First Impressions: MAC Peacocky & Cham-pale

I went into MAC today to get some essentials I was out of (Brush cleaner and MAC Wipes, to be exact) and decided to take a peak at the new collections Peacocky and Cham-pale. I wasn’t expecting to buy much (as I haven’t really been too impressed with MAC collections as of late; they all are similar to old collections or other things I own) but I was pretty impressed with some of the products from these collections!


Luxure, Amber Russe Lip Gelees




Amber Russe

Chilled on Ice Paint Pot

Let Me Pop Paint Pot

Amber Russe Lip Gelee, Luxure Lip Gelee, Let Me Pop Paint Pot, Chilled on Ice Paint Pot


Enchantee, Woo Me

Enchantee, Woo Me

Woo Me Kissable Lipcolour

Enchantee Kissable Lipcolour

Spectacle of Yourself (top), Paparazzshe (left), Mating Call (Right)


Mating Call, Paparazzshe, Spectacle of Yourself (top swatches have no base, bottom swatches over TFSI)
Enchantee, Woo Me


  1. HovercatMittens says

    Gah! I forgot these were out, I wanted to check out the Peacocky stuff. Those shades look super pigmented even without the primer!

  2. Purplelicious says

    I love them so pretty!!!!

  3. DesertMirage says

    Love the paint pots. I’ve never used them, are they any good?

    1. auds says

      I think that they are. They are really silky and boost color. when i use other primers, i feel like i have to let them set. when i am in a hurry, it’s nice to use the paint pot with one shadow blended on the lid and have a quick look

  4. blazey155 says

    I was totally trying to stay away from MAC (and Sephora and Ulta) for a little while, but I definitely want the Woo Me Kissable Lipcolor. I’m totally with you on not wearing lipstick – its so much easier and maintenance free to do a fun eye look that will last all night than it is to do a more lip-focused look and have to keep reapplying all day/night. I usually stick to glosses and tinted balms, so if I do reapply I can do it without a mirror. Woo Me looks like a great nude color without looking too washed out.

  5. Victoria says

    What do the lip gelees feel like? You talked about how you liked the color (I do too!) but I hate really sticky gloss on my lips.

    1. Leesha says

      lip gelees are suuuuuper smooth!!! they feel like a thick coating of a lip conditioner to me, not sticky at all

      1. Victoria says

        Awesome! Now I have to actually decide which color I want haha

      2. Wolfsparks says

        hey leesha,not trying to be curiuos,but what’s your fav mac product?

  6. saucerville says

    I’ve never tried the paint pots, either. But the sparkles have me hypnotized. Maybe I’ll have to swing by the MAC counter in Macy’s after work tomorrow…

  7. Kristina says

    Thanks for the great swatches and video. I myself am heading to MAC tomorrow to pick up some of these beauties. :)

  8. Lauren Pavelka says

    Hi Leesha!
    I love watching your videos and reading your blog. I was wondering if you knew that the Amber Russe is not part of the Champale collection? Amber Russe is in the regular MAC collection right now… it is a lot like the 4 colors they came out with for Champale but it was not launched with the collection. I’ve been a MAC employee for the past 7 years. They are also discontinuing the MAC gelee’s! So if you like them, Grab up some more!!

    1. Leesha says

      ooh I didnt know that! haha like i said i haven’t been paying attention very much :X

      1. Lauren Pavelka says

        That’s ok, I just wanted to bring it to your attention. Those kissable lip colors are one of my favorites though…they feel way less sticky than the other formulas.

  9. Mara says

    Woo Me is sooo pretty. I ordered that and the Odalisque shadow, and I can’t wait to get them.

  10. Rachael says

    I bought a few things from the Cham-pale line and I love everything that I bought. I agree with you… my favorite thing from the line is the lip gelee. I got the same one as you (Luxure). I am totally obsessed with it. I am constantly reapplying all day. LOVES!!! I love the way Woo Me looks on your skin tone… I need to go check that out now. I guess I am hitting the mall tomorrow. HAHA. Thanks for sharing your Haul.

