Face of the Day: Matte Electric Blue

Lately I’ve been trying to play with makeup I’ve neglected, and this was one of the days I really liked what I came up with! I wanted to play with some matte pigments I have that got shoved to the back of a drawer (they aren’t the beautiful mattes I reviewed a few weeks ago!) and was tempted to use this electric blue I saw. Unfortunately the brand I used isn’t around anymore, but this particular blue is super similar to Chaos in Urban Decay’s Vice Palette.  Blue eyeshadow is a hard nut to crack usually, as it can easily go into crazy 80’s look that isn’t exactly flattering. Since I was just playing around I didn’t write down everything I used (and this was from last week) But I did want to share photos I took in case anyone needed some inspiration. If you like the look maybe I’ll create a tutorial for it and try and use some similar items, haha :) Enjoy! 


Bluemakeupcm 4Bluemakeupcm 1Bluemakeupcm 2Bluemakeupcm 3


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  1. Cassidy says:

    please do a tutorial! Especially since blue eye shadow can be very scary if it isn’t done right and I would love to see how you created this!

  2. EmmyJean says:

    I agree, blue can be a tricky shade – I always feel like it competes with my mostly green eyes. The look you created is stunning though! Would love to see a tutorial for it!

  3. Amelia says:

    I would love a tutorial. I have mac matte pigment that I have never been able to use bc it is so patchy when I try it everytime!

  4. Lindsey says:

    this is seriously my favorite look I’ve seen in a lonnnnng time. PLEASE do a tutorial as I am just about to get the vice palette!

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