April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • ashley

    your cousin is so cute! those bath salts made me want ice cream haha.

  • http://runzwithvampirez.etsy.com star

    your cousin is adorable!

    Those soaps look really cool. I wouldn’t want to ruin them if i had those lol

  • Elizabeth

    Your cousin is adorable, as soon as I watched this video…. technically half way through I checked out the website and fell in love. I bought soap for not only me but I bought three packages for events that are coming up. I love love love Fortune Cookie Soaps ( I got mine in the mail today and took a shower ASAP), I totally and completely recommend it.

  • Ashlee

    Which do you think is better, Lush or Fortune Cookie Soaps?
    because ive been thinking about ordering lush for a couple weeks now, and then i saw this video and checked out the website and they are cheaper, so i don’t know what to dooo!

  • http://jianandjay.webs.com Lisa Warner

    Cool soaps they look so cute . About the bath butters and soaps how can I keep littler relitives from eating them ?

  • Anna-Marie

    I love these! I bought 8 because of you, hehehe. I think your cousin Katie is adorable!! I really love the smell of these Fortune Cookie Soaps, and thankfully I found them through you! (Plus, the code wasn’t bad at all either :) Thanks again for doing this review, these soaps are super neat and mouthwatering.

  • Sophie and Emily

    Is cute you’re favourite word or something u said cute loads in the video lol… the bathbombs, soaps and bathsalts were good… u should have ur cousin in more videos she is relii cute bye :D x

  • Alanna

    I tried to use the coupon code and it didn’t work. :( I’m still excited to get these, though.

  • http://facebook.com/krazyluckystar KrazyLuckyStar

    I just recently got some Fortune Cookie Soaps ….and they smelled HORRIBLE!. But I might have just picked two that werent really good. Def sticking with LUSH.