Eyeko Lip Products: Primrose Hill Gloss, Minty Fat Balm, Liptastic Loudmouth

Eyeko is the brand of my some of my favorite nail polishes, but I’m not very familiar with it outside of that. Here’s my first impression of some of their new lip products!

Primrose London Lip Gloss, Minty Fat Balm, Loudmouth Lipstastic Glossy Lip Pen




Make way for Eyeko London Lips Lip Gloss poured into pretty tubes stamped with iconic London images. Long-lasting colour and non-stick shine make for smooth application in a choice of 3 sheer and 3 cream blends. Eyeko London Lips are sweetly scented with a fruity fragrance and available in six lust-worthy shades.

Primrose is pretty sheer on its own, but definitely has a nice shine. The texture reminds me of a MAC Lip Gelee; it’s not sticky but very smooth. This looks great paired over a similar lip color (see below!)



Slicks of juicy colour, infused with light reflecting particles, moisturising Jojoba oil and added SPF15 make for fuller, softer, sexier lips. Add a hint of colour and shine as you protect and hydrate your kisser! Dab on to cheeks to for a touch of blush. Mineral oil and lanolin FREE!

This is like a really big chapstick that has a bit of color payoff. It lives up to the name because it definitely is minty, it reminds me of those peppermint glosses that advertise that they keep your breath fresh. The balm feels moisturizing on my lips as well.





Following fashions trend for bold lips is easy with Eyeko Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen. Just line and fill in one easy sweep for liner, colour and gloss in one! Available in 2 must-have shades featuring a fresh fruity fragrance and added gloss for luxe lips.

I really love this color, it’s so fun and bright! I also like that it’s a pen, but that has its downsides too. This pen doesn’t sharpen, the bottom actually twists so the color comes up, like some eyeliner pens. While that works with eyeliner pens, for a fat lip pencil like this I can’t help but think that the tip would go completely flat, and it would lose the point of being a pen and just become a normal lipstick.

Primrose, Minty, Loudmouth

All Three, Layered Balm, Lip Pen, and Gloss


Available from Eyeko.




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  1. Meredith says:

    Isn’t this brand from England? Wondering how long it would take to receive these products?
    When you posted about the nailpolish I had to check out the site. The packaging is what I am attracted to!

    These products look awesome! I especially like the ‘big chapstick’
    Will have to look into this! Just don’t want to pay a ton because I live in Canada and shipping is incredibly expensive (for no reason-blech).

  2. shaimaa says:

    Wow ! I loved the lipstick pen the colour look great and bright , i have Fat lip balm berry flavor and it good i like it

    Hope to find this brand soon in Kuwait , one of my friend send this balm to me

  3. munchykins says:

    I had completely forgotten about my eyeko buys from a while back (except for the nail polishes).

    I have the raspberry fat balm, been wearing it around half the day and it feels so nice on my lips. Like a chapstick but….. Nicer somehow. Creamier I guess?? And the tint is good as well, enough to give a bit of colour without being “BAM! I have lip stuff on!”. Definitely good for a natural-ish look.

  4. Erin Adoré says:

    I would really love to buy things from that site! But shipping is MONSTROUS! I thought they were kidding when i did up my order that came to 60 some odd dollars, and then said my total was 75 (Which i thought 15 for shipping, Awesome!) Then come to find my total was 135!!
    (I dont remember the exact numbers, But shipping was more than what I wanted to buy..)
    Is there any other sites that sell eyeko products? Any deals they have?

  5. Sunny says:

    I was actually going to ask you to review the Eyeko Fat Balms.

    The colours look lovely on you!

    Personally I really like the Raspberry Fat Balm it has quite a bit more colour pay-off & can be layered to make it more intense. It gives a sort of just-bitten look.

  6. Ninjagato says:

    I love love love the 3 together!
    It is a little silly that the crayon doesn’t have a sharpener. The idea of it twisting up is neat but I’d want a point on mine all the time.

  7. Nadia says:

    I am your new fan and I have been looking through your old posts and this one has no pictures working :( all the posts from winter have pictures that wont open :(:(

    PC :love your blog! x

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