple of months ago. I did like the results until I realized that the new growth texture that was not treated was causing my hair to break. The exact results that occur after 4-6 weeks between retouches. I am now going to stop relaxing my hair and grow out the virgin hair to apply the treatment to my hair without relaxer. Someone asked about being able to maintain the natural curl pattern after applying the treatment. That is one of the advantages of the treatment on virgin hair. You can revert back and forth from the natural look when desired, and when you desire to straighten it, you can blow dry and straighten (flat iron) it for the multiple looks! I have checked the list of ingredients, and form was not listed. I am taking the time to research the ingredients to double check.

  37. Lynette says

    Okay, so I am getting this done Monday as a valentines day from my honey. : )….. Is the level of effort worth a 20% tip? The length of my hair is similar to above, naturally wavy and a bit thinner since it only takes me about 20 minutes to blow dry and flat iron for a sweet, smooth look…

    I always want to make sure I tip fairly and thought I would at least pose the question. Thanks!

    1. Melani Nicole says

      I would say yes, as the stylist needs to dry your hair with little to no heat, and flat iron TINY sections with a few passes per strand to ensure that the treatment cures into the hair. 

  38. Julie says

    I have read all this will real interest as I had exactly this done 3 weeks ago. I have long slightly curly and very frizzy in places hair. Here is what I have discovered so far.
    You have to wash with their products only after the treatment and my hair (although straigher) feels greasy as if I haven’t rinsed it properly. It’s sort of stiffer too, as if I have used lots of hairspray they brushed it out. I am not totally convinced by it and probably wouldn’t get it done again.

  39. Tiffany says

    I had this done about 3 weeks ago and only wash my hair about once a week because my hair is really thick and coarse and doesn’t get greasy for about 5-6 days. First time washing it, came out nice and smooth, 2nd time yer pretty nice and smooth, third time nice but seems to already be going back to coarse. It’s still 100 times better than my normal hair after just blow drying, but I can’t see this treatment holding for another few months. Shattered if it doesn’t, would be a waste of money. I only paid $130 as a special offer which was great though! Am due to wash it tomorrow and a bit weary. The lady at the salon told me it will last for 6 months. It is nothing similar to what they advertise “silky, smooth, straight hair”, for me anyway. I am trying to grow my hair real long so this should help anyway as I don’t have to straighten it and damage my hair as much. That’s what I am using it for. If it lasts 6 months, I’d most likely do it again while trynig to grow my hair! Oh and the bottles of Juvexin they try to sell are expensive, so I told them I don’t want to buy it, so me and mom looked on the net and found the same Juvexin shampoo and conditioner in 1L bottles instead of the small ones the salon had to offer for the same price which is much better value and will last longer for me and I can use it if I get it again next time.

    1. Tiffany says

      Actually I paid $119 for it lol

    2. Melani Nicole says

      The formula is buildable and if you have really thick, coarse hair, the result would be much better if you redid the process after about 3 months, so your hair can get even more Juvexin in it, and the results will ‘build’ on the already treated hair and be wonderful.  Its tough with really curly hair, but the cool think about GK is that it doesn’t ‘beat up’ your hair like other brands with other, harsher ingredients.  Also, were you using the GK Shampoo and Conditioner so that when you shampoo, you would be getting more Juvexin put back into your hair?  If not, that is an important step. 

  40. Angie says

    Just a little info from a GKhair sales rep. first, Our Keratin Treatments DO NOT have Formaldehyde as an ingredient like she said and it is very harmful if one does have it. Our formulas contain Methylene Glycol and is in full compliance with regulations. Second, the treatment will last up to 5 months IF you use the after care product. We are not saying that to make more money.Iit is because the after care products are designed to keep up with the treatment to make sure it last that long with what is in the after care products. It’s like when you get your hair colored and you use the after care products to make sure your color doesn’t fade. So if you think you are going to get the treatment and then go the cheap way and not use the after care product don’t get mad that your hair doesn’t stay looking the same. If you are going to pay to have it done you may as well pay for the after care too. Third, Keratin treatments are not all the same. They are not all used the same and the results are not all the same. So make sure you do your homework before getting it done. The treatment she had done is by GKhair not to be confused with Keratin Complex, Brazilian BlowOut ( which does have Formaldehyde in it) and others.

