Fierce Friday: June 4th

Fierce Friday this week was inspired by the fact that I never use my reflects glitters from MAC. They’re so pretty and the fact that they are so finely milled makes them way easier to wear than regular chunky glitter.





Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Underground Pearl Glide Pencil
Ben Nye Turquoise Eyeshadow
MAC Black Russian Pearl Glide Pencil
NARS Night Flight Eyeshadow
NARS Misfit Eyeshadow
Makeup Forever #92
MAC Reflects Transparent Teal
MUD Mascara
NYX #118 False Lashes


MAC Desert Rose Blush


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Hoochie Lip Tar
MAC Reflects Transparent Teal
MAC Fantabulous Dazzleglass

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  • Kourtney

    So prettty!

  • Bloodsong09

    this totaly looks like something inspired by doe deere!

  • Phyrra

    I love the pink lips with the teal eyes. Gorgeous!

  • Cherry

    Wow, Leesha! That looks amazing!

  • Ariana

    You look like a hot mermaid! :)

    • Sarah

      Hahahahah! That’s EXACTLY what I was going to say! :D

  • jazz

    they is and add on the side of your tutoral for mac makeup and brush sets. The brush sets are 32 mac brushes for like 40 dollars. Are those knock off ?

    • Dieuwerje

      yes, mac doesn’t sell tell brushes in sets (only with christmas but those look different)

  • Grace

    I like…Transparent Purple Duo Glitter would look amazing on Designer Purple Pearl Glide. For the Undercurrent Pearglide (teal color you used) MAC Transparent Gold Glitter with Sushi Flower in the crease about 3/4 of the way and blended out with Yogurt from MAC is amazing as a highlight…Pop some Black Tied in the outer yummy!

  • Grace

    Favorite Fierce Friday, bar none! Would love to see more tutorials using creative ways to use MAC Glitter Pigments…

  • Annie

    This is quite possibly by far my favourite FF look you’ve done, SOOOOO pretty! ?

  • Persnickety

    Love the eyes!

  • RedetWhite

    Hi :) This look is great! Love it. I still struggle with how to apply glitters, so now i´ll try the lash glue.
    Would you consider reviewing SMH (Stars Makeup Haven) eyeshadows?
    They are the same exact size as MAC eyeshadows, and should supposedly be a good quality a well, though a lot cheaper :)
    Thanks in advance :)

  • Jenn

    You are GORGEOUS!

  • Once Upon A Cream

    WOW! now that’s an AWESOME look! really special and sophisticated. love it!

  • Brenda

    love love love ? i just wonder how it would look
    with less color on the lips…

  • Required: Name

    The eyes are amaaaaaaazing! I think more of a mauvy plum lip would suit it better though.

  • dannii

    wow! love this it really suits you aswell :)
    Dannii x

  • Sez

    two words LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xxx

  • Audrey

    I love it (:
    I think you should do a wearable wednesday on Rachel McAdams in Sherlock Holmes :))

  • Jessica Allison

    love it, especially the lips. I never think I can wear vivid, blue pinks like this one, but our skin and hair coloring is actually pretty similar & it looks great on you, so perhaps I’ll have to try it! Of course, I’ll have to get some reflects glitter to go over it….excuses, excuses…

  • rae

    Heyy Leesha, you should do a video on all the piercings you have. I see quite a few in your ears lol and I like them but I cant see them very well :P

  • Francesca

    You Suit Anything And Are So Talented :D I Love Everything you do :-) x

  • i_rox_my_sox

    i think tht ur ideas of wearable wednesday and fierce friday are so cool… but i watch you so much two looks a week is just not enough… so i came up with a cool idea tht i thought u could try out… its marvelous mondays… i dnt know wat you would think but it would mean the world to me if u did tht… thx soooo much for doing tutorials
    with love ur fan mady <3

  • Christina

    Hey Leesha, I am a big fan of your videos and blog page. Your amazing :) I was wondering if you could one day either do a video or blog about what color eyeshadows to match with your clothes. Like for instance if your wearing blue what could eyes could you wear with it. Thanks so much :)

  • xX-2k9

    Wow. I admit, i havent checked out the site in aaaaaages!
    Great 2 c yr still uploading/updating regularly.

    They’re getting better + better!!

    p.s. glad to know your still rockin the red hair!!!

  • Micaela

    This is really cool!!! It goes with your hair and skin tone really well!!
    I was wondering if you could possibly do a 4th of July theme? It’d be really neat to see. I’ve tried doing something like it my self, but I can’t get the red white and blue to look good together! Maybe you could give it a shot?

  • Sarah

    i miss fierce friday!!

  • rin


  • Sarah

    Leesha, I know you worked for MAC, so maybe you can tell us why the Reflects Glitters aren’t eye safe? Is it a legality thing in case someone dumps an entire bottle in their eye, or are they made of glass and metal shards, LOL! Have you ever heard of anybody having issues?