Epic OCC Lip Tar Swatch Post

I feel like this entire webpage is a swatchfest lately, lol. But that’s okay, it makes me feel accomplished! Today’s post will consist of swatches of all the Lip Tars I have. I think I’m just missing one (Uber) but the rest should be swatched below. Three things I have to mention to those who have never used these:

  • They are meant to be mixed to create new colors (although you don’t HAVE to do that) So when you see one that’s white or bright blue (which I WISH was socially acceptable to wear out, its SO COOL) just know it’s meant to be mixed. I think I’ll do a post within the next week that will show some ideas when mixing :)
  • You only use the TEEEEEEEENIEST amount with these! If you overuse, it looks super icky. For reference, this is about the amount I use for my whole lips: Shades and that’s a lip brush, so a tiny tiny amount goes a LOOONG way!!
  • If you leave these in a container or somewhere for an extended period of time, they will separate. To mix them back together, just filp them the opposite way in which they were being stored (so if you had them laying flat, just flip them over so the other side is on top) and within an hour they should be mixed together. If you’re pressed for time I found the best way to mix them somewhat quickly is to tap them on a hard surface on each side for a few minutes and shake them up :)


ShadesShades Shades



(My camera can’t even handle the insanity of Anime, haha) Shades























Occliptar 1

Occliptar 2

Occliptar 3

Occliptar 4

Occliptar 5

I’m noticing that my camera has picked up most of these just a little bit lighter than they are in real life, so take that into account :)

Each of these is available from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics for $13 each. These are FANTASTIC for makeup artists, you’ll never need another lip product again :)


  1. Kimilei says

    Those are gorgeous omg I love Anime, Demure, Hoochie, and RX :D

  2. Aimee says

    omg! thats Anime is so intense!

  3. Annie says

    You should wear Botanical (or any of the crazy colours, really!) out and f the stares ;]

  4. Bella Sugar says

    I really like Mememento and Hoochie. You have gorgeous lips! Feel free to do some Bella Sugar Cosmetics swatches, lol!

    1. Bella Sugar says

      Feathered reminds me of that stuff that you put on diaper rash

  5. Lori says

    LOVE Demure, Pagent, Grandma (for datenite cuz no boy wants a ton of lipstick/gloss left on his lips) and NSFW!

  6. Phyrra says

    I LOVE Anime, Safety Orange and RX.

  7. Anna says

    Awesome post! I really want to splurge and just buy the whole set!

  8. Sweeda88 says

    Hush looks like it would be the perfect nude for me! I might just be forced to get it!! lol

  9. Jillian says

    What colors would you suggest to start out with?

    1. xsparkage says

      if you get NSFW, Traffic, RX, Tarred, and Feathered, you can basically make any shade ever haha

  10. star says

    wow! those colors are amazing!! i LOVE hush and anime is a gorgeous color wow

  11. sunny says

    what can you mix with botanical green?

    1. xsparkage says

      you can use it to tone down bright red lipsticks, since green cancels out red

  12. ASHLEiGH:) says

    Ohhh Anime:] and LoL love Hoochie and the name fits!

  13. Jenna says

    thanks for posting these, jude rivera’s website is down so I was having problems finding swatches of the newerish liptars.

  14. SilhouetteScreams says

    You totally need to do a look based around Hoochie :)

    I have Demure and I loooooooove it.

  15. Alexandra says

    Love your Lips! They look georgeous with almost every Color!

  16. Jacqueline says

    Anime is gorgeous!!

  17. Donette says

    i’ve always wondered are these worth getting, how long do they typically last? and how moisturizing are they? do they fade nicely?

  18. HeyitsKitcat says

    I absolutely LOVE RX! It’s such a beautiful blue- I’d wear that all the time if I could…

  19. Ida says

    Oooooooooohhh me wants!

  20. Luna says

    My faves are safety orange, hootchie and anime! sick colours. like it.

  21. ElleryRhymesWithCelery(: says

    I love Anime and Memento! Hehe Anime is so outrageously amazing(: Keep doing what you’re doing, I like all the swatches!

