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Oh man, long time no talk!

My blog went on a bit of an unintentional hiatus for the past month- things just got really busy. I went to Atlanta for my Cousin’s wedding, went to Korea for a week long beauty trip (Cant WAIT to share that with you, but check out my vlogs for a peak into what we were up to) and have just been all over the board with Youtube and getting my life together.  I’ve missed blogging, though, and am excited to jump back in!

Today’s post is all about the MACnificent Me Collection that MAC recently put out! This collection focuses on MAC lovers and products that best suit them. The pieces I received are generally on the darker side, and would work well for darker complexions, but also work well for sultry fall looks on any skintone. 


MAC MACnificent Me! Collection Review

Check out my video review of this collection below- 



Here are swatches of everything I received! My favorites have to be the eyeshadow palette, Well Behaved Eyeshadow, and the Patentpolishes. 

MAC MACnificent Me! Collection Review MACnificent Me! Eyeshadow x9

MAC MACnificent Me! Collection Review Cork Eyeshadow


MAC MACnificent Me! Collection Review Well Behaved Eyeshadow

MAC MACnificent Me! Collection Review Stormy Pink Paint Pot


MAC MACnificent Me! Collection Review Frozen Violet Paint Pot


MAC MACnificent Me! Collection ReviewBurnt Pepper Blush


MAC MACnificent Me! Collection Review A Little Lusty Blush


MAC MACnificent Me! Collection Review Self Aware Lipstick


MAC MACnificent Me! Collection Review Deep Love Lipstick


MAC MACnificent Me! Collection Review Own The Look Mattene Lipstick


MAC MACnificent Me! Collection Review Power My Spirit Mattene Lipstick


MAC MACnificent Me! Collection Review Pleasure’s All Mine Patentpolish


MAC MACnificent Me! Collection ReviewMy Flip Side Patentpolish


MACnificent Me Collection Review

Here is a look I created with this collection. I used the Eyeshadow x9 Palette, Well Behaved Eyeshadow, and Cork on the eyes (Along with an Urban Decay blue eye pencil for contrast on the lower lash line), A Little Lusty Blush, and both of the Patentpolishes.

MACnificent Me Collection Review

Do you see any favorites here? The collection isn’t necessarily what I would call “unique” as far as colors go, but there are some really nice picks here. The purple lipsticks are a fun choice for fall, and although the blushes I received are much darker than what I normally go for, they are gorgeous when applied with a light hand.

You can get all these are MAC Counters and maccosmetics.com!



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Here’s How to get Taylor Swift’s Look in Her Wildest Dream Music Video http://www.xsparkage.com/taylor-swift-wildest-dreams-makeup-tutorial/ http://www.xsparkage.com/taylor-swift-wildest-dreams-makeup-tutorial/#comments Thu, 03 Sep 2015 20:27:00 +0000 http://www.xsparkage.com/?p=12791

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this, but Taylor Swift has been absolutely rocking everything she does lately. I recently became a big Tswift fan with her 1989 album (I know, late to the party, but hey, this was more my jam!) and I have been obsessed with the music videos she has put out lately.

Her latest video was for her song Wildest Dreams, and the story is about two filmstars who are secret lovers and is set in the 1940’s era. Taylor’s makeup is flawless and classic, and the second I saw it I new I had to recreate it!

Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Makeup Tutorial 33Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Makeup Tutorial

I have had this song stuck in my head for the past week and really love it. She looks so beautiful with this look, and it’s really a very classic look that anyone can not only pull off, but look perfect in!

Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Makeup Tutorial 7Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Makeup Tutorial 1Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Makeup Tutorial 8


Here is the video, watch it for a complete step by step on how to get Taylor’s look :)

What I used:

Hourglass Mineral Veil
Japonesque Luminous Foundation
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural Medium
Too Faced Blush- Baby Love
Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
MAC Feline Eye Pencil
Urban Decay Perversion 24/7 Liquid Liner
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Oh My Lash Tounge-Tied False Lashes

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics NSFW Ready to Wear Lip Tar

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Urban Decay NEW Vice 4 Palette Review & Swatches! http://www.xsparkage.com/urban-decay-new-vice-4-palette-review-swatches/ http://www.xsparkage.com/urban-decay-new-vice-4-palette-review-swatches/#comments Tue, 01 Sep 2015 23:03:53 +0000 http://www.xsparkage.com/?p=12782

Oh my gosh you guys, it’s here!!

