ElectroPOP! Bright&Bold with Sugarpill

oooooh my god you guys. So like a lot of people I’m sure you watch or know, I got to try out the Sugarpill makeup line. I have been anticipating the release of this line for a few months now, and its fantastic!! Here’s a look I did tonight while playing with some of the colors.





and for good measure:


Two Faced Shadow Insurance
Sugarpill Cosmetics:

  • Royal Sugar Chromalust on lid (wet)
  • Dollipop eyeshadow in crease and above
  • Poison Plum eyeshadow in crease to blend royal sugar & dollipop
  • Midori eyeshadow under eyes
  • Absinthe chromalust under eyes
  • Tako eyeshadow on inner corners and outer eye & brow highlight
  • Lumi chromalust over Tako

MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl
Kat Von D Liquid Liner
Fresh Supernova Mascara
NYX Lashes 102&132

MAC Blush Ombre Ripe Peach & Azalea Blossom

MAC Victorian Lipstick
MAC Preppy Lip Gelee

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  • Zinnia

    omg this is by far one of my favorite looks you have come up with please do a tutorial im so glad your back ;)

  • ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

    I ordered a few days ago, can’t wait to receive my sugarpill goodies, already want to order again haha. Great look!

  • kei

    absolutely stunniiiiiiiiiing! when you do come up with something… you just DO! :D omg, i love this look!

  • http://www.ponkey.wordpress.com SoSo

    This look is so far my favorite look you’ve ever done. & that’s a lot since I’ve been subscribed for one year.

  • http://www.annotationsofafailure.com Annie

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. This beats both my past favourites (Cheshire Cat & My Little Pony On Crack), HOORAY! :]

    By the by… you seem to be having a bit of a thing for purples & greens lately, haha.

  • http://myspace.com/purplepinkgemini Tyisha

    very nicely done Leesha O_O!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    AWE~SOME! You rock!!!

  • Jessica

    So Sugarpill is Shrinkle’s line… is it an ebay thing or does it have its own website???

  • http://nonerightnow Daniela

    Eh…I’m not really into bold looks but i guess it’s nice

  • Gabby

    Adorable! My first thought was that it reminded me of a comet in space. Super bright, with the white tail, is so cute!!!
    But please please PLEEAASSEE tell where u got that necklace. u’ve worn it in a couple past looks and i’m dying to find it.

  • http://frescophyrra.blogspot.com/ Phyrra

    I love the color placement! Your look is gorgeous!

    I’ve been having a blast with the Sugarpill colors :) Yesterday I wore Starling, Magpie and AfterParty. Today I’m wearing Buttercupcake, Absinthe and Midori. Monday I wore Decora, Absinthe and Hysteric.

  • http://aijuswhanakno.blogspot.com Mika chan

    Love love love it! I’m waiting until payday to place an order with them, but I am DYING over those pinks and purples! I wish I was as talented as you :-/

  • Em

    amazing, gorgeous look!!

  • Angela

    Fucking amazing!!!

  • Julie


  • Sara

    Holy SHIIIIIIIIT! <3333333
    Thats all i gotta say… hahah

  • hannah

    You kind of look like Blake Lively. No, I’m not crazy! Scroll up and check out Leesha’s first full faced picture. I think its something with the lips… Yes, definitely the lips.
    Any-who, it looks tres beautiful! *mwah mwah!*
    Love, Hannah

  • Elissa

    this is gorgeous. <3

  • http://www.mandyemais.blogspot.com Mandy

    Veeeeeeeeeery nive, just loved, very punk rock!!!

  • melody


  • http://yaplog.jp/ohime0825/ HIME


  • http://beautyandabeat.wordpress.com Megan

    DAYUM! What a gorgeous look! Very eye-catching, and it looks amazing with your hair.
    How do you get so creative? LOL

  • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

    Duuuuude, this is by far my favourite look that you’ve ever done O____O

  • http://www.mandyemais.blogspot.com Mandy

    Ohh amazing neckless!

  • http://mikywilsmakeup.blogspot.com mw

    i love this ,def one of my favs from u
    xo mw

  • http://www.iheart-paula.blogspot.com Paula

    Those colors are AMAZING! I can’t wait to try them!