  22. Laci says

    LOVE this! I have a question though, like in the swatches on the corners of your lips it appears that the tar pools and it looks kinda like colored slobbery- gross (I hope to god that didn’t offend you, because obviously its the product, lol!) Does it dry so that stops happening, or is it always that way?

  23. Tamia says

    I love that there’s a color called hoochie. Is it wrong of me to want it for just that reason?

  24. Lisa Warner says

    I’m looking for green lip stuff and I really like botanical .

    1. Lisa Warner says

      Ok yes I’m the same person and I just ordered 16 of them

  25. Anna-Marie says

    Those look really amazing :) LOL, “Hoochie” I love the names! Sometimes I just wanna buy things just to tell them the names of what I’m wearing.

  26. Zinnia says

    they look crazy love them

  27. Saary says

    I am from Holland, and I really LOVE your looks, you really inspire me! XOXO

  28. Steph says

    I’m not so sure about the white/light ones. But all the others are amazing!!

  29. i_rox_my_sox says

    hush was super duper pretty it kinda reminds me of the neutrogena lip gloss is whispher

  30. Ashley says

    Is Botanical really worth getting? i Wanna Make a purchase but before i do i wanna make sure if that one and Vintage is really worth it? i Already own A Quarter of the Occ Lip tars But i wanted to get The yellow Orange and Blue so im Wondering is Botanical Worth it as well?

  31. Ruth says

    I think I am totally in love with Traffic, Botanical and Fondue <3

  32. Wildangel48506 says

    It wont show up for me :-( i cant see the pics

  33. Madeleine says

    Hey, I was wondering if your able to do a swatch of Cha Cha and Divine with a look? They look pretty, I’m just wondering how wearable they are before I buy them. Thanks.

  34. stephanie says

    i LUV anime and NSFW and demure!!! they r so cute!!! i luv bright stuff!!!!!

  35. Lindsey says

    I love the anime. I think it is my favorite. What do you use the strange colors for?

    1. Sikandra7 says

      How big are the samples?

  36. Lexi says

    Thank you sooo much for taking the time to make those swatches. They definitely helped me decide what colors to buy. I just bought some! Thank you for your help.

  37. Maureen says

    If you had to choose 2 which would you pick? Preferably universal pink and neutral shades.

    1. Sikandra7 says

      I know you said just two but I wanted to tell you that with Hush, Memento, and Grandma I can create all manner of different pinks, so if you can get three, do. If not, Grandma and Hush will get you a shade of pink you’ll like…just play around with your mix until you’ve got what you like. I’m certain there are many more colors to help with getting a good pink but I only own the six colors Sephora just started selling so when I want pink I use the colors I mentioned. Right now I’m looking at the swatches to figure out how to get a universal shade, a nude type color. Sephora doesn’t yet have colors to do this so I’ll have to go on-line for my next purchase of Lip Tar.

  38. Mel says

    just a heads up on their website they state $400, not $300 for the whole set

    1. Jubilee says

      It was $300 when this post was originally made. Since they added Cha Cha, Divine and the Fall Collection the price for all has gone up to $400.

  39. MAZZIEXP says

    i love love love conquest,uber,anime,complex,vapid,vintage,plum,nsfw,rx,fondue and the clear lip tar

    1. Sikandra7 says

      The Clear Lip Tar is puzzling to me. Is it just a gloss to put on top of Your other Lip Tars or is it more than that?

  40. bubblethedragon says

    i’m really loving anime

  41. Quick Facts says

    Best you should make changes to the post subject Epic OCC Lip Tar Swatch Post xsparkage to more generic for your webpage you create. I loved the post withal.

  42. Libby says

    Love these swatches! Yours are by far THE best ones I’ve been searching for! Thanks so much!

  43. Wanda says

    This is an amazing post!!! Thank you so much for putting it together :)

  44. Sandra says

    OMG this is AMAZING!! IVe been searching for these swatches every where. Thankssss!!!!!!!

    *does happy dance*

  45. mayk says

    thank you so much for constantly updating with swatches of all the new shades.
    they are an addiction for sure . . .

