Eyeko Magic Bronzer Brush in Ibiza

Perfect a sun kissed glow with Eyeko Magic Bronzer Brush in 3 tan-tastic shades. Double baked, blended powder so finely milled it’s impossible to over do. Easy to use, easy to tote! Eyeko Magic Bronzer Brush is super mini so you can glow on the go!

Ibiza: Add a subtle glow with this mid-hue bronzer shade which doubles up as a translucent finishing powder.  Clutch bag must-have!


Eyekobronzer 1

Eyekobronzer2 1

Eyekobronzer3 1


This product is quite small, a lot smaller than the pictures above make it appear (macro lens, holler!). It has 1.5g of product, and stands about 3 1/4″ high from lid to bottom. 
This particular color would really be great on paler girls just about any time of year. The swatch above isn’t how it looks when you use the brush, that’s actually a direct swatch of the product with a different brush (the brush top comes off, which is nice, as a lot of products with an attached brush don’t seem to be so easy to open!). When you use the brush, just enough product comes out to give a very subtle hint of color, just enough for an all-over glow without looking like you had a run-in with some nasty self tanner.

These come in three shades, and this is the lightest. I wouldn’t get this one if you were wanting to look seriously bronzed, this one is more so of a pick-me-up, a way to give your face a little something extra.

This retails for $8 from Eyeko.com.



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  1. Emilie says

    I have one question….is it more of a orangy tone or pinky tone…cause here is my problem…I am very pale (ivory) with pink undertones and I have been on the hunt for a bronzer that is nice and subtle and wont make me look like an oompa loompa.

    any suggestions?

    thanks XXOO

  2. Tamsin says

    Hmm not sure about this one, i prefer pressed bronzers with a brush of my choice..
    But the colour looks good :)

  3. Stacie says

    The colour looks good for me.. is the brush scratchy?

    1. Leesha says

      it’s not as nice as regular brushes, but its way softer than say, bare minerals haha i really dont like their brushes

  4. Katie says

    That would be a gorgeous eyeshadow!
    Also, I have the same problem as Emilie :(

  5. Michelle says

    I have weird experiences with these kinds of applicators. Every time I push the clicker it goes POOF on my face.

    But I just checked and there isn’t a clicker so, that might make it better.

  6. Mandy says

    Nice, I was hoping to see this. Do you have pictures of the bronzer in your cheeks?

  7. Vanita Mcguinness says

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