Fierce Friday: April 3

This look was such a nice surprise! I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it, but I really love how it turned out. YAY for surprises!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Golden Olive Pigment
MAC Humid Eyeshadow
MAC Flashtrack Eyeshadow
Coastal Scents S22 (maybe? the pink) Eyeshadow
MAC Gorgeous gold/Goldmine Eyeshadows
MAC Crystal Avalanche Eyeshadow
Sugarpill Bulletproof Eyeshadow
MAC Smolder Eyeliner
Fresh Supernova Mascara
NYX #115 Lashes

MAC Strada Blush
MAC Stray Rose Blush (limited edition)

MAC Soar Lipliner
MAC Strawbaby Lipstick (Limited edition)
MAC Goldirocks Dazzleglass (Limited edition, i think!)

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  • Marvel Burgos

    i loooooooooooooooooooooove it!!! of course i will do it!!

  • the epic ninja

    this one is sooo pretty!
    you should do a grecian one too

  • Katelynn

    I love this look tho its kind of you look like kate winslet… For another fierce Friday you should mix green and purple. Plez reply thx!!!!

  • Melly
  • Melly

    this make up is amazing Leesha :)

  • Laura

    This is amazing!

  • squidmarket

    Interesting color combination, you did a really job making it blend together. Love the tutorial.

  • Annie

    Leesha: I really do think you have the nicest lips out of all the Youtubers/bloggers I’ve come across! :]

  • Cornflakes

    tHAT look is soo Good one you…



  • Alisa

    Hey Leesha, Your look is awesome! I’ve always been curious to know, do you pencil your eyebrows before starting your makeup. ‘cos your brows are ALWAYS so perfect, in a straight line, never unruffled…amazing! :)

    • xsparkage

      i fill them in with a reddish brown eyeshadow and an angle brush :)

  • Mel

    Leesha, do you ever use bronzer? I’m about your skin tone – very fair w/ yellow undertones – and have trouble finding one that works for me. Any recommendations? :)

  • Jessica

    Love it… It reminds me of your Earthly Goddess look. Which is one of my faves. : )

  • Ariel

    The lid looks like Lucky Green :)

  • Daiana

    oh my god! i love every single tutorial! i love the make up looks you create!! i would loooove to wear them, but i feel that i will get a lot of attention becouse of it, so i just don`t go that risky… do you ever have to handle any negative comment regarding your make up? if so, how do you handle it?? thanks for everything! i love make up since i watch your vids!! =)

  • Dagmar

    Oh my god… this look is soooo amazing!!! i love it so much!

  • Ashley Ann

    I’m so excited you posted this!! I’ve been looking for something new to wear out but haven’t found anything I’m totally crazy about and I <3 this!!! I have colors very similar to this so I'm going to try this out tonight!! I'm so excited and can't wait!!! I love your looks … Thank you so much Leesha!!

  • Tiffany Nicole

    I love your makeup tutorials, and how you actually seem like a normal person talking to their friend not all high and mighty. lol

  • Amberlynn

    wow, this is amazing!
    it’s like the epitome of fierce!

  • Jian Wang

    Looks like a super hero look you did , I think it was silk something . But the lips look different . Still the look is very nice .

  • ANNA

    hey what hair dye do you use how long does it last and what do you use to make it last longer thankyou

  • asma

    ur awesome ……. i m 10 year old ,so u know i dont have much makeup
    but i have 6 lipglosses , 7 eyeliners , 6 nailpolishes and 1 mascara

  • asma

    i will definetly try it out , and by the way i have 3 blush colours and i had 5 + 5 eyeshadow colors and my sister and brother spoiled it :(

  • marina

    love this look so much!!

  • christie

    wow that looks great!! :D <3

  • Simone

    Soooo sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Emilia

    Youtube and there maintennance shit lol

  • Nicholle

    im really anxious to dye my hair red, but i cant find a dye that is bright enough! lol. do you dye your own hair or have it dyed professionally?

  • Anisa

    I’ve seen ALL of your videos and this one is my absolute favorite! You are so creative, I love it

  • cait

    llllllllllllooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it april 3 was my birthday