    1. Sikandra7 says

      I just heard of Lip Tar about a week ago myself but figured I’d never get to use it because it’s only sold on-line and there was no way I was going to buy a lipstick without trying it on first. Imagine my amaze when I walked into Sephora last night and saw Lip Tar! I damn near died. I bought all six of the colors they’re selling and have been in hog-heaven ever since. Let me tell you right now that you are going to HAVE to buy a lip primer for these Tars. These are so pigmented that you cannot use them without a lip primer or they’ll bleed. Buy a good primer, not a cheap drugstore one. I’ve been playing in my Lip Tars all day long and every color I’ve created by mixing them has turned out to be absolutely delicious looking! These lipsticks are so glamorous looking, so “popping,” that if you wanted to you could get away with wearing nothing on your face but mascara and Lip Tar and you’d look good enough to go to anywhere you wished to go. These Lip Tars are just stunning.

  46. Zoe says

    I looooove the stalker color!!

  47. Flave says

    Oooohh!! I cant wait to get divine, anime, pageant and demure!! Im so exited about trying these for the first time!! Thanks Leesha, your the best!!

    1. Sikandra7 says

      You’re gonna come unglued if you’re getting these and it’s your first time. Every color you mix will look great on you…unless you mix a crazy green with black, it will. This stuff is INCREDIBLE. You’re going to fall in love with Lip Tar. : )

  48. Stacie says

    Wow I bet these are a makeup artists best friend. Fantastic colours and coverage. I think strumpet is nice
    Stacie xoxox

  49. emily says

    Why can’t I find tone or interlace on the website?! :(

  50. Laina says

    I noticed that botanical is no longer on the website…did they discontinue it?

  51. Annily says

    I like Grandma and Memento a lot. I wish I could pull off a color like Plum, or even get wacky and rock Rx.

    1. Sikandra7 says

      I have Grandma and Memento too and really like them. I bet you could work the Plum color if you found the right Tar to mix with it. I’ve only been able to wear three different lipsticks in my entire life because other colors just didn’t look good with my skin, but I swear to you that every single color I’ve created (and keep in mind my ability to create with only just the six shades at my disposal is more than crippling) has turned out amazingly well. So amazingly well in fact that I can’t stop talking about Lip Tar…the pictures in this article have made me realize I’m going to have to buy at least 12 more colors to find true happiness! Surely with so many Tarto choose from you’ll be able to create a plum color that looks good on you. Hell, I’d be willing to bet you you can. : )

  52. Minx says

    Are these all of them?

    I really want Trick and Vintage:(

  53. christajean says

    Agreed…I have pageant it is def brighter than this swatch…I love it! I can’t wait to get memento and divine!

    1. Sikandra7 says

      I have Memento, just got it last night. It looks like it would be a good color to mix with the Pageant you have to maybe get a lighter shade of color that still pops. What are your favorite Lip Tars? I just got my first Tars last night at Sephora. They only had six and I bought them all. I have Memento, Grandma, Anime, Strumpet, NSFW, and Hush. I really want to create a nice “nude” color of lipstick, a nude with pale pink undertones, but I can’t do that with any of these I have. Do you by chance have Pretty Beige, Analogue, Interlace or Trick? I’m thinking that perhaps one of those colors mixed with Memento or Hush might give me what I’m looking for? Any advise you could give would be greatly appreciated.

  54. Nana says

    I’m dying to get my hands on these lip tars! They are super awesome!!
    Not to be annoying or anything, but I noticed you have Uber in there twice ;)

    1. Sikandra7 says

      You have no idea. You just have no idea how you’re going to nut up over Lip Tar. You’ll never want to use any other lipstick again as long as you live, they’re that good. Go to Sephora right now and buy all six colors. Within 15 minutes of playing with them you’ll know you need as many more as you can lay hands on! I am not joking–they’re magnificent. And do not under any circumstances forget to buy a lip primer: with Lip Tar it is a must. Ooooooo, I wish I could be there to see your face when you get your Lip Tars!

  55. Sacha says

    I’m sure you get asked this all of the time, but I’ve spent about an hour and a half looking at your various webpages to no avail, I was just curious what MAC foundation shade you were?

