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First of all, big apologies for skipping Wearable Wednesday this week. I know you guys look forward to it, but I am really behind on videos (usually I try and film them at least a day or so in advance so they can go up on time, but the past few weeks I’ve been doing them the day of because I have had to get SO MANY videos up.. past 3 weeks it’s been at least 4 a week!) and this week has been really busy, dealing with vehicle registration, licenses.. blahbalhablh. no fun.

ANYWAYS, last week we went out to see a local band that was playing a free show, and I was given about 10 minutes to get ready haha. So here’s what I threw together, easy peasy!




I suck and can’t seem to remember what exactly I used other than the Stila Jewel Eyes Palette. I wanted something smokey, but shimmery, and that palette can’t be beat when it comes to shimmery and glittery!

More posts soon :)


  1. Gina says

    this is really pretty…nice job for ten minutes

  2. Ma says

    Georgus! Tuto, if you can figure out what you used?

  3. vonnie says

    looks really good, makes your eyes POP

  4. Elle says

    Really pretty. I want that palette.

  5. Rachael says

    Any tips on what is the best eyeliner to buy. I have been practicing and practicing… but its hard to get it on just perfect. Im pretty good with some pencils (because you can smudge it out if there are mistakes). But Im not great with the liquid yet. And I love the look of liquid.

    1. Danny says

      Well theres a select few companies that have the felt tip pen eyeliners. I find that they come in really handy when it comes to lining close to the lash line. I’m pretty sure Eyeko has some and you can also get the short little bottles withthe felt tip brush at walmart. I hope that helps some!

  6. Nina says


  7. Leah says

    I love this it is so pretty!

  8. MAZZIEXP says

    try to do a tutorial on this look plzzzzzzzzzzz try it

  9. B'elana torres says

    I love this look
    how do you come up with these ideas?

  10. Dorkk says

    I love this look (:
    So halloween is coming up and i wanted to ask you if you can make a tutorial for the make up of betty boop there not really one but i was hoping you can come up with one.

  11. sarah says

    this was posted on my birthday
    pretty eye makeup x

  12. Korey says

    nice tits.

  13. Macy says

    Can you do a tutorial on it

  14. Carmenza says

    Hey Teni! AHHH!! you are so gorgeous and such a great blegogr! Your my favourite beauty guru on youtube! I always look forward to your videos! Please make a December favourites video! I really miss those! Also I was curious as to which cleanser you’ve been using lately?

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