Last month Urban Decay revealed a quick look at the packaging and some swatches of the newest Vice palette, but it was still a mystery as to when this hyped palette would actually be coming out. As you can imagine, I was SUPER surprised and excited when this showed up at my door yesterday!

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

Vice 4 has a similar setup as past Vice palettes- 20 colorful shadows, a beautiful, sleek case, and a HUGE Mirror making this ideal for traveling. This particular Vice palette has the coolest design in my opinion!

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette 1Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette 2

One thing I will admit I’m bummed about is that this Vice palette doesn’t open the same as past palettes in the Vice line. I loved that there was a button you pushed and the palette slowly opened by itself and it was almost magical. This palette has a magnetic closure, and while it does still open to the perfect spot so you can actually see yourself and apply makeup with the mirror, I still kinda miss the auto-open that the old palettes had. Obviously, this isn’t a deal breaker in any way, just something I liked :)

The palette also includes a dual ended brush- one side has a blending brush, the other an eyeshadow brush.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette 4

The palette is inspired by an oil slick, so it’s a lot of deep shades and jewel tones. There are only a few warm shades in this one, and there is a lot of shimmer (as per most UD palettes!) This palette has 4 mattes, which I will say is more than they have done in the past!

Here are the shadows and swatches-

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette 2015 09 01 15 48 05 Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

To  be honest with you, I’m really impressed with the pigmentation and textures on all of the shades here! I was playing with this palette last night and did notice some fallout, so I will probably apply these eyeshadows before my foundation next time. Every color blended beautifully and some really surprised me- Beat Down, for example, I thought would be end up being a dark navy with a slight blue duo chrome, but MAN when I applied it I was blown away with the color intensity and blendability!

The other thing I kept thinking when I played with this palette was how much I wish UD had a duo chrome palette. All I wanted was to use my Naked Ivory Collection with this palette to further compliment the shifts in some of these shades.

This palette will be available on September 12th for $60 from Urban Decay, Ulta, Sephora, and Macys. My suggestion is if you are even the slightest bit interested, be ready to pick it up quick because Vice palettes always go fast!!

Be on the lookout for a video review tomorrow and quite a few looks with this palette in the coming week!


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MAC Brooke Candy Collection- Swatches, Review http://www.xsparkage.com/mac-brooke-candy-collection-swatches-review/ http://www.xsparkage.com/mac-brooke-candy-collection-swatches-review/#comments Fri, 28 Aug 2015 19:33:52 +0000 http://www.xsparkage.com/?p=12754

I have the latest from MAC for you all today- a mini collection from Brooke Candy, featuring two lipsticks, a liquid liner, and some pretty cool packaging!

MAC Brooke Candy 8 I was really hoping the off-white scribbles and skulls glowed in the dark. I mean, it kinda looks like it should, right? RIGHT?! 

Unfortunately, the packaging of the products themselves don’t have the cool packaging that the boxes do (and on top of that, its just a sleeve on top of a regular MAC box). The lipsticks, though, are beautiful shades.

MAC Brooke Candy 7

This collection includes three products- Boot Black Liquid Liner (not unique to this collection) and two lipsticks in a bright cherry red and a deep plum. The formula on the lipsticks is Amplified Creme, so they feel really moisturizing on and have beautiful color payoff.

MAC Brooke Candy 6 Mind Control

MAC Brooke Candy 5 Which Witch

MAC Brooke Candy 4

MAC Brooke Candy 3Mind Control, Which Witch

MAC Brooke Candy 2 Mind Control

MAC Brooke Candy 1 Which Witch


I found Mind Control to have better pigmentation than Which Witch, but I think Which Witch is more unique for sure. It’s a lot lighter than I thought it was going to be when I saw the lipstick before swatching.. it looked black! Regardless, if you are in need of an absolutely gorgeous blue based red lipstick, Mind Control is super pretty and a nice formula, just isn’t exactly unique.