  • Sarah

    Awesome look Leesha! LOVE the brights :D

  • Kat

    Love this looks so much that I want to get the palette now! :) You’re so beautiful. I love your piercings and your nose is perfect, haha.

  • MIki-chan

    This looks amazing! I loved it so much, I decided to order the Sweetheart Palette, Royal Sugar, Starling, plus Lumi and Decora thrown in (hehehe…. They were all so pretty!)
    I also want to see a review, whether it would be better with a primer, the colour payoff (although they look really fricken bright already!) because I’ll have to wait a few weeks to get my shadows :))
    Again, it looks AH – MAH – ZING!!!!!!!!! :))))

  • clair

    you forgot to put that you used starling in in the center

  • http://unalluviadestrellas.blogspot.com LuLy//Fujiko

    So amazing Leesha! I loved this one!! I really liked those colors, I´m going to seek for that brand´s stuff
    The pink was so pretty! was it Dollipop? and the Royal Sugar Chromalust too =D
    I have to say that I also learned today how to correct the edges xD I always take forever and is so frustrating when you make a mistake at the end X_X
    Thanks so much!!!

  • Nicole15

    Leesha – absolutely beautiful! That is pure blending perfection. an amazingly bright pop of awesomeness. love it. and your skin…..damn girl, it looks flawless. mario badescu has catapulted my skin in a whole new direction, thanks to you & your reviews. seeing your skin now makes me so excited to know my skin has hope. thanks for all you do girl :)

  • http://girlygeektochic.blogspot.com/ Kate

    This look is soo pretty! I love your style…you never cease to amaze! I look forward to trying Sugarpill!

  • Cornflakes

    Its so beautyful
    i love this Fun look

  • beebz

    hey leeeesha =)
    i cant locate the video where you talked about happy hippos, and i wanted to show my boyfriend it, because when i saw it at a grocery store, i kinda freaked. and said omg! xsparkage was talking about these! haha. he looks at me kinda crazy, but please, im not!! tell me there WAS a video in existence. email me! plz =)

  • Chanel

    It’s amazing!! I really love it!

  • Vicky

    Leesha, I just tried this look out and it looks EPIC. I did it a little different to you but I think it looks amaaaazing. :)

  • Vicky
  • Jessica

    The coolest look I have EVER seen. EVER.

  • deja

    damn… dont have any money yett to order any of this but when i do i’ll be sure to order alot of it!!!

  • http://myspace.com/designergrace Grace

    One of my faves….i had too watch a couple times to figure out the look…and I’m a cosmetologist and a make up junkie…but I did see that you have 3 blush ombres only. there are 4! Theres Springshine (not Springsheen) and its sort of a very nuetral suntan color. Great for a subtle bronzer with pretty much no shimmer since they are kind of a Beauty Powder finish. I like to contour with Springshine. Its actually my fave Ombre. I had put down Bronzers forever ago bc of the artifial orange-shimmery glow. But Springshine is fantastic. Kind of a richer Smashbox Fusion Softlights Baked Starburst. Very buildable. And the fact that its an Ombre means you can create your own bronze tone.

  • http://myspace.com/designergrace Grace

    did you get any of the MAC in Lillyland Cremeblends? Optimistic Orange is amazing.

  • http://mynakedfsce.blogspot.com Janet

    Love it! So bright and pretty!

  • sylvia

    i love your website ,your a big help white my make up , i`m from holland xxxxxxx

  • Amberlynn

    oh my God, it’s like a rainbow exploded on your face! I FREAKING LOVE IT!

  • ?

    omg i absolutly luuuv ur tutorials!!! thnx!

  • mandy

    omg i absolutly luuuv ur tutorials!!! thnx!
    u should soo go worldwide! oh, u av. ha! lol

  • mandy

    by the way the last 3 mesages were by the same person.. ME

  • Jian Wang

    I love when you do this one but when I did it was a mess . My green is not dark enough I don’t have white eyeliner and more .

  • Leah

    I love these colors! This is one of the most creative looks I have seen!