April 16, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Marvel Burgos

    i loooooooooooooooooooooove it!!! of course i will do it!!

  • the epic ninja

    this one is sooo pretty!
    you should do a grecian one too

  • Katelynn

    I love this look tho its kind of christmasey.ps you look like kate winslet… For another fierce Friday you should mix green and purple. Plez reply thx!!!!

  • Melly
  • Melly

    this make up is amazing Leesha :)

  • Laura

    This is amazing!

  • squidmarket

    Interesting color combination, you did a really job making it blend together. Love the tutorial.

  • http://www.annotationsofafailure.com Annie

    Leesha: I really do think you have the nicest lips out of all the Youtubers/bloggers I’ve come across! :]

  • Cornflakes

    tHAT look is soo Good one you…



  • Alisa

    Hey Leesha, Your look is awesome! I’ve always been curious to know, do you pencil your eyebrows before starting your makeup. ‘cos your brows are ALWAYS so perfect, in a straight line, never unruffled…amazing! :)

    • http://www.xsparkage.com xsparkage

      i fill them in with a reddish brown eyeshadow and an angle brush :)

  • Mel

    Leesha, do you ever use bronzer? I’m about your skin tone – very fair w/ yellow undertones – and have trouble finding one that works for me. Any recommendations? :)

  • Jessica

    Love it… It reminds me of your Earthly Goddess look. Which is one of my faves. : )

  • Ariel

    The lid looks like Lucky Green :)

  • Daiana

    oh my god! i love every single tutorial! i love the make up looks you create!! i would loooove to wear them, but i feel that i will get a lot of attention becouse of it, so i just don`t go that risky… do you ever have to handle any negative comment regarding your make up? if so, how do you handle it?? thanks for everything! i love make up since i watch your vids!! =)

  • Dagmar

    Oh my god… this look is soooo amazing!!! i love it so much!

  • Ashley Ann

    I’m so excited you posted this!! I’ve been looking for something new to wear out but haven’t found anything I’m totally crazy about and I <3 this!!! I have colors very similar to this so I'm going to try this out tonight!! I'm so excited and can't wait!!! I love your looks … Thank you so much Leesha!!

  • Tiffany Nicole

    I love your makeup tutorials, and how you actually seem like a normal person talking to their friend not all high and mighty. lol

  • Amberlynn

    wow, this is amazing!
    it’s like the epitome of fierce!

  • Jian Wang

    Looks like a super hero look you did , I think it was silk something . But the lips look different . Still the look is very nice .

  • ANNA

    hey what hair dye do you use how long does it last and what do you use to make it last longer thankyou

  • asma

    ur awesome ……. i m 10 year old ,so u know i dont have much makeup
    but i have 6 lipglosses , 7 eyeliners , 6 nailpolishes and 1 mascara

  • asma

    i will definetly try it out , and by the way i have 3 blush colours and i had 5 + 5 eyeshadow colors and my sister and brother spoiled it :(

  • marina

    love this look so much!!

  • christie

    wow that looks great!! :D <3

  • Simone

    Soooo sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Emilia

    Youtube and there maintennance shit lol

  • Nicholle

    im really anxious to dye my hair red, but i cant find a dye that is bright enough! lol. do you dye your own hair or have it dyed professionally?

  • Anisa

    I’ve seen ALL of your videos and this one is my absolute favorite! You are so creative, I love it

  • cait

    llllllllllllooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it april 3 was my birthday