You can get these for $17 from MAC Cosmetics.


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PSA: Urban Decay Primer Potion OLD Packaging on Sale for Half Off http://www.xsparkage.com/psa-urban-decay-primer-potion-old-packaging-on-sale-for-half-off/ http://www.xsparkage.com/psa-urban-decay-primer-potion-old-packaging-on-sale-for-half-off/#comments Wed, 26 Aug 2015 18:30:54 +0000 http://www.xsparkage.com/?p=12739

If you are like the majority of us, you were kinda bummed when Urban Decay came out with new packaging for their Primer Potion.. with a doefoot applicator. The old packaging had a squeeze tube top which, in my opinion, was a better design and a lot more sanitary (on top of that, my press sample of the new packaging actually arrived with a broken applicator, which all but makes it useless).

UD Primer Potion Half Off

My friend Linda of Glitter Fallout sent me a message today on Facebook asking why I thought the UDPP was on sale for only 10 bucks, and I realized it was because it was the old (good) packaging, and they must be trying to get rid of old stock. This is awesome for anyone who isn’t a fan of the doefoot applicator, and I imagine this will sell out relatively fast!

Pick up your Primer Potion for half off at Sephora! Linda and I just bought two :D

http://www.xsparkage.com/psa-urban-decay-primer-potion-old-packaging-on-sale-for-half-off/feed/ 2
COLOURPOP Eyeshadows First Impression! http://www.xsparkage.com/colourpop-eyeshadows-first-impression/ http://www.xsparkage.com/colourpop-eyeshadows-first-impression/#comments Tue, 25 Aug 2015 21:42:35 +0000 http://www.xsparkage.com/?p=12736

Colourpop is an indie brand that is talked about pretty much on every youtube channel and blog in the online beauty realm. People LOVE this brand because the product is inexpensive ($5 a shadow, not bad at all!) and the color payoff/consistency is pretty unique. 


Colourpop First Impression

 I wanted to try this brand out for a few reasons- main one being how popular it is (gotta know what the hype is about!) but the one thing that was holding me back was the texture- these are not a powdered eyeshadow, but more of a weird, spongey but not wet but you can’t really use a brush.. texture? It’s strange to describe. The brand recommends using your fingers to apply the shadows, which to be honest I’m not really a fan of. Wanting to give these a fair shot, though, I tried it out the recommended way and was really impressed! 

Colourpop First ImpressionColourpop First Impression See more about these on this blog post


While I still am not a fan of using my fingers to apply my eyeshadow, I do understand why it is recommended with these particular ones. A lot of these have a beautiful shimmer in them that definitely wouldn’t be as prominent in a straight powder shadow, and it almost gives them a wet, glistening look. I did use a blending brush with one of the colors in the video to see how it worked, and it worked a lot better than I expected. Next time I try these shades out I’m going to use a flat, stiff concealer brush to see if I can get similar results as using my fingers. 

The part that really surprised me was the long wear of these! Because of the texture, I half expected these to be prone to creasing, but after wearing them on my eyes for 10 hours it still looked as fresh as when I applied it, and the glistening shimmer had also not faded away. 

 Watch the video below to see my first impressions and applying these for the first time:



Bottom line- I’m impressed! I will absolutely be ordering more of these (I bought a set of the lippies too, but haven’t had a chance to test them out yet). At $5 each, you can’t really complain. You also get a $5 off coupon code when you sign up for their email, so it’s like getting a shadow free!


