Fortune Cookie Soap Package Opening & Sneak Peak!!

Eeeeee!!! So I got woken up this morning by a knock on my door from a lovely FedEx guy delivering this monstrous package from Fortune Cookie Soap. I had been anticipating this package for the last few days and when I knew it was coming today, so when I heard the knock I jumped out of bed and RAAAAN at the door like a crazy person hahah :) But that’s okay!!

Since I knew this was going to be a lot of new products and new holiday items that aren’t even available yet, I thought it’d be fun to film me opening the package and seeing what’s inside, and sharing with you guys, so you got a little sneak peak. Plus, I think opening packages is always fun no matter if its mine or someone elses, so maybe some of you feel the same haha :)

I uploaded this on my other youtube, discodollies, because it doesn’t really fit into the xsparkage schedule. I’m not sure how people will feel about it on discodollies because that channel is kinda a vlog channel and never has anything to do with makeup/skincare/bath/whatever, so if you guys end up liking these types of videos (not even just package opening, just random shorter videos from my phone) then I might make an iphone quick video channel just to link them on here :)

WOW that was like a novel haha.. on to the video!


  1. Momo says

    Hey Leesha. So, when you do a contest or giveaway next time, you can put some fortune cookie soaps in the package, i want order some and they want 80 dollar(!) for shipping to germany, maybe for you international viewer (please tell me in your response how much/many mistakes i´ve made ;)

  2. Nicole says

    You should do a chanel for make up don’ts and opening packages. That would be cool! :)

  3. Lisa says

    Aww cute kitty, I just wanted to say I love your blog and I have tried Fortune Cookie Soap it’s a pretty good product

  4. Beetle says

    I am craving pumpkin pie now! I’m also so tempted to go to that website and order tonw of pumpkin things! So jelous right now hehe. It all looks so great!! I would greatly enjoy watching you opening packages of things you get!

  5. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn says

    I wanted to order too but the shipping costs are awful : did a test and for a single cookie soap with no packaging to France it’s over $30 O_O

  6. melinda says

    do you buy all of the things you get or do they send stuff to you to like test and advertise sorta kinda?

  7. Morghann says

    i’ve never had pumpkin cheescake…. :S

  8. jade says

    this video makes me wanna take a bath, but i want it to be near christmas time and then get out and have a hot chocolate and be all excited and stuff!

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