Disney Ariel Storylook Palette!

The Ariel Collection from Sephora is one that I have been ridiculously excited about since it was first announced. It’s no secret that Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie and Princess, so an entire collection dedicated to my girl Ariel? Yes please!

Sephora is releasing this collection online this month (and in stores August) but had the palette available to buy last week for just a couple of days before they moved it to “coming soon”. I was lucky enough to snag one up before they took it down, so here are photos of it!




ArielPalette 11Here is the cardboard box packaging. UGH, its so gorgeous! So colorful and has loads of metallic overlay.ArielPalette 13ArielPalette 10The back of the cardboard packaging shows each color inside a silhouette of Ariel.ArielPalette 1ArielPalette 3Here’s the actual box. I am OBSESSED with this design. Ariel looking up in her grotto, with all this fun metallic overlay. The blues and greens are amazing!!ArielPalette 4ArielPalette 9Packaging and palette. Just like the other Storylook palettes, you pull out the palette from the box and the eyeshadows are removable, so you can keep the box itself and use it for storing some small items.


Here are the eyeshadows. This palette is like the Cinderella Storylook in the sense that it is 20 eyeshadows (the Jasmine had less shadows but included cheek products) I love all the names and how it consists of multiple textures. These are swatched without a base.ArielPalette 7ArielPalette 1

Blue Lagoon, Scuttle, Foundler, Sebastian, Flotsam

ArielPalette 2

Sea Shells, Les Poissons, Caspian Sea, Caspian Sea, Your Voice, Unfortunate Soal

ArielPalette 6ArielPalette 3

Atlantica, Fins, Sick of Swimmin’, Ursula, Sha La La

ArielPalette 4

Triton, Wanderin’ Jetsam, Sea Witch, Treasures Untold

Overall I am super happy with this palette! I do wish that it had a bright red to signify Ariel’s hair, but I understand from a marketing standpoint that might be a scary color for your average consumer. Still, I want it! 

This palette retails for $55 and will be available from Sephora.

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  1. Sydnee says:

    Ariel is one of my FAVE Disney Princesses and I always wanted to be her (probably one of the reasons I had red hair for 2.5 years!) I LOVE this palette and the names & I reallllyyyy want it but don’t know if I’ll be able to spend the money on it but will live vicariously through you!

  2. Merritt says:

    Hey I don’t see the swatches for the last row of eyeshadows? I am curios how jetsam and sea witch look when swatched! But this palette looks fantastic, I will definitely be buying it

    • xsparkage says:

      honestly im really happy with the entire palette. only two that had somewhat issues was flounder and sebastian because they are matte, and they would just need a sticky base to really amp up their pigmentation. Fave colors are atlantica, fins, sick of swimmin, unfortunate souls, les poissons for the name alone, aaaaaand blue lagoon :)

      • Anastasia says:

        Did you notice any smell with the packaging for this? Mine is SUPER chemically and strong, and it gives me a massive headache. It’s starting to seep into the shadows too and while I really, really don’t want to return it if I never use it because of the smell there wouldn’t be much point in keeping it… =/
        Please tell me this fades!!!

  3. Claire says:

    WHY don’t they ship to Europe ? Damn you sephora, destroying my dreams !

    I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out, someone who lives in America :D

    I live in Europe and I am searching for someone who I could send my order to so that they can send it to my home adress in Europe. Can someone help me out? thank you so much !

    • Gemma says:

      Same here, im from the UK and so mad that these aren’t available to everyone, I really just want the eyeshadow palette’s, so if anyone can get these and send them to me, i will pay straight away through paypal or ebay x

    • Ebi Sarmisak says:

      Same here! I live in germany…theres not a single sephora store here and they dont ship to europe! its so frustrating…

    • Hannah Kim says:

      You should try makeupalley although you may have to swap something in return, you could then check their reliability. :)

    • Stephanie Wilson says:

      Have you tried Amazon? I know you pay more but I waited for the lipstick for the Cinderella collection and it never came back so I could not trust waiting. Good luck

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