You can check out these colors at Colourpop

http://www.xsparkage.com/colourpop-eyeshadows-first-impression/feed/ 1
FIRST LOOK at the NEWEST Vice Palette from Urban Decay (with Swatches!)! http://www.xsparkage.com/first-look-at-the-newest-vice-palette-from-urban-decay-with-swatches/ http://www.xsparkage.com/first-look-at-the-newest-vice-palette-from-urban-decay-with-swatches/#comments Tue, 11 Aug 2015 23:27:43 +0000 http://www.xsparkage.com/?p=12730

Urban Decay JUST posted this little peak at the new Vice palette on Facebook that (I’m assuming) is coming out later this year. I’m LOVING the packing- it’s different enough from previous Vice palettes but still has the same shape and style. I love how the colors gradient in this!

NEW Vice Palette

I was planning to just post the packaging sneak peek, as this is the first I’ve heard about it, but I also noticed Wende Zomnir, who is the brains behind the greatness at UD, also posted a beautiful band of swatches from this palette across her arm on her Instagram today.

New UD Vice Palette

What do you think? I have always loved the Vice palettes, above all because I think the Vice palettes have the best packaging around, but the shades and pigmentation is always awesome. This one looks like it’s got a perfect blend of brights and more neutrals, but still looks like it’s low on the number of mattes (from this swatch I can see maybe 2 or 3 that look matte, but I’m not positive) LOTS of shimmer and glitter, as UD is known for this. I’m loving the look of that bright pinky purple shade, as well as that green and bright oceany blue (but hey, you know me, that’s where I gravitate!)

What are your thoughts?! I get so excited at new UD releases!

http://www.xsparkage.com/first-look-at-the-newest-vice-palette-from-urban-decay-with-swatches/feed/ 10
Turning a Bad Guy into Badass Makeup Inspiration- Dr. Doom Inspired Eye Makeup! http://www.xsparkage.com/turning-a-bad-guy-into-badass-makeup-inspiration-dr-doom-inspired-eye-makeup/ http://www.xsparkage.com/turning-a-bad-guy-into-badass-makeup-inspiration-dr-doom-inspired-eye-makeup/#comments Tue, 11 Aug 2015 22:26:42 +0000 http://www.xsparkage.com/?p=12725

I will admit- I’m not really a Fantastic Four fan. 


Okay, that’s not really fair, as I haven’t read the comics and only know the movie versions Fox has put out in order to keep the rights from going back to Marvel (Who would more than likely give us a version that would be worth seeing). When I think Fantastic Four, all I picture is Chris Evans yelling “Flame On!” and then giggling to myself.

Paul told me that I should do a look inspired by Fantastic Four to go along with the release of the.. re-release. I didn’t have a tutorial planned, so I agreed that it would be a cool idea, as my Comic Book Tutorials were popular in the past (I really should redo those, huh?)


Now, if you have paid any attention to trending topics or Rotten Tomatoes, you’d know that the new Fantastic Four reboot did, well, embarrassingly. That being said, I loved how this turned out! I decided to use the villain, Dr. Doom, as my inspiration. I used a photo from the trailer to get an idea of what I wanted to do, and noticed he had kind of a dark, dirty vibe with what looked like cracks in his skin that had bright green shining through. I have no idea if this is what he ended up looking like throughout the movie (as the comic book version of him doesn’t really look like this ) but I gotta tell you I was really happy with how this ended up looking. This was one of those “turn the camera on and see where we end up” tutorials, and it worked out!


Dr Doom Makeup LookDr Doom Makeup LookDr Doom Makeup Look

 You can watch the full tutorial here-



Here’s what was used-

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette- Password, Whisky, Combust, Thirteen, Black Market
Urban Decay Covet 24/7 Eye Pencil
Inglot #45 Loose Shadow
Urban Decay Perversion 24/7 Eye Pencil
IT Cosmetics Tightline Mascara
Faux Lashes

Make Up Geek Love Spell Blush
Urban Decay Stark Naked Lip Liner
Urban Decay Stark Naked Matte Revolution Lipstick
Urban Decay 1993 Lip Liner
Inglot #43 Sleeks Lipgloss 


