Fortune Cookie Soap Spring Line Review & Giveaway

Hi Guys! I wanted to share some of the new Fortune Cookie Soap spring products with you. I’ such a huge fan of this company and I’m sure you will be too :)



New products mentioned:

  • In the Loop: Fruit Loops/ Fruity Pebbles scent
    -Bath Bomb
    -Sugar Scrub
    -Whipped Cream Body Butter
    Shampoo Bar
  • How ’bout Them Apples?: Perfect red apple scent
    -Whipped Cream Body Butter
    -Loofa Soap
  • Hubba Hubba: Bubble Gum
    -Whipped Cream Body Butter
    -Gelato Fizzy Bath Bomb
  • Cinnamon Rolled Whipped Cream Body Butter
  • Carrot Cake Whipped Cream Body Butter
  • Cake Batter Gelato Fizzy
  • Cupcake Soap (if you like cupcakes, go buy this RIGHT NOW. No exceptions!)


Fortune Cookie Soaps is also sponsoring a giveaway of five $50 giftcards for you guys!
Here’s how to enter:

  • Follow Fortune Cookie Soaps on Twitter: @FortuneFreak
  • Like Fortune Cookie Soaps on Facebook: Fortune Cookie Soap
  • Fill out the form below
    (NOT leaving a comment! Leaving a comment on this post WILL NOT enter you into the giveaway!!)
    and provide:
    your name
    email (make sure it’s an email you check regularly, I can’t tell you how many people win giveaways but don’t email me back to claim their prize)
    your twitter and facebook usernames (so we can make sure you followed and liked FCS)
    and then tell me what products you would want to try most if you won.


The contest form should be above this text. If you can’t see it, your network may have a firewall preventing it from showing up.

easy peasy! This contest will run through April 25th, and I will contact the winners by email. Winners will have 48 hours to email me back to make sure their email is valid, and then Fortune Cookie Soap will email them with gift card information.

Good luck!

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  • Katie

    What if I don’t have a facebook? can I still enter?

    • Rena

      Same. I hope we can both still enter!

    • Barbie

      I didnt have a twitter and i made one the form clearly says facebook and twitter just make one how hard is it?

  • Rachael

    I entered the contest and message up my e-mail just like you said not to in the video. Hopefully it will be noticiable because I wrote my part correct but, forgot an o at the end of yahoo. lol man o man.

  • Rachael


    omg today is not a good day for typing :(

  • Sarah


  • Karen Wilson

    Help! I entered the wrong email address as my Winners Notification email so I tried to enter again and it said only 1 entry per IP address. Also is this competition open outside of the USA because I live in the UK? If not then please disregard my entry. Thankyou.

  • Lor

    Help! Where is the form I am supposed to fill out?!??!? I dont see it

  • Carol

    I’m gonna be soooooooo neurotic with anticipation for the next 2 weeks!!!

    • Tricia

      Hehehe, me too

  • Victoria

    What if we don’t use twitter? :/

  • Ashley

    I would really like to enter this contest, but I don’t use Twitter. Can I still enter if I don’t do the Twitter part?

  • Samantha Marie

    Do you need my facebook name and twitter? Whoops. Sorry, I forgot to add it. If it still counts, here is my other info:

    Facebook/ Sam Schweinsberg
    Twitter/ Rockstarr2be

    If it doesn’t count, that’s ok. I’ll try again next time :)

  • Karo

    I will loveeee to try this products! All sweet! Mabe I get intoxicated once I got them LOL , son tempting to lick them !! I loved to try blue lagon, and the cupcake!

  • Brittany

    Entered The Contest. I Wish Everyone Luck. And of course myself :) I did put in my entry my email and for both twitter and face book , put my user names. I hope that was correct, lol :)

  • Janalyn

    I sooo want the cupcake one!! This line looks so fun!!

  • Mandy

    Is it worldwide? =D

  • louvina george

    well im not sure if my comment went through while ago coz my computer keep messing up. here is my facebook add.
    and i havent tried any of the products like that. and i really wanted love to try . <3 <3 <3

  • Pauline

    I am way confused!!! what form?? where do I fill out my information??

    • Angela

      In the form above…

  • Jenni

    Hey Leesha.. I forgot to add what I would want to buy!!!! noooooo!!!! and when I tried to put it in.. it wouldn’t let me.. sooo.. hopefully you get this.. and I’ll just tell you here.. I’d like to buy the cupcake soap cus it look so cute and yummy and the apple lotion/butter…

  • feedkmayeorchids

    You are so That cupcake soap is to die for!!

  • Sam

    Is this open to people outside of the US?

  • Fox

    Just entered and can’t wait to see the results. Whoever does win is super lucky cuz Fortune Cookie Soaps have amazing products. Good luck to everyone who entered.

  • Madison

    for the competition do u need to have twitter and facebook or just one

  • Michelle Tiu

    Good luck to everybody!

  • Sadie Musa

    Hi Leesha! Thanks do much for this oppertunity and i hope hope hope i win a giftcard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(x10000) I looked on thier website and i thinnk i forgot to mention i love the scent apple too!/ MOUTHWATERING!

  • Jen

    hey, I was wondering if we can still enter this contest even if we don’t have twitter… I only have facebook and I’m still not sure if I’m going to be making a twitter acount anytime soon.. So can I still enter??

  • Charisa

    AHHHHH I accidently wrote a comment with my entry. pooopppp..I didn’t see that we were supposed to do that until after I submitted it. D:

  • Trish

    The cupcake soap sounded absolutely irresistible !!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan!:)

    I love the scented soap so much!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chelsea

    My hotmail doesn’t work right now. which is the email I used to enter your giveaway, it’s been down a few days. So, I’ve entered my email address on this comment.