First Impressions: Covergirl Shadow Blast

Oh man, way behind on blog posts this week!! D: Oh well, forgive me?

This week’s First Impressions video was focusing on Covergirl Shadow Blast, which is something a TON of you had requested me to do a First Impression video on. Needless to say if you watch the video, TOTALLY not worth i in my eyes. TONS of better products out their that won’t crease like crazy!

I did get some comments saying that I used too much, but honestly I just used enough for the color to show up. If THAT is too much for it not to crease, that’s a problem in itself!!

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  1. Becky says

    I totally agree with you on this….I got some of these to try and hated them so much I ended up giving them to a six year old to use during dressup. What a creasy mess…

  2. star says

    lol kinda defeats the purpose of the stick if you have to cover it up with eyeshadow powders. might as well not use it all. cover girl seems to be coming out with some unrealistic products

  3. Jennifer Williams says

    I completely agree with you. You had to glop it on for the color to show and even with it set it did not stay put. Mine went into the trash. What a waste!

  4. Caitlyn_Contagion says

    Where’d you get the earrings?

    1. Kimilei says

      I have the same earrings, they’re sold at Claire’s [[or Icing, one of the two, they’re owned by the same company lol]]

  5. Robin says

    You got that right. It’s quite possibly one of the worst things I have ever encountered in my life. I was already skeptical when I got it, but it just. no. Just no.

  6. The Naked Redhead says

    THANK YOU. I bought one of these because I loved the color combo, wore it once, and now it’s at the bottom of my make-up drawer. But Becky seems to have a great idea! Looks like my niece will now have pretty dress up make-up.

  7. Nancy says

    i totally love your videos.before i do my makeup i always watch your videos and pick one to copy. i get complements on my makeup all the time! and thanks so much for your videos! can keeps making them and can you make more of the First Impressions videos? they helped so much!

  8. i_rox_my_sox says

    ur the best makeup guru and all but i think it seems inappropriate tht there is a dude laying in ur bed :( just saying but other than tht cool vid

    1. Sarah says

      Um, she’s 22 years old. I think a dude can lay in her bed. She told us she was going out, so this was her after impression.

  9. Sara says

    I agree. It seems like you made this video as an afterthought. The guy laying on the bed makes you look a little unprofessional.

    1. Elle says

      How was this video an after thought? Leesha went out and bought the product JUST because her subscribers asked her to. She didn’t have to. The fact that she actually wore that look OUT and really test it says a lot about her. Who cares if her bf happened to be in the video for like less than a second? That is her personal life.

  10. Leiris says

    Thanks for this video. I had thought about buying one to try out, but I see that it’s not even worth it.

  11. JessicaR says

    Thank you for doing this… I was going to buy one of these instead of a greasepaint stick but I’ve changed my mind

  12. Alanna says

    It looks like everyone requested you to waste your money!
    There were plenty of other gurus who reviewed this lame product and said the exact same thing.
    Way to go people..
    Thanks anyway leesha.
    Site update!!!!

  13. aiyana says

    look, leesha is a really person with friends and whatever whatever. how come josh can post a video of him drunk and blabbing about things but she can’t show a guy?
    jeez, she’s making videos for us, and she’s not a “professional” on youtube necessarily.
    get over yourselves.

  14. Liz says

    After watching your review, I was convinced that I shouldn’t buy it, yet when I look in any fashion magazine, they’re raving about it! And I hate seeing that because you know that some girls are going to buy it just because they saw it recommended in a magazine and then be disappointed!

  15. Little Luna says

    The color itself looks gross just when you apply it. The gray seems very dull, sallow and unhealthy looking. I didn’t look very wearable until after she started adding different products. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did with no touchups…

  16. Tenis says

    Larry King once wisely declared, “I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening.” That’s precisely how I feel. I am grateful to have learned something new today. – Tenis

  17. Abby Rmrz says

    Thank you for making me not want to buy them!!!!! I now know that these will be horrible! And also, it should be names Covergirl Shadow Creasey-Bomb since it creases like no tomorrow and bomb is usualy said after something bad or when someone says, I bombed the test. SO yeah….. Thank you for the un-reconmendation.

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