Fierce Friday: May 28

Someone had asked in the comments of Wearable Wednesday this week if I could do a rave look. This made me wanna bust out my Kryolan UV Day Glo palette, and go to town!




Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Kryolan UV Day Glo Yellow
Kryolan UV Day Glo Pink
MAC Golden Lemon Pigment
Makeup Forever #951 Pigment
Makeup Forever #26 Eyeshadow
Makeup Forever #92 Eyeshadow
MAC Blanc Type Eyeshadow
MAC Gesso Eyeshadow
Kat Von D Eyeliner
Eyeko Glitter Liner
MAC Blue Pop Glitter Eyeliner
MUD Mascara
NYX Lashes #115

MAC Prism Blush
MAC Blossom up/Rose Hip Blush

OCC Hoochie Lip Tar
OCC Anime Lip Tar
OCC Traffic Lip Tar


  1. Eliz says

    I love this look. I’m so wearing this look this weekend! Thanks for being yourself.

  2. Jacqueline says

    Leesha! You’ve truly outdone yourself! This is amazing!!!

  3. Valerie says

    LOVE !!!! Your the best at this!

  4. kim says

    best look yet!! I totally want these now!

  5. Stephanie says

    OMGWTFBBQ. It looks GORGEOUS! Your eyes look so big! Definitely getting this palette.

  6. Mandee says

    this is one of my favorite looks you have ever done! you’ve totally inspired me to go get the UV pallete, which I’ve been debating about getting since the first time you used it in one of your videos. =]

  7. Kate says

    I love this look! You have the most fabulous style!

    1. Ankita says

      Sanjeev: Thank you for binrging the smileys. Serena: Amazing tutorials. Im looking forward to reading more

  8. shelly says

    this look is amazing !

  9. Jacqueline C. says

    So youtube wasn’t letting me comment on your video so I came here!!

    there’s glow in the dark false eyelashes :) the websites if you havent already seen it i think you would love it !! the prices are really good, i didn’t look at the price for shipping though, anyways i saw the site mentioned on another guru’s channel and i thought of you !

    anyways, amazing as always i look forward to seeing your new videos!

  10. corina says

    hey this look was amazing i love it i was wondering maybe for the next fierce friday you could play with colored mascara

  11. kristi says

    hey there! i really like this look alot, but its exactly the same as one you did a few weeks ago, save for the green underneath. i love it, dont get me wrong, i just like it more when you avoid repeats. the one you did last week inspired by makeup store magazine was totally unique and like nothing id ever seen before, and when i wore it i got a TON of compliments. anyway, i love this blog and i love watching you! you inspire me so much! YOU taught me how to do makeup, the RIGHT way, and i love ya for it!! xoxo!!

  12. Mía says

    Here in Brazil , Kryolan is way to expensive but we have a similiar brand called Audrei Casatti. Its perfect and unexpensive. It costs less than 1 dollar. I thnk you would love to have it in your hands. Kisses from Brazil.

  13. RedRussianDoll says

    A brilliant look as usual my love! Love the idea of glow in the dark make up for when you go out clubbing.
    Btw, on the list of products used think you missed off the blue eyeshadow you put over the blue eyeliner wasn’t it MAC’s aquadisiac?

  14. Annie says

    I think the lips are my favourite part, I LOVE duo-tone lips! :]

    1. Annie says

      Oh, and does anyone recognize what nailpolish she’s wearing? LOVE that yellow :]

  15. Bloodsong09 says

    thats absolutely stunning! i love this look, if i was a chick i’d totally wear it xDD but anyways, you should try LA Splash or LASplash, idk how they spell it. ts like HIP, a cheaper vibrant look and it s VERY bright, it would be fun to see what you could do with them :)

  16. rae says

    u should definitely do more and different rave looks! especially since there are alot of rave partys this summer :)

  17. jay says

    I Love this look I already ordered the Kryolan UV Day Glo from shrinkle can’t wait to get it in the mail.

  18. sunny says

    wow, this look is just spectacular. perfect for clubbing or black light dances :)

  19. Elysia says

    OMG!!! THis is sooo amazing!

  20. star says

    whoa! nice and it glows in the dark! that’s pretty awesome!

  21. Rebekkah says

    OMG this is SUCH a great look! I’mma be begging my dad for the palette now!!! :P
    Thanks you!!!!!!

  22. Celine says

    wow this is amazing

  23. Amy** says

    I think this is my favorite look you’ve ever done :) good job, i really want to use this one

  24. DinoPandaa says

    wowe!! this look is so freaken awesome!!!
    how did you get glow in the dark eyeshadow???

  25. Mindy says

    I love the look, and as always you look awesome! love your tutorials

  26. Mandy says

    OMG I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Anna says

    Love this, if only it was something I could use soon!!

    Not sure where else to request this, but I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on Emily Blunt’s makeup in The Devil Wears Prada?

    Thanks so much :P


  28. Selah says

    You’re FLAWLESS!!!!!!!

  29. melanie says

    Hey xsparkage I was just wondering where you got got the palette I really want to try it out I really love your videos youve inspired me to do more extravegant look for my videos whenever i get a camera.

  30. Lisa says

    I love that look , I think it is the best of all your other looks . I even went out and bought my first glitter liner to do the look.

  31. Dez says

    I just love that beautiful blending of the colors in the second photo. I call it the watercolor effect. How did you do it, is it just really REALLY blending the two colors or did you use another color in the middle to bring it together? I’m obsessing over how to do that look.

    1. Dez says

      Oh, the video might help. Sorry, brain fart.

      Nonetheless, fantastic look!

  32. Alex says

    This is my favorite look. You’re so creative.

  33. desiree says

    i. need. this. palette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  34. SantanaR says

    The Kat Von D eyeliner, did you use the Tattoo eyeliner?

  35. Ricki says

    Omfg. She’s beautiful, like..I would sloriusey scream from fright if I spotted her at first-(Since she appears to be an exact copy of a doll, just a? real life version). *-*

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