Eye-Catching Item: Sigma Dry’n Shape System

This is going to be a new blog series I’m gonna try out that I thought of this morning, lol :D I always see neat things online and in stores that I’m curious about but have never tried, so I figured I can show you guys, and maybe get some input on what you think, if you’ve tried it or if you think it’s even worth checking out!


This item is something I recently heard about- the Sigma Dry’n Shape System. This is Sigma’s way to, as the name implies, dry your brushes and shape them so that they look and feel brand new every time, as well as help extend the life of your brushes.

SdnshaPhoto via sigmabeauty.com


A few years ago another company came out with a similar idea, but it wasn’t nearly as nicely put together. It basically was stretchy plastic-mesh tubes that you put over the hairs of your brushes after washing them so that they shaped the hairs while they air-dried. Although not as eye-appealing as this, it did get the job done, but I found myself forgetting to use them quite often.

Sdnsha 1Photo via sigmabeauty.com


Sigma’s take on this is basically a brush roll with extra elastic holders for the bristles of the brush, so that your brushes are organized and in one area while they dry. They also claim that your brushes will dry within 4-6 hours, which if you have ever deep-cleaned your brushes, is pretty fast.


This video from their website shows how the holder works, as well as showing the difference from brushes that were air-dried and brushes that were dried in the holder, which I think is a really helpful thing to share!


So what do you think? This retails at $29, do you think it is worth it? Would you buy this, or something similar for your brushes?




  1. jenni says

    ive seen a few people show this but tbh on one of the reviews you could see splayed hairs on a couple of the brushes which kind of put me off. she turned the brushes round in an atempt to hide it and it wasnt awful, but as im not really bothered by drying time it was enough to make it a skip.

  2. miranda says

    For $29 I would totally try that! I hate laying my brushes out to dry for hours!

  3. Amanda says

    I would get this in a second! Not just for the obvious reasons but because when mine are laid out drying my cats are convinced they’re up for grabs. I’ve lost 3 brushes! This thing is made of win :)

    1. Beth says

      This is exactly my experience, as well. lol As soon as I saw this, I was like “well, I know what I’m buying today”. I’m tired of having to barricade the cats out of a room while my brushes dry.

  4. Cassy says

    I know 4-6 hours isn’t long for a deep clean, but at that rate I can leave them out overnight for free. I will admit, though, that I watched the video and debated it for a bit. It’s just not something I need, though

    1. Koteswara says

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  5. Darcy says

    I feel like I’m more cheap than impatient. I just wash my brushes at night and then they’re dry by morning. However, I think that if you are a MUA sometimes that faster dry time might come in handy, plus the added benefit of the brushes being in a brush roll as soon as you wash them so you can grab that and go when a job comes along.

  6. Amber says

    Amanda, I have the same problem! One of mine LOVES to try and get my brushes to play with them. I can’t blame him, he plays with wires, straws, sticks, and I bet the brush end makes the way they fall more unpredictable so it’s even more enticing! I want one of these things, too!

  7. haydee says

    I was exited to see the info, but thinking clearly that set would be enough for all my brushes, and the little ones even fit there , a better upgrade or better version would be a bigger one or one with the elastic thing that can be reshape and be capable to fit any brush xD. and so many XD..

  8. xasperadastra says

    I’ve bought it!! but I’m still waiting it to arrive (I’m italian) and I’ve paied a lot for expedition (more than the cost of the brush roll -___-).. I’ve taken it because:
    1 I don’t have a brush roll so I can use it to store my brushes
    2 I can store them after the bath without leaving them on my desk or whatever
    3 no more toilet paper for meee yayy (I used to let them dry in toilet paper)
    anyway my brushes don’t take a long time to dry (few hours) and their shape is perfect (thanks to baby shampo with conditioner^^)

  9. Chiara says

    I saw the video for this when it first came out and was really excited, until I saw the price. I would definitely buy it, if it was under $20 but I do love the idea.

  10. MathIsMagical says

    It honestly looks like a total rip. In my experience brushes tend to dry slower when their brissles are compacted together. Also their demo air dry brushes can be made to look like that with improper drying and washing. Like if you dont reshape your brush before laying it down. Also since the elastic will absorbe water it will start to degrade as will the leather.

    I think you are better off getting plastic brush guards and being careful.

    1. Joyce says

      i was thinking the same thing. Personally i don’t think it’s gonna be that good. The water and moisture is just gonna destroy that thing after a while

  11. Genevieve says

    i personally use the brush guard. and i also forget to use them (except my kabuki) and i think this would be nice, but not for the amount of money it costs; i have more than 12 brushes so i would need more than one.

  12. Beauty By Krystal says

    When I an email promoting the release of this product, I almost bought one ASAP just because I knew it’d be HOT. But, then I thought about the fact that I wash MULTIPLE brushes at a time, and I would only put, what? 12 brushes in this and then do what with the remainder? Not wash them? Not shape them in this nifty roll?
    I chose not to get it because I didn’t want to end up washing my brushes in cycles like I do with laundry.

  13. Celena says

    I would totally buy one of these. It is a little pricey BUT it will save money in the long run :o)

  14. Stephanie says

    I love my brush guards! There’s enough for all the brushed I own. Also it looked like the person in the video was struggling to get the brushes in the holders.