  11. lacey says

    oh man, I totally made a video saying MAC should make a lip product like the conditioner and call it “kissable”…THIEVES! haha (only 4 people watched my video though, soo…) :)
    thanks for the swatches!

  12. Shani says

    Congrats on the new design of your blog … I know how much work and effort you must have put into this and it looks awesome! All that effort was worth it :)

  13. carissa kuo says

    woww!! very impressed with the collection. such pretty colors!

  14. Tasha says

    those 2 lip color look soooo GOOD on you.

  15. Kat says

    Leesha, do you know by chance if Papparazzshi is the same as Firespot?

  16. Suzie says

    I want Enchantee! It looks really pretty :)

  17. Amber says

    I love Woo Mee! Also loooove love love your new layout by the way, it’s gorgeous

  18. Laura says

    I really want Woo Me..! Looks so nice on you…

    I totally get what you mean about glosses feeling disgusting, I NEVER wear anything on my lips, but it’s a new years resolution of mine to start wearing more lip products (since I’ve wasted so much money on them!) so I may have to try those lipcolours!

    Thanks for the swatches etc xx

  19. MissR. says

    You talked about a blogger, Tantalia? Link please?

  20. Jessica says

    I love that purple colour! I have green eye, well green in my eyes, so I love love love anything purple. Plus it is my all time favourite colour! Luckily I can wear it in makeup or clothes and it looks good on me. I think I might go buy that purple colour now!

    Thanks for sharing with us!


  21. Hottmutt says

    Gellee is french for frozen. You pronounce the ee like the letter A


    Enchantee is french for enchanted. Same idea with the double ee:


    I’m french canadian, and I have a hard time pronouncing a lot of English words and I always appreciate it when people help me out. :) Love your videos

  22. chelsae says

    those lip colors look nice…i like woo me and enchanteee

  23. Ally says

    I love the look of Enchantee! Such a pretty shade of pink. Do you think you could do a tutorial soon using the eyeshadows please? The purple one is my favorite, but that’s probably because purple is my favorite color…

  24. liz says

    i LOVE these. they are colors i’d use on myself, nothing too crazy but nothing too sheer. the lip colors are amazing, and i actually really like the paint pots even though i usually steer clear of those. have you tried putting a light color on top of them? it probably looks gorgeous if some sparkle seeps through the color.

  25. melzyBabyy says

    I love, love, LOVE the Woo Me Kissable Lipcolour!!

  26. Victoria loves xsparkage! says

    I got the chilled on ice paintpot, and I love love it
    Especially with a gold eyeshadow on top. Or even Melon
    Pigment by Mac, looks super pretty.
    After watching this video I’m kinda mad I didn’t get more haha

  27. Xsparkage 4 lyf says

    I absolutely lurve LUUURRRRRVVVVVEEE these new lipglosses especially woo me

  28. glitterxjunkie says

    I needed a new studio fix powder plus foundation and I picked up Odalisque and Ego mega metal shadows and the calm mode tinted lip conditioner from cham pale

  29. Liz says

    Thanks for your review! You made me excited for Enchantee, and now I want Spectale of yourself! I found your vid from an awesome site called specktra, love your blog. What MAC foundation are you? NC20?

  30. Kallen says

    i love how those kissable lipcolours look on you. I would get some but i think i am to light skin for them. What do you think the perfect MAC lipstick would be for a light skin person.

  31. Brittany says

    Is Amber Russe part of Pro? I’m looking on the MAC site now and it’s not there when I search by name or when I go to the Lip Gelee section.

    I really like that color!

  32. Kym says

    I love how exciting yet subtle these colors are. I tried looking up the Amber Russe color on the MAC website, but they dont seem to have it listed anywhere. I also looked at Ebay, but they wanted them at a starting cost of 24.99 PER tube….not including shipping and handling. Would you know any other way to get ahold of this color? As well as Woo Me?

  33. Paige says

    will you do a video on youtube showing us all your makeup please,
    thank you(:

  34. Mary says


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