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What Camera do you use to film tutorials? I film with a Canon T5i and the kit lens.

What Camera do you use for product photos and swatches? Nikon D5000, usually with a macro lens and speedlight.

What do you use for lighting in tutorials/product photos? My set up now is actually in a closet! We removed the doors on a small, sliding door closet and put an Ikea desk inside (which fit perfectly!) I also have a small Ikea Alex Drawer Unit for my everyday essential items, and use a Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror mounted in the closet.

What do you use to store your makeup? I have three full size Alex Drawer Units that hold all my makeup. I LOVE this drawer unit! There are two types of drawers- five shallow and four that are regular sized- and this is perfect for makeup. The shallow drawers are great for lipstick, single eyeshadows, etc. while the larger ones are perfect for foundations and palettes. I highly recommend these :)

What do you use to edit your videos? I edit my videos with Final Cut Pro on my iMac.

What do you design your website with? My website is run through WordPress.

How did you get started with YouTube? I used to be a part of a makeup community on Livejournal, and in 2008 people started posting videos of them applying makeup. I thought this was really cool, so I decided to try, not expecting anything out of it. Eventually beauty tutorials got really popular on Youtube, and here I am!

How did you get popular on Youtube? Any advice? I really think it’s because I started right when beauty tutorials began to get popular. The beauty community is so over-saturated now, it’s really a lot harder to get noticed now than when I started, when there was around 20 or so beauty gurus! My only advice is do it because you love it, don’t do it to try and get subscribers and benefits, that makes it no fun and not worth it. Find beauty communities online, get to know people on there, and then show your youtube. I strongly advise against spamming (asking people to subscribe on other youtube videos in the comments or on twitter/facebook). Spam doesn’t really get people far, keep that in mind!

How did you get into makeup? I really started getting into makeup around Sophomore year of high school. I went into the MAC Pro store in LA and was completely amazed by everything about it, and my life changed from then on!

Do you freelance? Are you professionally taught? Do you have a Cosmotology License? Yes, I do weddings, photoshoots, etc. The only professional training I have was the intro training when I worked at MAC. No, I do not have a cosmotology license, you don’t need one to do makeup in most states.

What school did you go to to learn how to do makeup? What school can you recommend I go to? I never went to school to learn makeup, so I really don’t know anything at all about different makeup and cosmetology schools. I would check on Google or Yelp for schools around your area, and see what others are saying about it.