April 16, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Jennifer

    Hey Leesha, have you ever heard of POP Beauty? They are a uk based brand and I was wondering if you could do a review or check them out and post what you think of them?

    • Fien

      I would like a revieuw of POP Beauty too!

  • Anya

    the colors are pretty, but the packaging is awful for $14. it looks like one of those cheap things you’d find at the bottom of the sale bin at cvs.

  • http://www.blog.mandyemais.com Mandy

    I usually don’t like the brushes…

    I love eyeko! I noticed that you love gradients! I also love the MAC blush, the one you losted, it’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s a shame that MAC in my country is so expensive… =/

    Byebye Leesha!

  • Aderyn

    I love the cute packaging on Eyeko products, but I think that in general they’re pretty expensive. Do you think that the blush is worth the price of $14?

  • Kelly

    OMG I love this. I want this!

  • Ebonyamberjade

    I like the pink side

  • Sunny

    When I first saw this on the Eyeko site I thought the colour pay-off might be a bit blah so I dismissed it. But it looks really pretty on your hand so I might try one for myself.

    Could you please review the Eyeko Glow Cream & Tinted Moisturiser?

    Plus have you heard of the make-up brand GOSH. I think it’s a Danish brand but it’s sold here in England. Apparently their eyeshadows are really good & they do really cool looking nail polishes, I’ve heard loads of people rave about their holographic one. If you can could you please do some reviews of them.

    • Fien

      You can buy Gosh also here in Belgium so I guess it’s an european brand.
      I would like a revieuw on that too.. It’s so much easier to get hold on then all the others you can only buy in england or the US

  • Melissa

    I really love eyeko but it’s a lot cheaper over here in the UK! Are you an eyeko ambassador by any chance? I would love to know your number if you are! :)

    • Fien

      I’ve have a ambassador code if you’d like to use it: it’s E13630

  • Stina

    *Separate (i feel like soundlyawake’s spelling nazi, lol)

    Cute packaging, but, like someone had already said, looks a little too small to be worth $14. I like how it shimmers, though. it would probably be a nice highlight, too.

  • WendyOMGWar

    This is siper cute ;)
    I totally love how you have so many things on your blog!