FIRST LOOK: Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette!

Now here’s something I know a lot of you will be excited about- VICE 2!! The first Vice palette came out around this time last year, and was really, really popular, UD has heard your voice, and has brought back a brand new Vice palette.

Now, if you own the first Vice palette and aren’t sure if you need this one, be aware that this one includes 20 brand new shades, and they are pretty different from Vice1. The theme here seems to be darker, jewel tone shades. All very gorgeous, but definitely a different vibe from the first Vice.



UDVice2-27.jpgThe packaging is lovely here- gorgeous shades of purple, a full size, amazing mirror, and the palette top stays up, and is at an angle that is absolutely perfect for begin able to see yourself when it’s placed on a tabletop. This means that it actually has a mirror that you can USE! So many palettes come with mirrors that are pretty much useless because the top with the mirror falls flat with the palette, so it seems like it’s there more for show than function. Not the Vice mirror- its totally useable and you don’t have to hold the palette to be able to see yourself.


We have four rows of five shades each, all new colors. Also included is a double ended brush with a regular eyelid brush and a blending brush.

UDVice2 1

Now, let’s get in to the colors! Below I have up close and personal shots of every single color, and then a group shot of each row’s swatches.

UDVice2-25.jpgSmokeout: Dark Taupey- black satin. The name is fitting, as this is more of a smokey black than anything else. UDVice2-24.jpgLovesick: black matte with micro-glitter. This shade shows up less black than Smokeout, and the glitter isn’t as pretty swatched as it is in the pan. I feel like UD has had better matte blacks than this, I’m surprised this one isn’t as pigmented. UDVice2-23.jpgShellshock: Bright metallic silver. Absolutely gorgeous, amazing texture and so so pigmented.  UDVice2-22.jpgCoax: Medium metallic pink with gold micro-sparkle.Very pretty with Shellshock! UDVice2-21.jpgX-Rated: Baby pink satin. Would be a lovely inner corner color to pair with Coax and shellshock! Ahh, I have too many ideas for this palette ;) UDVice2-20.jpgSmokeout, Lovesick, Shellshock, Coax, X-RatedUDVice2-19.jpgPrank:  Deep navy matte with turquoise pearl. This color is unique for UD, having small glitter instead of chunky glitter. I’m really excited to play with this one and see its potential!

UDVice2-18.jpg   Madness: Bright metallic blue shimmer with blue glitter. Super oceany! UDVice2-17.jpgStrike: Antique gold shimmer with silver glitter. I love that this is a lighter antique gold, as a lot of the time a shade with this description is a lot darker. Lovely lid color :)UDVice2-16.jpgStash: deep olive green shimmer. An olive green color, named Stash? from Urban Decay?! Shocking. :PUDVice2-15.jpgPoison: Charcoal Satin with sparkle. I like that the sparkle here is multi colored, but it doesn’t transfer as much when used on the lids. UDVice2-14.jpgPrank, Madness, Strike, Stash, Poison

UDVice2-13.jpgRadar: metallic brown shimmer with gold glitter. I love this shade! Such a pretty warm brown, and I love the gold added in.UDVice2-12.jpg   Damaged: Bright metallic emerald shimmer. One of my favorites. The shimmer here makes this color soo badass! UDVice2-11.jpgVoodoo: Metallic purple shimmer with purple glitter. Another love. This row is probably my favorite. I’m just a sucker for darker shades with bright shimmer and glitter!UDVice2-10.jpgBetrayal: Bright purple satin with blue shift. Seriously, the reason to buy the damn palette. AMAZING. You know me and my love for duochromes :)UDVice2-9.jpgDerailed: Medium metallic taupey-brown shimmer.

UDVice2-8.jpgRadar, Damaged, Voodoo, Betrayal, Derailed

UDVice2-7.jpgDope: Warm Champagne Satin. Definitely has a strong pink vibe going on in it.  UDVice2 6Toxic: Metallic Copper pink shimmer. This is a pretty unique shade, and I’m excited because it’ll make my blue eyes look awesome!

UDVice2 5Habit:  Light nude matte. I wish this was a bit lighter! It’s too dark to work for a brown highlight for me :(

UDVice2 4Ambush:  Metallic brown satin. Another super lush shadow!  Love the texture on this one.

UDVice2 3Rewind: Medium brown matte. Great transitioning color for dark looks!

UDVICEUPLOADDope, Toxic, Habit, Ambush, Rewind


Just like the first Vice palette, this is a great mix of shadows and comes out at the perfect time for holiday gifting :) This is a great set for the makeup Newbie and makeup lover alike. You can get so many different looks with this, from neutral and soft to dark and smokey to colorful and bold. I really love how UD has designed this, and I can’t really imagine anyone not liking this palette.

Available for $59 from Urban Decay.



  1. Kathryn VM says

    Do you know when this becomes available??

    1. xsparkage says

      right now!

  2. ximena says

    just when i told my self i was not going to buy more UD palettes.. ugh now im dying to get it… some really awesome colors.. Betrayal, Damage, Madness and Stash my favorites and my reason to buy this palette Thanx for the swatches

  3. Kaitlyn says

    Is the packaging rubberized or smooth?

    1. xsparkage says


  4. Hannah Marie says

    OMG this palette looks absolutely the! I need this in my life! I have a huge love of shimmer especially for nights out when I want to do something more fun, colourful and out there! xx

  5. Heather says

    I must admit when the first vice palette came out, I wasn’t very impressed because a lot of the colors were similar to eye shadows I already own. However this year I haven’t been buying much makeup, except for a few things from the Mac indulge collection that came out a while back. I can gladly say that when this one comes out I can buy it and not worry about it matching anything I own. Some of the neutral tones are very close in comparison or maybe even dupes of other shadows I have, but the bold colors are what I love here. A lot of these will even make great fall colors like ambush, prank, radar, and poison. Thanks for the swatches; can’t wait to get this one!! :D

  6. andrea says

    I’m drooling.

  7. Nadja says

    I love the color toxic ^^
    is there a so much diference between the vice and the vide 2 palette?

  8. katelin says

    I have to have this! I loved the first one! Do you know where it is available? I haven’t found it anywhere?

  9. Lourdes Santiago says

    Do you know when this will be available at Sephora? I am hoping they do the VIB sale and I can get this whole collection.

    1. Joanna says

      they have it online at sephora right now! (:

      1. Lourdes Santiago says

        Awesome!!!! Thanks:)

  10. Tee says

    I don’t need this. I realllllly don’t need this. But oh, do I want it.

    1. BonnieBeautyxo says

      this is what we all say to ourselves whenever see new stuff coming out lol

  11. Teasha says

    I love damaged, voodoo, and betrayal.

  12. Jillian Minton says

    Not to surprised..I see a few re-promoted shadows..Dang Gone UD. Lovely set though, for great price !

  13. Haley says

    These are the best swatches I’ve seen! I was on the fence about buying it until I saw this. Thank you!!!

  14. Vero says

    Could anyone tell me the dimensions of the package of the Vice 2? I live in a country where UD is not available but I need to have this and I´m trying to figure out how much the shipment from the US would cost me if a friend gets it for me. Thanks a lot ladies!

  15. Neechie says

    Just bought it today. Tried to talk myself out of it and it didn’t work. When I started dreaming about buying it, I realized I had lost the fight.

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