Dionysus Wearable Wednesday

This is a little late because Youtube was doing maintenance when I needed to upload. Boo! Anyways, this is a little more fun & different than the usual WW, but you can always take away the fun elements if its not for you :)




Too Face Shadow Insurance
MAC Texture Eyeshadow
MAC Espresso Eyeshadow
MAC Soft Brown Eyeshadow
MAC Blanc Type Eyeshadow
MAC Beauty Burst Eyeshadow
NYX Black Eyeliner Pen
MAC Feline Eye Pencil
Too Face Lash Injection Mascara

Shu Uemura BG911 Lipstick
Lancome Touched By Light Juicytube

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  • http://www.chai.blogg.no Silje Renée

    Oh! That´s really amazing!

  • yourtelegrapher

    Oh no! the video doesn’t play!! Did you do this FREE hand??? It’s absolutely stunning!

  • Kylie Blesing

    I love this! I’ve always tried to to the leapard/cheeta circle-ish things, but can never do it! Now I just might be able to! Thank you girl!

  • http://www.beautynscience.net Sherri

    Very pretty, so pretty..

  • kaleigh Leopard

    That Reminds Me Of Hayley Williams From Paramore’s Look She Wore In “Misery Business” Video Just Less Orange, Great Job. :).

  • Rachael

    This is AMAZING!!! I never got any shadows from the MAC Barbie collection. Does MAC still make that Beauty Burst color? It is so pretty.

    • IN

      Hi, I totally agree! I never got any of the shadows from the Mac Barbie Collection and I love that Beauty Burst color too let me know what you find out!! :) They use to make a color like that from Mary Kay but i think they discontinued it also.

  • Melissa

    this is so cool! i want to try it out!

    how was that makeup stage class? I decided to take a makeup tv/stage class. its going to be sooo expensive though! But I’m excited!

    I love firece friday/wearable wednesday series!

  • Nancy

    this is amazing! i love all your videos! i’ve always been a girly girl,but im really bad at doing my hair,other peoples hair,my makeup,and other peoples makeup! since watching youe videos i’ve become so much better with doing makeup.i did this look on my friend today an dhave been inspired by you to be a makeup artist! i’ve typed a book! sorry! thanks so much for all your videos!

  • http://phyrra.net Phyrra

    This is totally gorgeous! I love how you did the leopard spots.

  • IN

    I enjoy watching all of your videos, I only wish that maybe on the mac colors you use, you could list colors from other makeup lines that are about the same color, so if you don’t have mac you can still match them up to create the same look . Maybe take pictures of the eyeshadow used, that would be so awesome. I really love the color beauty burst, do you know of an another mac color that’s about same color or eyeshadow brand that’s close to the same color? If so that would just make my day!! Big Smiley Face :D

    • http://layniefingers.blogspot.com/ Laynie

      One thing you can do is try to use a shade that’s comparable for your skin. Instead of trying to match exactly what she wore in the video, instead look at your skin tone and go a shade or two deeper with a warm cast to it. For me, that would be a very pale tone since I’m so pale I’m practically translucent, for other people it could be a nice warm brownish pink.

      I know it can be frustrating to try and match tones, especially with drugstore makeup that you can’t test out beforehand. Sometimes you can spend a bit of time at a makeup counter testing various eyeshadow shades on your hand or your wrist to see how the various colors interact with your skin. Be sure and bring some hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes, though- makeup testers are really dirty/germy.

      • IN

        Thanks but most of the colors she uses work well for me! I just know there are other brands that carry close to the same colors. Brooke or Leesha did a sample of this once on their page and I thought it was really cool and would like to see it more with different colors of eyeshadow brand swatches. :)

  • http://layniefingers.blogspot.com/ Laynie

    I love this look! It’s so warm and soft, but the cheetah print gives a nice kicky edge. Great job!

  • http://layniefingers.blogspot.com/ Laynie

    Hee… also, it’s pronounced “DYE-uh-NYE-sus.” :D

  • Ashley

    if you want to be really Greek and authentic, it’s actually dee-oh-nee-shus. Trust me, that’s the name of my church lol. (There’s a Greek saint who was named after this God, I don’t worship the God of wine lol) Gorgeous look, too :)

  • DarkGlamour17

    Does anyone think the lid colors can be duped for something in the Naked Palette? (please reply thanks!)

    • IN

      naked might to a close color. :)

    • IN

      naked looks like it might be a close color. :)

  • AlexX

    It truly is in a way a subtule and unique tutorial, but no matter how many times I try, it always seems to go wrong, but nice job!! :D

  • Robyn

    your right Laynie, it’s pronounced “Dye…..” not “Dee…..” Greek mythology it my thing.

  • kristi


  • Jamie

    this may sound like an odd question, but could u use a konad with liquid eyeliner or creme liner to do the animal print?

  • http://www.mandyemais.blogspot.com Mandy

    Very nice look! I Loved it. The stamp is sooo beautifull and the colors too!

    I’m having trouble doing thusing the eyeline. I bought the NYX eyeliner, but is not working to me. I have to use a brush to apply.

  • http://none taylor

    you are STUNNING! love the look<3

  • simone vedder

    Que maravilha, esses olhos, aqui no Brasil pro CARNAVAL e outras ocasiões são LINDOS, PERFEITOS e BELOS!!!!!

  • Terrae McClure

    YAYYY for greek gods!! i love ancient greek myth. and also Dionysus god of wine !!! its sooo cut how you said it totally wrong (dio-ny-sus) haha bt i see many people already told you that lol.

  • Ally

    Gorgeous like always, Leesha. It’s so bold. By the way, I love your hair. Any style suits you. You’re just like Hayley Williams :) Aha xx