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Dealing with Hair Breakage

I am always on the hunt for new haircare products to try.

Recently I went full blown, All In, Daenerys Targaryen blonde. Actually, It’s a little past Daenerys at this point- more Elsa (thanks, purple shampoo!) My hair has been through the ringer with different colors and lengths, and as recently as last September I decided to go from bright, beautiful Ariel red to blonde. For whatever dumb reason, I didn’t expect this to be quite as challenging as it was. I have gone from red to blonde in the past, but this time, whatever I used to keep my hair red was not going with out a fight.

I did reach my goal hair color in the end, though! Icy icy blonde. I love it, but I can’t say it didn’t come with a cost. My hair is tough, but through the bleaching it took to get the red out and to get it this light, it’s definitely caused some damage. my latest issue has been breakage- whenever I would style my hair, I would notice tons of small, centimeter long pieces of hair covering my shirt. This is really frustrating, especially when trying to grow out your hair!


Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.55.30 AM

The best solution for this is getting the dead ends trimmed (which I did) but I still am always looking for products to help keep my hair in as good of condition as it can be while Β still being able to have fun with it. I recently went to Walmart and saw SheaMoisture products dedicated specifically to helping with my dry, damaged hair problem!

The shampoo and deep conditioner I purchased have shea butter and argan oil, both of which are ultra hydrating and help to strengthen and hydrate hair.



I decided to do a deep conditioning treatment to try everything out. Here is a video showing exactly what I did-

I gotta admit, having that stand dryer on hand is the best for deep conditioning masques! Hands free and added heat helps the masque work even better :)


I love thick, luxurious feeling masques, and this one did not disappoint. For my leave-in treatment, I picked up the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditinoer. This is perfect for me as my hair is chemically processed and I use a flat iron at least once a week. This smells amazing too- like vanilla frosting!

After the treatment my hair felt super soft and manageable, which is what I really needed. I will keep using the deep conditioning treatment as a weekly mask, and I am hoping with continued use that the Leave-in Conditioner will help my hair grow quicker, and keep it strong!

If you are having issues with hair breakage and weak hair, I would check out this Masque from SheaMoisture and make a point to add a weekly deep conditioning treatment to your hair routine.


2 Responses
  • Melissa
    28 . 06 . 2016

    I have the same breakage issues you have and would definitely like to try this mask out. I have fine, stick straight hair. Do you feel like this weighted your hair down at all or that you lost any volume you had? I’d also love to hear how the shampoo and conditioner work!

  • Phu kien tu bep
    09 . 11 . 2016

    I love thick, luxurious feeling masques, and this one did not disappoint