    Basically I’m looking to get myself a nude Lip Tar fairly close to my skin tone and I suspect we might be similar :)

    This would be very helpful, many thanks in advance!

    1. Sikandra7 says

      Please, if you discover which of the Lip Tars give a “nude” color will you let me know? I’ve only got six Tars (Sephora only carries six right now) and none of these six lets me create a nude. Analogue, Pretty Beige, and Über look like shades I could mix with Hush or Memento to get a good nude but I’m unsure since I can’t see them in person, so to speak. : ) Thanks for any advice you might have.

  56. Bre says

    Thanks! I have to get my hands on some of these.
    PS: You put Uber on twice. :)

    1. Sikandra7 says

      I noticed that too! Do you by any chance know which of the 40 colors she omitted?

  57. holly says

    you’re blogs and video’s really help me out when picking colors for my skin tone. We share basically the same skin tone. lol we’re both super pale and i’ve noticed that the colors that work for you also work for me. thank you for you’re well thought out posts, reviews, and opinions.

    1. Amber says

      I think they suck – they bleed and even if you use a little it looks terrible – look at the swatches of the lips – the light colors gather in the lines and it looks terrible. YUck

      1. Sikandra7 says

        Amber, I was a little nervous about buying these when I found them at Sephora last night, afraid they’d bleed, something I CANNOT stand. When I voiced my concerns to Serena, a sales rep, she told me that I definitely had to use a lip primer if I was going to wear Lip Tar. I bought a primer and all six of the colors of Lip Tar Sephora had to offer and went home and immediately got to work with my new lipstick load. The primer works! They didn’t have the Lip Tar brand primer yet so I bought one by Bite. It really does work. And also I wanted to tell you that the pics in this article are really up-close photos. With ANY brand of lipstick, if you get up close you’re going to be able see the natural lines of the lips. That’s true no matter the brand you’re using: Lancôme, Nars, Chanel, Guerlain, etc. (I researched Lip Tar before I bought it and learned that they’re supposed to give you a somewhat matte finish. I like my lips to shine so once I’ve mixed my colors and achieved my desired shade, I dab on a little clear gloss). Anyway, I hope you don’t mind my sharing what I’ve learned about Lip Tar with you. I did so because, well, if you use that primer and use the Tar sparingly, you’re going to have tons of wonderful options as far as color goes and they’ll all look good on you. You’re in total control of the color! That’s what makes these things divine. You get to control it. Using lip primer was new to me–never had I believed it a necessary item, thought it was a gimmick to make money. With Lip Tar, using a primer is pretty much mandatory so if you’re willing to give the Tars another chance I advise you to buy a good primer, not a drugstore primer. If you’re still unhappy, provided you’ve kept your receipt you can always return it and get your money back.

  58. Tricia says

    Thanks! Totally adding a couple to my IMATS shopping list- see ya there!

  59. Rayona says

    I love those swatches! I’ve never tried anything from them & I see some lip tars I wanna try out .

  60. Aoife says

    they are so cool didnt you do uber twice ohhh welll love anime

  61. Miranda says

    You know your teeth are white when they still look great against WHITE lips.

  62. JoJo says

    Really need to get me a few of these..Thanks for the swatches

    1. Sikandra7 says

      You most assuredly do need to get a few of these! More than a few! I just got mine last night and haven’t stopped playing in them or talking about them since. The color possibilities are endless and you can make every color look good on you: if it’s not right the first time simply add a little more of one of the colors. It’s that simple. Never again will I pay $48.00 for a tube of Guerlain because I’ve discovered little tubes of miracles, miracles which only cost $13.00! You’re going to love Lip Tar.

  63. Linda says

    I love the pigmentation in these! I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but when I use the tars alone they bleed into my little lip lines like crazy. I use MACs pre and prime lip to minimize it. Am I useing too much? I have safety orange and reverb.

    1. Lynnzilla says

      Get a primer and you won’t have that problem. Sephora is now carrying just a few Lip Tars but they didn’t have the primer in yet so I bought a primer by Bite. It works great!

