Fierce Friday: Ocean Eyes

Sorry this didn’t go up earlier, I had a busy weekend :)




Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay Flipside 24/7 Eyeliner
Ben Nye Turquoise Eye Shadow
Makeup Forever #92 Eye Shadow
Sugarpill Bulletproof Eye Shadow
Sugarpill Tako Eye Shadow
MAC Aquadisiac Eyeshadow
MAC Feline Eyeliner
Kat Von D Black Liquid Liner
Fresh Supernova Mascara

MAC Desert Rose Blush

Benefit Jing-a-Ling Lipstick

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  • Sarah

    BEAUTIFUL! LOVE it, going to try this out this week! Thanks Leesha! :D

  • Sam

    So beautiful and glowy!

  • Marvel Burgos

    i love it, and i love more firce fridays!! ?

  • kristi

    beautiful and really unique. love it!!!!!!!

  • kristi

    love the sleeping furball on the bed btw

  • Laura

    Beautiful! This reminds me that I am severely lacking any type of turquoise in my shadow kit!

  • RetroUrbanRainbow

    love the fierce fridays. glad you update frequently again! :)

  • Annie

    Love this look so much :] Purple & blue are my favorite combination, so.. haha.
    Also, the little “Today’s Friday, which means Fierce Friiidaaayys!” made me laugh :D

  • katelynn

    beautifullllllllll you look like a pretty mermaid lol

  • rachel

    gorgeous!! you should do like looks on elements like earth, fire, air, ect. u could start a whole new series!

  • Valerie

    Thanks for taking my suggested name as a inspiration for yours (I suggested ‘Blue Ocean’ on twitter).

  • Amira

    Wow. This is one of the best you’ve ever done.

  • Felicity

    What was the picture you got it from?

  • Amberlynn

    This is soooo beautiful. i just have to try this look. you make it look so easy! c(=

  • Jian Wang

    Very nice I love this look . Looks very like the name you called it .

  • Veronica

    love it Leesha !!!!
    You are so beautiful :)

  • Jian Wang

    I like the way you put on your blush when my friend puts on my blush I look like a Barbie Doll .

  • Leah

    WOW! This makes your eyes POP!

  • CaitlinWithASea

    I am just wondering if I could do this look with the coastal scents palette? Because I don’t have the money to buy those colors. I am truly am inlove with this look. [:

  • i_rox_my_sox

    GEORGOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Haley

    i tryed the look and i love it!how do i make it not so heavy

  • Dez

    Such a great look. Would you say it’s more way you blend shadows or the shades you choose that makes that great fade from color to color?

  • Jane

    Youre really great and pretty!

  • Veronica (RONNIE)

    Are U Natturaly Beautiful Cause That Will Look Great On A Date Look

  • Emilia

    Love it

  • Emilia


  • ifrah

    leesha this look is awesome and thank you to give me such good ideas i really improve by watching your tutorial thanks :)