Face of the Day: Neon Greens

I think I’m just gonna start taking pictures every time I do my makeup- tutorial or not- just.. because, why not? I am sooo bad about doing swatch posts/reviews/the like on here, so the least I can do is take pictures of my makeup :)

This was from last weekend when I went to see Excision at a bar here. Excision is a dubstep dj (my new music love, duuubstep.. so weird haha) and I had a ton of fun! I wanted something BRIGHT and glowy, so OF COURSE, Kryolan UV Day Glo to the rescue!



Kryolan UV Day Glo Green on lids
Ben Nye Chartreuse on lid
Ben Nye Jade in crease & Outter Lid
Ben Nye Cosmic Violet under eyes
Makeup Forever #92 Under Eyes
Kat Von D Liquid Liner
MAC Liquidlast in Fuschia-ism for dots
Cargo Lash Activator Mascara

MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach

MAC Lip Gelee in Shift to Pink

Sorry I don’t have more photos, I was being rushed out the door and Neons are a bitch to photograph!!

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  • Pinklye

    I really like this fresh green look !
    The eyeliner with pink dots is great !!!
    Good continuation, your blog is awsome !! (sorry for my weird english, i’m french lol)

  • Sam

    I love love love love LOVEEEE that you’re doing your make-up on a regular basis again! This look is amazing, as per usual. I especially love the green contrasting with your bright red hair :D

  • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

    I loooooove this, havent seen a Kryolan look from you in ages! :D

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003405409202 Sachin

      Great list and blog ofrefs some interesting blogging tips as well. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://supermariposabeauty.blogspot.com/ Supermariposa

    Ooh! I love how creative this look is! And the contrast between the green and purple is gorgeous :) xx

  • Sarah

    Aw MAN! These faces of the day are just gonna make me want tutorials of the day, ahahha! (So greedy, eh?) :D MORE MORRRREEEE! LOL!
    LOVE the look, thanks Leesha!

  • Sabrina Geisha

    ahhh dubstep. So its finally made its way to yah, huh? It is the theme music at burning man. So if you like dubstep you must checkout BASSNECTAR he is one of the pioneers of Dubstep in the US, also great are Beats Antique and Glitch Mob. MUST! I can send you a link if yah likey.

    • http://www.xsparkage.com xsparkage

      I actually saw bassnectar a little over a week ago, soooooooooooo much fun

  • Sabrina Geisha

    I’ll send you sum RIDICULOUS dubby mixes in exchange for……..?

  • Jessikat

    Awesome! tutorial or not I LOVE IT!!

  • http://www.annotationsofafailure.com Annie

    It’s gorgeous! I haven’t seen you wear dots for a loooong time, so this was fun to see.
    I’m glad you had fun on your night out :]

  • http://pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss.blogspot.com/ Mindy

    Awesome! The green looks wicked in contrast to your hurrrr :D I saw Excision last year. Bass-y goodness!

  • Laura

    Oh, this is so fabulous! Now I feel like I need to get an obnoxious bright green. I think I might. ;) Such inspiration!

  • http://girlygeektochic.blogspot.com/ Kate

    I love the look! Wicked!

  • http://aijuswhanakno.blogspot.com Mika chan

    How pretty! And I’m dying everytime I see someone use Ripe Peach!

  • Alicia

    I think its an awesome idea that you post pics whether or not you do a video on it :) I love it!
    and LOVE this look btw i think the purple dots by your lashes are so cute :)

  • Bluestar

    Awsome!!! Love it

  • Kendall

    I totally heart the pink polka-dots! is there any cheaper alternative pink liquid liner? thx leesha i love the crazy colors u put 2gether 2 make a totally wearable look!

  • allisee

    it reminds me of the look you did for seventeen with the teal dots! I love it! I thinl deserts would be a good idea for a series or just sweets in general! I love it all ;) xo xo Alli your message here…

  • Amanda

    I love this! I try to do those little dots and they never work out for me!! lol!!


    Awsome!!! Love it

  • http://www.mandyemais.blogspot.com Mandy


  • kim o

    i love this green look!! you do amazing make up!!

  • Zinnia

    omg this looks great

  • http://www.youtube.com/sayanythingbr00ke SayAnythingBrooke

    This is perfectionnnnn. the whole look is so smooth

  • BarBraNjPA

    I love that you’re back into ben nye and kryolan!!! have you tried the ben nye creme pots? theire like 7 bucks off ebay and feel like a mac cream colored base!

  • Kristin

    I hope you do a tutorial on this one day though, it’s so gorgeous! And bright *drool* lol

  • Anna-Marie

    I absolutely love this Leesh!! It’s very pretty, creative and beautiful. :) I would love to wear this any day.

  • Amberlynn

    so gorgeous =)

  • Jian Wang

    Love it , bright green and looks like it is kind of glowing .

  • Leah Voodoo

    So pretty!

  • TayyRenee

    omg i love it!!! I know this is so old but could you maybe make a tutorial on this one please?

  • NinjaKitten

    So, I absolutely LOVE this look, green and purple are my favorite colors! I tried to look up that uv neon green on the website but all i could find was some sort of hair spray color, just wondering if you had gotten it online or in a store cuz i cant fiind it! lolz =^.^=