    2. Sikandra7 says

      Did you receive my reply about using a lip primer? I posted under the name Lynnzilla but then decided to log in to Disqus and my user name there is Sikandra7. Sephora just started carrying Lip Tar but they only got six colors because they want to see if the product sells well before committing to it. They didn’t yet have the primer by Lip Tar so Serena recommended a lip primer by Bite. I got it and it works really well. When applying to my lip line, I go outside the line a bit just to make sure everything stays put. The primer is invisible so no one will be able to tell you’ve drawn outside the lines. I use it all over my lips, not just the line, and my Lip Tar goes on well and stays put. No bleeding. Try it and just keep your receipt–Sephora will refund your money even if what you’ve purchased has been used. Oh, and don’t forget to let the primer absorb completely before you apply your Lip Tar. : ) Hope this helps you.

  64. Alabeta says

    There are no words to describe how helpful this was for me. I can only order onlien when I got to the US and this went overboard to my convience..only problem, I cant decide. Dont wanna buy more than 5 but hey, who is counting… :o)

    1. Sikandra7 says

      Oh you’ll want more than five, I assure you. I just bought every Lip Tar Sephora has (6) but six is NOT ENOUGH! After looking at this article I’ve decided to go on-line and buy 12 more! In my entire life I’ve only ever found three lipsticks which looked good on me but with just the six Tars I got last night I’ve made a slew of different colors and every single one of them looked good on me. EVERY SINGLE ONE! I’m in heaven and my boyfriend, the poor thing, has to watch me model them all day long because I can’t stay out of them. These are the greatest make-up discovery I’ve ever made…these and Givenchy Phenomen-Eyes mascara. With these two makeup discoveries I can make myself look good enough to go anywhere. Ooooooo, I’m so happy!

  65. Simone says

    quite a few of the colours look fine on their own without being mixed.
    i dont think they make lo-fi anymore…well it’s at least not of the website

  66. anon says

    Thanks for this! :)

  67. Valerie39 says

    soooo many, i like pageant da best

  68. tenlover says

    Did Grandma get discontinued? 

    1. Lynnzilla says

      Hi. Last night I went to Sephora and bought every Lip Tar they had…which sadly was only six. Grandma was one of the colors so surely it’s not been discontinued? Lip Tar is new to Sephora so they just got these in. Go to Sephora! : )

  69. Jessnchory says

    Thank u so much for these swatches I am ordering some asap

  70. Vacationsunsation says

    Eekk I ordered tone and hoochie can’t wait!!

  71. Sikandra says

    I just found a beauty bar here in Atlanta that sells the entire OCC collection. Three nights ago I found Lip Tar at Sephora but they only had six colors–though I bought all six, none of the colors I got would allow me to create a nude shade of lipstick, so when I discovered there was a place carrying ALL the Lip Tars I went and frolicked in them until I found the shades necessary to get my desired “nude” color. I’d like to share my recipe with any of you girls who’re looking for that oh-so-popular color: First, go to the Mac counter and buy “Spice” lip-liner (Spice is a universal color in that you can wear it with lots of different lipsticks and it’ll look great), second, use two Lip Tars–“Hush” and “Kava Kava.” I mixed them half and half.. After applying Bite’s lip-primer–lip primer is not an option when using Lip Tar…if you forgoe the primer your Lip Tar wil bleed–I then lined my lips in the “Spice” by Mac, and using a brush I then filled in with my mixture of Lip Tar. The color is superb! What I’ve got is a nude with pale pink undertones. The next time I mix up some nude lipstick I’ll try using a bit more Kava Kava because I want to see what it’ll look like with a little more of the beige-y color. I bought “Melange” today as well and will mix it with “Hush” to get myself yet another nude shade. I like orange lipsticks as well but my favorite orange color by Lancôme was discontinued and so I’ve not been able to find another orange which looked good on me. “Beta” is an orange, pretty bright, so I bought it today knowing I could tone it down by mixing it. I’ve got nine Lip Tars total, and four of them will mix well with “Beta,” which means I’m going to be in orange heaven. : ) Ahhhhhhhh, Lip Tar Shangri-La…

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