Fierce Friday: April 30

This is a look that I did for my stage makeup class for glamor day. I posted a picture of this look on my Facebook page, and had quite a few requests for a tutorial. This is a really easy look and I was a little stretched for time for FF, so I’ll get to doing a fun look out of the Makeup Store Magazine soon! :)





Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Virgin Isle Cream Color Base
Makeup Forever #50 Eyeshadow
Makeup Forever #05 Eyeshadow
Makeup Forever # Eyeshadow
Makeup Forever # Eyeshadow
Makeup Forever #92 Eyeshadow
MAC Artist shdkcfua Eyeliner
MAC Aquadisiac Eyeshadow
Kat Von D Black Eyeliner
Fresh Supernova Mascara
Shu Uemuera Lavendar Bloom Lashes

MAC Peach Blush Ombre

MAC My Favorite Pink Dazzleglass

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  • Marvel Burgos

    LOL!! it is soo cute!!
    i wanted to see orange and purple in a tutorial!
    you are amazing lesha ?
    i love your tutorials!

  • Michelle

    I really like this look. I’ll have to try it but probably without the black liner.

  • karina

    absolutely fabulous :)

  • Tara

    I LOVE THIS!! It reminds me of rainbow Sorbet (SP? lol) icecream!! Great look!

  • guest

    idk if either one of you looked off each others work at all but they both look great! I just thought i was really ironic with the looks being so similar

    • Princess Kelly

      Whoa, you’re right. Great minds think alike! :)

  • Sarah

    OMG! Leesha, I LOVE IT! You’re so awesome, best guru EVER! :D

  • Princess Kelly

    I was actually planning to make a Shu request; so, it’s great timing that you’re using your first Shu Uemura lashes in this video. Their lash bar is amazing.

    I went to the Shu counter for the first time last year with the intention of buying a Nobaba Cream Cover Stick and discovered that I really didn’t need all of the coverage it offered, and ended up buying the Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation instead (shade 974). It’s great for sheer coverage that’s buildable and has diverse color options for fair skin, probably because it’s a Japanese company.

    It’s an expensive brand, but I wanted to try something new and different and needed to revamp my look. I’m glad now that I treated myself to it because it’s been a great experience for me. The foundation was worth the cost, and I would buy it again. I bought blush (the peach is very fresh), shadow and liner as well and they are also very good products, but I wouldn’t call them spectacular or life changing.

    I also bought the famous Shu eyelash curler, and that’s what I was hoping you’d review. It’s known for being”the best” and was mentioned in “The Devil Wears Prada.” I was curious to see if you thought it was anything special in comparison to other lash curlers and whether you think there’s really a difference at all. When I hold it up to a Revlon curler, they look very much the same mechanically. So, is the Shu curler all just hype?

    Thanks for your time and a fun Fierce Friday! :)

    • Princess Kelly

      oops…. I meant *Nobara* Cream Cover Stick. :)

  • Cornflakes

    OMG its lovely..
    I love your make-up looks

  • Annie

    I tend to shy away from orange eye shadows, but I may just have to get over myself and try this :]

  • Daiana

    That is soooooo cute Leesha!!

  • Lynsey James March

    This is one of the best makeup jobs I have seen in ages, you look gorgeous!

  • Heba

    love it !!!!!! i was hoping that u would do a look or two on the new
    click for larger view

    88 Metal Mania Palette

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  • Rabeea


  • Dagmar

    Just amazing! Leesha you’re the best! I think evertime the next tutorial can’t be better but… i’m wrong! I love your work! Please never stop it!

  • Veronica

    is Virgin Isle cream colour base a PRO color?
    it looks white on the regular MAC website…pls Help

  • melissa

    best summer look ever!!!!! reminds me of rainbow sorbet, or sherbert…or whatever you call it… the swirly rainbow ice-creamy stuff thats bright orange and raspberry and purple color!!! this is great!!!

  • acea*

    omg you so remind me of ariel from the little mermaide with this look.

  • Mis

    I just tried this look on myself and I love it! Sometimes I’m a little hesitant to actually try certain looks, even if they look great on you, because you’re blonde and blue eyed (not blonde here lol), and I have very dark hair, and dark brown eyes. So the same colors don’t always work on us both. But I love the way this looks. :D Thanks for the look!

  • Brenda Connor

    I love your eye make-up. It’s perfect for a summer night and you’re very sweet.