Fortune Cookie Soap “Magic is Coming” Collection Review

Okay, so I’m like a month late to posting about this, but oh well! I got these on my birthday last month and was SOOOO excited because I love me some Once Upon A Time and FCS, so yay! This is a whole collection dedicated to the characters in Once. Lots of different bath products to try, and all really unique!!


FCSMagic 1Prince Charming Shampoo Bar is an orangey scented shampoo bar. Shampoo bars are awesome, especially for traveling (no liquid, so no worrying about them spilling or having them in a carry on!) To use, you just get your hair wet and scrub the bar on your scalp until it lathers. One bar will last you quite a while! $8.99

FCSMagic 2Capitan Hook Solid Bubble Bath this is probably my favorite item. I love how it looks, with the blue for the water and the rope and anchor on top! The scent here is a marine scent, and will turn your bath water blue. Looove this! $6.95

FCSMagic 3Yin&Yang Bar Soap is another favorite, this is one for Mulan! This smells amazing- peach nectar and warm ginger. $6.99

FCSMagic 4Don’t Drink Me Bath Oil  is gorgeous- green bubble bath in a really cool bottle. FCS says this bath oil will actually disperse in your bath instead of beading up at the top of the water, which is pretty awesome. $16.99

FCSMagic 5The Fairest of Them All Face Mask is a clay face mask thats made of ground almonds, oatmeal, crushed walnutshells and clay. The cool part about this is you add your own wet component depending on your needs- if you have dry skin, oily skin, acne prone, etc, they give you a list of different things you can mix with the mask to be most beneficial. $11.99

FCSMagic 6Red Riding Hood Coffee Scrub Oh my gosh, you guys. One of my favorite scents EVER is the smell of the coffee isle at the grocery store- fresh coffee beens, ahh! This smells AMAZING. I remember a few years ago FCS had a coffee scrub that pretty much smelled like old, ground up wet coffee beans, and it was awful. THIS IS A COMPLETE 180 FROM THAT!!! This smells DEVINE. It is my favorite scrub right now. Absolutely love love LOVE this. $12.99

FCSMagic 7Fairy Dust Bath Salts These come in a cute pouch and are bright pink! They smell super sweet like candy, and you get a TON of product. $13.99

FCSMagic 8Enchanted Apple Bath Bomb is HUGE! its a 10oz bath bomb that smells insanely delicious- the perfect apple scent. Warning- it IS covered in tons of red glitter, so this is a messy one, but for that amazing scent its probably worth it! $7.95

fcsonceThe Evil Queen Bar Soaps Out of every product here, this is the most impressive as far as design goes! Two anatomical hearts sitting in a black box. It is absolutely perfect for Regina! Scent is sandalwood and spicy musk. $9.99fcsonceMr. Gold Body Wash is a shimmery gold body wash that has a really lovely sweet, fruity scent. Has notes of mandarin, yogi, and guavaberry. $10.99

FCSMagic 9Belle Body Butter Fortune Cookie Soap’s Body Butter is probably my favorite product they make, it’s so smooth and luxurious! This one is no exception, and it smells soooooo nice- mandarin, lime, tangerine, kumquat. Love this and use it all the time :) $10.99

FCSMagic 10The Mad Hatter Fortune Cookie This is perfect with all the colors! This scent is so weird- watery greens, celery stalk, raisins, vanilla cream, and peanut butter- but it smells delicious! $3.79

These are all still available, so if you like what you see go check them out! I’m not sure how much longer they will be for sale, but I love the theme here, so if you’re a once fan don’t miss this :)

Available from Fortune Cookie Soap.

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  1. Erin says

    Have you ever tried Moon’s Harvest? They have so many AMAZING things at super duper reasonable prices. My boyfriend keeps threatening to block the site because I buy so many things from them. They make everything for you when you order it, so it can take a bit of time for it to ship, but shipping is super fast.

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