April 18, 2014
The Latest Scoop


Good Luck!!

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  • Jadine

    Thank you for the giveaway- I love swimming :D

  • Tori Tarantino

    Late night walks on the fishing pier!

  • kelli

    I just got my prize!! thank you so much! I’m so excited and grateful for the contest!! you are amazing. definitely made my day! :) thanks soo much

  • Nickie

    Okay, so just yesterday I get this message in my inbox from somebody claiming it’s you. The username was xespakage, but it appeared to have been terminated andif it is terminated maybe you know something about it already. This person makes you click on a link that doesn’t exist to enter your personal information. Thank God I was careful and didn’t do anything stupid. Just spreading the word to everyone; would suck to be scammed by something like this.