Disney Princess Themed Eyelashes!!

I am a huge- HUGE- Disney fan, particularly when it comes to the Princesses. I remember a couple years ago seeing Asian false lashes that were disney princess themed in a picture on Tumblr or something, and I was soo excited. Unfortunately, I never found them (as they weren’t from America, unless I was taking a trip overseas it wasn’t going to happen!) A couple weeks ago a friend turned me on to the brand Oh My, Lash! And I saw that they had Disney Princess Themed eyelashes. I HAAD To get them. They had two types, the Princess Collection (White Boxes) and the Premium Princess Collection (black boxes). The Princess Collection has more wearable lashes, while the Premium Princess are full blown, bold and thick lashes. They have lashes in each style for five Disney Princesses, and I have photos of them below!


DisneyLash 1DisneyLash 2Tounge Tied, Love Speaks (Ariel)

DisneyLash 3Apple of My Eye, Pure Hearted (Snow White)

DisneyLash 4Strike 12, Fairytale (Cinderella) 

DisneyLash 5Eye of The Tiger, Dare Dreamer (Jasmine)

DisneyLashForbidden, Outspoken (Belle)

The price on these isn’t bad- They range $1.50-$3.99 on the Princess Collection, and $6.99-$8.99 on the Premium Princess. They have a deal where you can get the Premium Princess Pack, which is all of the black boxed lashes for $35.99, which is $3 less than buying separate. These lashes have a nice, then and flexible band, so they are easy to apply (I’m not a huge fan of lashes with a thick band that aren’t very flexible!) I also really like this company because they sent out my lashes within a couple hours of ordering, and messaged me a day later saying they had just gotten their newer lashes in, that were the same style but had stronger glue, and because they wanted to make sure I had good quality lashes, they sent me a set of replacements with the stronger glue without me even asking. I really love great customer service, and Oh My, Lash! definitely has it!

I’m excited to use these in looks! I hope they make a Villains lash line. Can you imagine?! They’d probably be so thick it’d take effort just to open your eyes up!

Available from Oh My, Lash!

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  • Allison Ruork

    Hey Leesha, you say in the post that there are 5 princesses and I see 10 boxes in the first photo, but you only name 4 princesses (Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella and Jasmine), am I missing something?

    • xsparkage

      yes! I totally missed a picture. I added it, they are belle!

  • Jessica Kay

    That is just WAY too cool! I searched for them when you posted the pairs on Instagram and it’s taken all my strength not to go out an just order the lot! I remember buying a pair of ardell eyelashes at IMATS because it had three jewels on edge in the shape of Mickey Mouse. The Disney love is real <3

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  • http://crashbeauty.com/ Chrissy

    In LOVE with these. Anyone else watch Once Upon a time?

    -Chrissy of http://www.Crashbeauty.com

  • Becky

    I really want to see what these look like on! Please apply them & take pics! :)

  • TiffanyBeauty101

    Oh my, I love all things Disney Princess, I’m gonna have to head on over there and get me some!

  • http://silverscreenbeautyqueens.tumblr.com/ Catherine Bouris

    Oh my gosh! I need these! Disney themed everything, yes please :D

  • http://www.modernbeautygirl.blogspot.com/ sisi

    eye of the tiger and apple of my eye look amazing! I really want these!

  • Sanna Kaldma

    They look amazing!

  • http://twitter.com/elana_s elana_s

    Oh man if they had an Aurora pair I would have bought the whole set! Hee hee too bad I’m a princess about having my favourite princess

  • http://kitschvixen.com/ Kitsch Vixen

    Um. Yes. And yes to villain lashes! Ooh, I would love those.
    Do you still have a reference for the Asian lashes? I’m living in Japan until 2016 and I can keep an eye out for them for you.

  • Amber J

    Those platinum Cinderella lashes! I want them! :D

  • Badgerpaws Mcgee

    Leesha, could you post pics on here with you wearing the lashes? I dont know much about lashes and have no idea how these will look on a person.