April 18, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Sorchathorn

    You should try Urban Decay’s new all nighter makeup spray. Best stuff ever.

  • kirsty

    This was great, thanks! Would love to see your first impressions on the Urban Decay sprays they released this summer!

  • Dagmar

    This was very helpful to me, thanks a lot! I’ll try it out because i’ve always problems with my makeup to stay in place the hole day.

  • Dez

    Would you be able to try out Urban Decay’s All NIghter Makeup Spray? I’m really intrigued by the advertisements, and I’d like to see if you how you think it compares to Model in a Bottle.

  • Pepper

    I think a good theme for your next battle of the brands video would be to compare the urban decay makeup setting sprays to model in a bottle!

  • Amanda

    Ewww..lol don’t mind but this is just..not so good? other ones are better…but im not so sure about this one sorry…

  • http://www.styleup.com/ styleup

    great video, thanks for sharing