Giveaway Thursday: HUGE Grabbag Giveaway!

Hi guys!

So apologies for slacking on the blog- I have been working hard to get more Youtube videos up on xSparkage and vlogs on Discodollies and unfortunately the blog took a hit because of that. I’m planning to use a good chunk of my weekend to get some swatches done of some new products I have, specifically from Urban Decay! 


In the meantime, I’m bringing Giveaway Thursday back for the month of July! The first giveaway will be four grab bag prizes. I have a ton of different product that has been sitting in a drawer waiting to be used for a giveaway, so each prize will consist of 5-6 products.



To Enter, just use the form below. Enter as many or as little ways as you like. If you are entering via tweet, make sure you use the tweet button on the form, not write your own (it can’t track ones you write yourself). The giveaway will be open for the next week, and is open internationally. Winners will be chosen next Thursday at midnight and winners names will be listed on this blog post. I will email winners within 24 hours. Winners must email me back within 48 hours of receiving winning email, or I will choose another winner.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good Luck!!

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  1. Carrie Peters says:

    my favorite summer activity this year is being the special effects/makeup artist and a leading actress for the butler little theater’s performance of james and the giant peach. :)

  2. Maca says:

    I feel guilty about it but i love to blast the a/c at night and then get under my comforter and its super cozy but probably wastes too much energy :L shame on me. the beach is cool too i guess but im super pale and can’t tan, i just become one with the lobsters. thanks for hosting this giveaway, Leesha c:

  3. Valkyriestar says:

    Honestly, my favorite summer activity is being able to take my dog to the beach and the dog park and watch him go crazy in the water. He’s a lab/retriver mix and he loveeeeeeeeeeees to swim! He won’t just got for his toys in the water alone, he will go for others. That’s what I love to do during the day when I’m not playing video games lol. At night I like to curl up and watch a movie.

  4. Anahi Potrero says:

    My favorite summer activity is going to the beach with my close friends and then going out on the weekends to Kareoke and some drinks.

  5. Eva Obier says:

    You are so inspirational und i love your personality!<3!
    And my Favoriten activity is Reading and playing Volleyball at the Beach:)

  6. Tiera Beard says:

    My favorite summer activity is going to the beach each let’s go get away, they say what the wanna say, have a drink drink, drinks is on me! Lol

  7. xMissGrace says:

    My favourite activity in the summer is going on the beach with my family, sunbathing and acting like complete retards together ;)

  8. nnnitsirk says:

    My favorite summer activity is going to music festivals, go swimming, go to the zoo and spend time with family, friends, and mah boyfriend :D

  9. BeautyNailsJana says:

    I love to get tanned, go to the beach, swim, hang out with my friends and eat a lot of ice-cream! :)

  10. Kimberly Donner says:

    My favorite summer activity, is finding some say to stay cool. Usually it ends up being the movies or swimming or something of that nature with the family :)

  11. Kayla M says:

    I love going to the beach, just because it’s usually about 40 degrees cooler than where I live. I don’t care what I’m doing there just as long as it’s cool.

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