First Impressions: Covergirl Eyelights Mascara & LoReal True Match Roller

So this is gonna be a new series that I’m super excited about! I’m going to start trying out products that are getting a lot of hype or are heavily requested, and filming me using it for the first time so you get to see my initial reaction to the product. So far I’ve done two of these videos, and both have been drugstore. I’ve had a lot of questions asking if this is going to be drugstore only, and the answer is no. I actually just filmed a First Impressions video for the new Benefit eye primer, Stay Don’t Stray, which is getting a lot of hype at the moment.

I’ve also had people commenting saying that this is biased because I have in the past expressed my dislike for drugstore makeup. While that is true and for the most part I haven’t found great products as far as Covergirl and Loreal, that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to everything drugstore (i use NYX regularly!) and in these videos I am not going to just rule something out because of who makes it. I’ll most likely be comparing the product to my favorite version of the product with this series (for example, when I was doing the video for Stay Don’t Stray, I did one eye with SDS and one with Shadow Insurance.)

OKAY! Enough blabbing, here are the two videos so far!


  1. Crystal says

    I knew that roller thing was a bad idea when I saw the commercial, at first I thought it was a joke, but then I realized they’re serious and holy cow they’re like 13 or 15 bucks :O, definitely gunna stick w/ liquid and powdwer foundations , lol they be crazy w/ ideas like that

  2. Joyce says

    i love this idea!! thnx a bunch, these commercials always promise you the world :D We have some awesome drugstore brands here in Belgium so i’m all for them like Catrice, Manhattan, cheap yet good. I’m looking forward to more first impressions


  3. Shelle says

    Could you do the look from that covergirl smokey shadow blast commercial (Drew Barrymores, silver/purple) I bought the stick hoping for a miracle and was extremely disappointed so no need for a first impression video on it. However, if you can recreate it I would love to see how, im a purple maniac. Thanks leesha! I luv your videos btw

  4. Airisu says

    Oh wow Leesha when I saw the commercial for that roller thing I thought the same thing. What were they thinking?!? It screamed “bacteria city!” to me right away. :/ I mean with the roller sponge, and it being a cream. That is just sad. =[

    1. Megan Finch says

      Yea IKR!!! Who makes a roller thing like that!!??!! But I love the videos and I need first impressions… you do not know how many times I by stuff and try it out but do not like it at ALL!!!

  5. Christina says

    I am loving this series! As a house wife on a budget I rely on drug store makeup and I want to make sure I’m not falling for something that is crap! So thank you for your opinion!! I can’t wait for the next video!!!! :-)

  6. Princess Kelly says

    I’ve been wondering lately about the legal limitations placed on commercials. Advertising is all smoke and mirrors, of course, but there must be some regulations in place regarding intentionally misleading information. I’m sure these rules can be danced around with all sorts of loopholes though.

    The government would be much more inclined to hold a company accountable for informing the public truthfully when considering an advertisement for prescription medication as opposed to a commercial for something like mascara. As long as a cosmetic item isn’t toxic or hazardous in some way, most anything can probably be said in a commercial.

    I wonder how much a photo ad or television commercial can be digitally enhanced and just how much of the actual product needs to be used when promoting makeup.

    1. Princess Kelly says

      Oh, wow. Soooo….. I was checking my subscriptions, and I just saw a new Petrilude video in which he says almost exactly what I did earlier today. But, he said it like three days ago….. sooooo, I feel like a loser. Lol. I think I need a new brain antennae because I’m picking up already existing you tube videos thinking they are new thoughts. : (

  7. Princess Kelly says

    The Makeup Alley average rating for the L’Oreal True Match Roller is 3 stars out of 5 at the moment, but check the site above to see if it’s changed.

    I’m not going to spend $15 on the product just for the sake of testing it out because I like the foundation I have now and have no desire to switch. So, I can’t speak from experience. This seems like a terrible idea to me though for the reasons everyone else has stated, especially the hygiene factor. In my mind, the gimmick here is the roller itself, not the foundation. And, it the roller that is an overpriced, poor quality item, regardless of the quality of the foundation itself. It would be more cost effective to buy a foundation you love and use your fingers or a brush to apply and blend.

    I think that foundation that is in a pump is the best conveyor of a liquid product because it is completely germ free and remains as fresh inside the container as the first day you bought it.

    Now, my opinion on this matter has shifted a bit since I began using higher end eye and lip colors, but I still feel that the most important product to spend your money on as far as makeup is concerned is your foundation. A low quality foundation can and will affect the health of your skin. And, like Leesha said, your face is a canvas to paint. A clean, healthy, smooth, clear, blank canvas is your best bet for making your artistic efforts with your eyes and lips pop and remain the center of attention. Corners can be cut price wise for your more colorful products if your foundation is strong. The most gorgeous palette of colors is wasted on a bargain canvas.

    Okay, end of rant. : )

  8. Helena says

    OMG you’re listening to She Wants Revenge :DD

  9. allison says

    hi i just wanted to say i love your videos and watch them all the time. i had a question and what just wondering if u have tried the Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara, and if not if you were going to try it for the new series? I have used it since they have released it and have fallen in love with it. it has the same kind of brush as the exact lash but the formula makes u look like your wearing false lashes without applying them. i think u might like this product and it really doesn’t cost much. thank you again for all amazing tips and tricks for having amazing make-up

  10. Kimilei says

    I was never really a fan of the Eyelights line. I have really intense blue eyes, but because I wear glasses, they don’t look it when I’m wearing them. I was really hopeful that the Eyelights mascara [[paired with the Almay intense colors eyeshadow pallettes that are also supposed to brighten different eye colors]] would help add more blue where my glasses would take away. And they did nothing for me, and I really don’t see any difference on you–in fact I much prefer the Fresh mascara you’re comparing it to.

  11. Rebecca says

    i have a few things. do one on cover lash blast. everyone says its amazing but idk. also cover girls new smokey eye shadow sticks. OH!!!! and also the cover girl outlast lip stains….

  12. katelinn says

    HI! I just wanted to let you know that if you e-mail most companies with the product # and the upc code (bar code) and tell them what you didn’t like their product they’ll usually send you a coupon for a free product (like proctor and gamble– covergirl) does. just make sure to include your address.

    I’ve gotten so many free things for complaining, you should try it out :)

  13. Madeline says

    I can really see a difference in the mascara. The one with the blue tint def makes the eyes look bluer, which is surprising, because I would have thought that a contrasting color would have worked better. Like a mascara with a brown tint should make your eyes look bluer.

  14. Marney says

    I read an article somewhere, of course I can’t remember, but it said that the roller foundation was one of the worst makeup ideas in the last ten years. It gave the SAME critiques that you did; 3-D facial features, bacteria and breakouts, and rediculous price. If anyone is interested in trying it, wait a few months and I guarantee it’ll be on the clearance racks and at least you won’t pay full price.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the first impression idea!!!

  15. jessy says

    can you do a first impression on the Mac Haute & Naughty lash. its new at Mac. (:

  16. Hydee says

    Hi Leesha!! Could you do a First Impressions video on the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment foundation? I love ya girl. Your videos are fan-effin-tastic!

  17. Desiree says

    when i saw ur face @ the beginning of the vid i was like OMG WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WEARING…. it looks awful!!!! i knew it was a bad idea when i saw the commerical, me and mama laughed our asses off!

  18. Molly says

    could you do a first impressions on maybelline volum’ express the falsies mascara? and also the maybelline new york eye studio color plush silk eyeshadow? both of these products look apealing, but if they are not good i dont want to waste my money. I really love all the first impressions videos you have done so far! especially the one about the covergirl smoky shadow blast! thanks!

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