    1. GW says

      Methylene Glycol has chemical form of CH4O2 ,very similar to the formula for Fromadehyde (CH2O). From what I have been able to find, there is a reaction with the heat, transforming the chemical into Fromaldehyde. How much Methylene Glycol is present in the product (therefore how much is being released into the air everytime you put heat to your hair)?

      1. Melani Nicole says

        I am an educator with GK.  You are correct but the amount released is ONLY when the treatment is being done, and it is 0.02%, while an apple, (yes, an apple) has 2-4% formaldehyde.  Baby cribs release more than that amount EVERY DAY.  (I found that tidbit by doing my own research.) We are the only company that has NOT been in any trouble with OSHA. :)   

    2. Lisa says

      Can you tell me if the gk keratin can be used on previously straightened hair? I have been using rusk anticurl for about 13 years. The product works well but I need it every 3 or 4 months. I am looking for something more conditioning and less harsh. Is your product for me???

    3. Lizv15 says

      actually, the formula used on her hair does have a form of formaldehyde. the one you are talking about is “the best” formula.

      1. Melani Nicole says

        Actually, “The Best” Does not contain Methylene Glycol, the Taming Systems do. Angie might be a little confused on the fact that MG is derived from formaldehyde and there IS 0.2% Formaldehyde made during the heating of the MG during the application of the service.  However, there are LOTS of everyday products that give off much more Formaldehyde than GK Products, such as an apple, a banana, cleaning products, insulation…. etc. 

  41. Shar says

    I have very curly, extremely dry hair. Has anyone had the treatment that leaves the hair curly but reduces frizz? What should I expect?

  42. naheed sheikh says

    hi i want to do keratin treatment on dameged blond hairs

  43. Lauraguerriero says

    Hi everyone. My name is Laura and I am a hair stylist located in Toronto. I have been fully educated and trained in the GK hair system. This is a great product and is worth evey penny! If anyone is looking for a stylist that is well educated in this product give me a call if you live in the area. 905 831 0888.

  44. Frizzylogs says

    how much will it caused to go thru the GK Hair Taming Treatment?

  45. margo White says

    A friend of mine had it done and the smell was terrible.  

    1. Melani Nicole says

      If your friend did, in fact have a GK Service, and it did stink (although they no longer have the strawberry or chocolate scents), there is a possibility that her stylist used a little too much product.  I have done many and it really shouldn’t smell, and I’m not just saying that, lol. :)

  46. Olivia Stefen says

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  47. Angelgirl2013 says

    I had this done and I love how smooth and silky they were able to get my hair super smooth and silky! For the first time, I can get up and comb through my hair with my fingers! Normally when I wake up, my hair is curly or frizzy even if I have it straightened! I have mixed hair so my hair is really dry, frizzy and curly 3b or 3c type hair! I have curly but very fine hair when it’s straight! It is very thin looking, too when straightened! When curly it frizzes up and sometimes, “Poofs” as my husband would say. I’m hopeful for this to work! I am on day 2 leaving it straight and tomorrow, I get to wash and see if it works! I will be doing a review, too! If it just reduces the frizz, I will be so happy!! Thanks for this link!! Great to talk to other girls like me! Also, they recommended using it with Eufora Hair products! They are natural and use essential oils! I use a shampoo, conditioner and beautifying serum only which will cost less in the end since before I was having to buy so many hair products in search for a “Perfect” one for my hair type! Some people don’t understand that curly hair is one of the hardest hair types in the world to work with! I wish we’d get more compassion and understanding, sigh!! Well, too good hair!! :)

  48. Julie says

    I have very curly hair and I had this done to decrease the frizz. My hair stylist only left in on for 20 minutes in efforts to decrease the frizz w/o losing my curl. After she flat ironed it I loved my straight hair, very soft and flat, less fly aways. But my beautiful spiral curls are gone! I know have wavy, flat hair. Some say it looks okay, but I had much better hair before the treatment. Also, my scalp tingled and burned initially, then itchy for a few days, but even worse, very FLAKY for a good 2 weeks afterwards! Gross!
    It’s now been a little over a month and I think my hair is even less wavy and just kinda blah. The only thing I still like about it is less fly aways/frizz when I pull it up into a bun or pony tail. I would not get it done again and do not recommend it for curly haired girls that don’t want to lose some curl.

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