  15. jessika says

    oh god i want one…a givaway would be amazing!

  16. Jessica Allison says

    I’m not sold on this one. I agree with what some others have said- I don’t see how compacting the bristles and binding them up in elastic could possibly help them dry faster then leaving them in the open air. Even if it did, if I have 4-6 hours to wait for my brushes to dry, I have overnight (which is when I typically do mine).

    My main concern though would be possible damage to the bristles- it seems that the, well, elastic nature of the elastic would catch on bristles, possibly crimping or breaking them. I also notice that, even in the picture, some elastics aren’t long enough to covert the entire length of the bristle- so it seems totally possible that longer bristled brushes could dry in a wonky hourglass shape. It also seems like the elastic would smoosh the brush down onto the back of the roll- leaving that side flat instead or rounded.

    I think, for now, I stick with the good ol’ paper towel wrap!

  17. Melly says

    I’ve just started watching the video, and I noticed that when they put the brushes in, they aren’t even damp! I don’t think this is a good long term solution either.

    1. Melly says

      And honestly, if you want something similar, go down to a local haberdashery store and buy a length of thick elastic and sew them into circles the size you need them… It’ll be a LOT cheaper and you can make more as you need them (if they start getting water damage etc)

  18. Michelle Tiu says

    Totally doubting this product.

    Even if it works for now, I don’t think it’ll work the same way in 10 years or something.

  19. Jess says

    Just seems like a glorified carrying case to me. I agree with Melly that you could make something similar for much less. As for me, I simply shape my brushes, then take them as a group and rubber band them to a pencil so that the pencil sticks out past the bristles. Pop them upside down (so the water doesn’t sit in the base of the bristles) into one of those mesh pencil holders from an office store, and they get plenty of air circulation.

  20. Kristina says

    That is just too much when I can wrap paper towels and small elastics to “bind them” for 5 bucks for about two months worth of almost daily cleaning.

  21. Djadzia says

    I think I’ll just stick to my brush guards…

  22. Amanda says

    id deffo buy this! i cant leave my brushes to dry over night cause my cats try to get at em!

  23. xasperadastra says

    woow nobody likes it but me?? XD well when it will arrive to me I’ll let you know then! I don’t already have 12 brushes and I think as a normal girl (not make up artist or whatever) I don’t need a lot more than 12 GOOD brushes…cheap brushes can dry in toilet paper ^^

  24. Liz says

    When I clean my brushes and reshape them and lay them flat to dry, they look like new. They don’t look all crappy like the ‘air dried’ ones in the video.

  25. Rita says

    I’d skip. I am happy with how my brushes dry naturally, tbh.

    1. Berenice says

      Wow! i wish I had Photoshop on my ceouptmr… I need to install it. I love all of your word Paul!~ Stazi

  26. Rachael says

    When I wash my brushes it is at night before I go to bed. OR I wash them when I am done using them that morning and by the time I use them again, it is either 10 hours later or 24 hours later. I personally think its a waste of money unless you wash your brushes and need them a few hours later. I would rather spend that money on makeup or more brushes. That is just my opinion. I did see a few reviews online and they are saying that it works… but I dont have any need for that.

  27. Jamie Gill says

    I actually got this and was really excited about it but I am disappointed in it. My larger brushes did not dry overnight…the inside was still wet. I washed them at about 11 at night and checked them again at 7:30 or so in the morning. Also, there aren’t enough smaller elastics for eye brushes… like my 217, 222, 224 etc. all the holes were too big for those so it didn’t ‘squeeze’ them like it claims which is the whole point. I think it’s a good idea but poorly executed.

    1. xasperadastra says

      I agrre with you with the lack of little holes! one of my eye brushes has dried in one hour anyway, now I’m letting dry a face brush and see how long it takes^^

  28. dexmorgan says

    I honestly wouldn’t buy this. Like someone else said, it looks like a glorified carrying case. I think it’s a load of bull, because according to science, when you don’t let water escape, it doesn’t escape. If you bind the brushes up tightly, it won’t escape.

  29. Reivenne says

    I would buy this, but purely because I think it would be a good brush case. I wouldn’t use it to dry my brushes but I like the fact that it would keep the bristles bunched together whilst travelling. I see some girls take their fatter brushes out of their rolls and their bristles are all bent out of shape.

    Anyone else think this would make a decent carrying case rather than a brush drying tool?

    1. Olivia says

      It would make a decent carrying case but for the money you are better getting a decent brush roll that holds way more brushes. Good idea though.

  30. Olivia says

    I would be interested in this item but I am curious to know what fabric/material holds the bristles when you put them in the shaper (i.e. nylon, elastic). I don’t see how this “contraption” would dry the bristles faster vs. air-dry. Although, $29 is not a lot of money I still hope Leesha reviews one in the future.

  31. Benedicte says

    I only have one face brush and the rest is for the eyes and such. The one for the face/foundation is the only one that fits.
    My brushes keep falling out of the brush roll because they’re to small and because there is no sealing in the bottom of where the brushes are placed. I’m considering sewing through the bottom of the “brush holders” so they don’t keep falling out that easily.
    I won this product in a contest, and I would not recommend it to friends or pay money for this product.
    Other than that, I love all my sigma brushes – You do brushes really well Sigma ;)

    It’s just those other products you make that I’m not very into…

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