Fortune Cookie Soap: 2012 Winter Line

Last week I received some samples of Fortune Cookie Soap’s Winter line for this year, and I was super excited! I love holiday soaps and scents and skincare and the like, so this was juuust what I needed :) 

First up, the new Fortune Cookie Soaps, where their company gets the name! I’ve got four of the new ones- (there are nine new ones total) Stuff My Stocking, Snow Day, Tangle in the Tinsel, Snow Bunny, and Candy Cane Fluff.

FCSholiday2012 7FCSholiday2012 6 Stuff My Stocking is described as a blend of tangerine and snow dusted pine. This one is the most Christmas-y scent to me, you get that beautiful pine scent that I love about christmas (and miss from my fake tree- by the way, does anyone know what the PERFECT pine scented candle is?? I feel like I’ve tried millions and they always leave me feeling meh. need something!!) This isn’t overbearing and smells like christmastime. Mine has a candy cane accent on it, but on the site I see a christmas tree, so I’m wondering if there are different ones?

DSC 0008 Snow Day is described as a blend of berries, cinnamon bark, and pear. I definitely get the berry scent, that classic winter berry. This one is a very light fragrance, but it works and is really soft and refreshing. It also has half of it covered in white glitter, which gives this really beautiful shimmer that is perfect for the name :)

FCSholiday2012 5Snow Bunny is a blend of peppermint leaf, sandalwood, and hints of berries and vanilla. This one is a bit of a glitter bomb! The peppermint leaf is really the key note here, its quite strong and when I smell this one it seems to clear my sinuses :) The sandalwood and vanilla work to mellow it out a bit, so it isn’t quite like a peppermint smack in the face!

FCSholiday2012 3 Tangle in the Tinsel  is a blend of pink sugar and cola. I definitely get the pink sugar, it smells a LOT like the perfume. I love the neon color here and the silver 3D glitter, it really lives up to the name of the soap!

FCSholiday2012 4 Candy Cane Fluff is, by far, my favorite scent. It’s a blend of peppermint and marshmallows, and it’s sweet and minty and perfect. The marshmallow/vanilla scent works amazingly to counterbalance the peppermint so you’re left with this perfect sweet candy cane scent.


All of these scents come in a variety of products, and (luckily!) I was scent a variety of products in my favorite scent! Here are some other things you can get, and this is only a few of many products (All these are Candy Cane Fluff): 

FCSholiday2012 1

  • Bubbling Bath Crystals: Bath Salts help to replenish moisture and soften skin
  • Body Butter & Sugar Scrub Set: Bundled set comes cheaper than buying separate and comes gift wrapped, and you get to choose what scents you want :)
  • Bar Soap: I love the swirly lollipop shape :) More practical if you plan on actually using the soap and not just as an accent like you may with the fortune cookies!
  • Solid Bubble Bath: Break off a piece and crumble under running bath water for a fun bubble bath :)


Also in the Winter Line are two new Bath Bombs- Tangle in the Tinsel and White Elephant. Tangle in the Tinsel is the cutest freaking ornament bath bomb ever- like most of FCS bath bombs, how on earth do you expect me to want to use this?!?!



White Elephant is also super cute, just look at him! This one is a tricky one- it’s a mystery, unconventional holiday scent. FCS is doing a contest with this little guy- if you think you know what the fragrance blend is, you send your guess to their email and every correct guess gets entered to win a $100 gift card. FCSwinter2012

Personally, I suck at guessing scents. To me, this smells like minty laundry detergent, hahaha. I don’t mean that negatively!!! It just smells fresh and minty. There’s another scent that it has that I can’t place that is really bugging me. Seriously, if you guys pick this one up, tell me what you think it smells like, okay?!


Everything is available from Fortune Cookie Soap



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  1. Vintage Hippo Trish says

    I am so curious about that candy cane fluff soap… it just sounds like it’d smell so amazing!

  2. Kacee Slater says

    I see what you did there with the word scent. Nice word play. XD

  3. Gabby says

    Thanks for this post, Leesha. I’ve missed the FCS posts :)

  4. Jennifer-Amy says

    If your looking for good holiday candles try Bean Pod Candles. They have one called Minty Spruce and it is straight up Christmas. Also try Gold Canyon, I had one a while ago and I can’t remember what it was called but I have one called Sleigh Ride and its like almost cold when you smell it. It’s as if a mint snow storm happened. Really refreshing and wonderful.

  5. Maribeth Bryan says

    I found a really great pine candle at Target… it’s called Nordic Pine and it comes in a glass jar.It doesn’t appear to have a brand, but the scent is perfectly pine.

  6. Chelsea Deem says

    Regarding this: “by the way, does anyone know what the PERFECT pine scented candle is??” I do work at Gold Canyon Candles out in Chandler. We have some good pine-y candles like Vetiver Woods and Fresh Pine. If you’re interested let me know if you want samples!

  7. Steph says

    There’s a candle at Bath & Body Works called Spruce, or spruce something, and it smells just like christmas trees :)

  8. Shannon Dean says

    Try caterpillars candles.. soy based and amazing scents!

  9. Beck says

    I have found a candle called Fresh Balsam at Bath and Body works that is fantastic when it comes to pine candles. There is another one called Evergreen that is not as good but still that traditional sort of pine. If you’re in there, make sure to check it out.

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