Maybe this should be the start of a super villains theme? Thanos, Loki, Mystique.. ahhh could be so fun! :)

http://www.xsparkage.com/turning-a-bad-guy-into-badass-makeup-inspiration-dr-doom-inspired-eye-makeup/feed/ 1
SO CUTE! Little Mermaid Makeup Bags Keep the Summer Vibe Going http://www.xsparkage.com/so-cute-little-mermaid-makeup-bags-keep-the-summer-vibe-going/ http://www.xsparkage.com/so-cute-little-mermaid-makeup-bags-keep-the-summer-vibe-going/#comments Tue, 11 Aug 2015 20:15:10 +0000 http://www.xsparkage.com/?p=12720

Ever since I was a little kid, I have had a huge love of The Little Mermaid and sea life in general. My room was decked out with Ariel and Eric wall decals, along with Flounder, Sebastian, Scuttle.. I just loved it. My daughter’s room is mermaid themed, her first birthday was mermaid themed.. you see where I’m going here. Sometimes I get worried that she will end up not liking Ariel, but then I mean come on, how would that be possible? ;)

 These makeup bags feature a watercolor style drawing of Ariel, and It’s SO perfect. They have a cobalt blue lining, and come in two sizes.

Ariel Makeup Bags 3

The smaller bag easily holds your daily makeup needs, while the larger bag can probably get you through a vacation of makeup needs. 

Ariel Makeup Bags 1Ariel Makeup Bags 2


If Ariel isn’t really your main princess, The line of SOHO Disney Dare to Dream bags also come in a variety of Beauties- from Elsa to Mulan and Aurora. They are available at Walgreens, but I also saw them on Drugstore.com

Before buying online, though, I would make a quick stop at your local walgreens if you can, as they tend to have different selections in store. In addition to the bags, they also have cute makeup palettes and products worth checking out!



http://www.xsparkage.com/so-cute-little-mermaid-makeup-bags-keep-the-summer-vibe-going/feed/ 1
Outfit of the Day- Sailor Blues & Hearts in Her Eyes http://www.xsparkage.com/outfit-of-the-day-sailor-blues-hearts-in-her-eyes/ http://www.xsparkage.com/outfit-of-the-day-sailor-blues-hearts-in-her-eyes/#comments Wed, 05 Aug 2015 20:24:38 +0000 http://www.xsparkage.com/?p=12714

Today’s outfit is a dress I totally caved and bought, and had slight buyers remorse until I actually wore it. 

This dress is from Modcloth, and is called Mainstay by my Side Dress. It’s in cobalt blue, which is my favorite color to wear as I think it looks great with my skintone, and has a really sailory vibe to it. The downside? The price- $90 (ouch!) 

I used a discount code I got for signing up with my email, plus Ebates, so that helped, but I still felt kinda eh about spending that much on a dress. I really love Modcloth’s styles, but sometimes you get a dress and the quality doesn’t really compare to the price point. 

 This dress is an exception to that. This is really nice quality, stretchy fabric and is just SO cute. 

Sailor Dress Outfit 5

Again, apologies for the less than stellar full photos- this was the first OOTD I had done in years and we decided to take photos at noon.. which is a big no no. Gotta love all those shadows! :/

Sailor Dress Outfit 2


This dress has a ton of fabric, so you totally get that Marilyn Monroe skirt thing going on when you spin in circles. It’s amazing! 


Sailor Dress Outfit 1

Sailor Dress Outfit 4


The only thing I would change on this dress is the length, it’s juuuust a little long for me. It hits the back of my knees when I walk, and I like dresses to hit a little higher than that. I might actually have my mom help me hem it a little shorter (She really likes to sew, I don’t know how.. but I’m thinking of trying to learn!) If it was a few inches shorter I think it would just be perfect!

Sailor Dress Outfit 10Sailor Dress Outfit 9


Dress- Modcloth

Purse- Anne Klein

Sunglasses- Modcloth

Lipstick- MAC Glambattista Valli Lipstick in Tat

http://www.xsparkage.com/outfit-of-the-day-sailor-blues-hearts-in-her-eyes/feed/ 4