Fierce Friday May 21

FINALLY got around to doing this look out of the Makeup Store book I got a few weeks go! I really like this look, although my version turned out a little lighter than the one in the picture, but I’m sure in reality they’re the same, yay for photoshop! :)





Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Tilt Eyeshadow
MAC Air de Blu Pigment
MAC Aquadisiac Eyeshadow
MAC Lucky Green Eyeshadow
Coastal Scents s19 Eyeshadow (Purple)
Illamasqua Strumpet Liner Pencil
MAC Creme de Violet Eyeshadow
MAC Blacktrack Gel Liner
MUD Mascara
NYX Lashes #30

MAC Style Blush

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Grandma Lip Tar
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Conquest Lip Tar
Stila Pinkle Twinkle Lip Glaze

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  • Heather

    WOW That’s beautiful!

  • alli

    Beautiful! Like cotton candy! :D

  • Norma

    hey Leesha , I was wondering if you know any good drug store loose face powders?

  • Zinnia

    very nice love the green

  • Nerissa

    Love it Leesha! It also looks like the book cover for Eye Candy. :)

  • Tara

    This look is AWESOME!! Also, I think you should just go ahead and say the name of what it is that you are usuing, because you always describe the colors anyway. I don’t see why people were complaining. Keep up the awesome work (as always)

  • Melanie

    i have a problem when doing my eyeshadow, when it comes to the end of the eye and u just do a circular motion at the top when putting something in the crease, mine always ends up pointed at the sides not round , idk if that makes sense but if it does can you help?

  • Michelle

    This is really pretty. I’d probably do less green though.

  • Coco

    Beautiful!! I love this look!! Will try it for a fun summer day/night!

  • Dani

    Hey Leesha! I just wanted to say, as always, I love this look! You have been doing such an awesome job on keeping up with your WW and FF, but seriously, i look forward to your vids! I love all your tutorials and I bet it’s really hard to keep up with a schedule like that! You’re doing so great. I love all your reviews, bought my mom Fortune Cookie Soaps for mothers day. She loved it! So ya…just thanks for all you do! I know it’s hard work, so I wanted to let you know I appreciate it! <3 Danielle

  • Grace

    Its very fun to play with likes or dupes, I hear you, it doesn’t have to be the same…ppl can even play around with different colors, but get ideas or techniques from the same look…possibilites are endless. I am glad you mentioned that the gloss was a lip tar and not a gelee….lip tars are very different. Use what you have and use what you like! it all depends on how you choose to spend your money! Some spend it on restaurants, some spend it on beauty…I always enjoy your videos. They never make me feel bad about what is or isn’t in my make up bag.

  • Linn

    Heey Leesha;) You should really try out Make Up Stores products. They are really really good and most of the makeup that I own is from Make Up Store (MUS)

    // Linn from Sweden

  • Cornflakes

    OMG i love it

  • Annie

    This is kind of different from what you normally do, and I really like it (partly because it’s a little different)!
    Very pretty colours :]

  • Shannon

    Omg this is very beautiful and creative thanks!

  • nat

    what kind of foundation or powder do u use?

    • xsparkage

      dinair airbrush makeup in vanilla

  • Heba

    i love it !!!

  • Kimilei

    Such a beautiful look! I love the colors used :D

  • Mandy

    Very brigth full!

  • PK

    Hey, Leesha! I LOVE what you did for this week’s Fierce Fridays. I was so inspired that I tried it myself with my Urban Decay Deluxe Palette. Thank you so much! I just wanted to share the results:

  • Bec

    Love it!

  • Popi

    Hi leesha! i loved the look, do you think you could do a sigma brush review? or is it beter to invest in MAC brushes? HELP!

  • Karen

    I think you coulda made the colors more intense by using a colored base under them.. like, estimated where it could have been :) but either way the tut and the look were amazing, i love it! :D

  • Elxu
  • ashley

    hey xsparkage! i have been a long time viewer of yours but just havent had the courage to do any of the looks yet. until this one. i tried it out and got fantastic results :)

  • Kasey

    I’ve watched this a couple of times and was wondering where Aquadisiac was used?

  • Alanna

    I did this look not using this as a reference and not realizing that I’d seen this before, lmao. I tried to take a picture but my webcam is washing me out. :/

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