Daphne Guinness for MAC- Pro Longwear Lipcreme Warp Speed, Red Dwarf, Approaching Storm

Daphne Guinness for MAC includes four shades of Pro Longwear Lipcreme, and I have three to show you today- a pale, white-pink duo chrome, a deep rosy pink, and a dark, vampy red.



DGMacPLWWarp Speed, Red Dwarf, Approaching Storm

DGMacPLWWarp Speed, Red Dwarf, Approaching Storm

DGMacPLWWarp Speed

DGMacPLWRed Dwarf

DGMacPLWApproaching Storm


Pro Longwear Lipstick is just as it states- a log wearing lipstick that will stay put for a longer period of time than the average lipstick. I really like these shades, especially Warp Speed. It actually looks great with a darker eye look (I used it in my most recent tutorial!). Red Dwarf is a blue-based pink that looks a lot more maroon in the tube than it does on the skin, and i love how vampy Approaching Storm is. If you’re looking for a new, long-lasting lipstick, this formula might be worth checking out.

Available for $17 from MAC Cosmetics.



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  1. Brooke says:

    I need to check out your new tut… Warp Speed sold out as fast as the name states around here and I don’t get it lol
    I did get Approaching Storm and love it, though!

  2. Sam says:

    I love the long ware formulas. These work better than any other long wear lipsticks I’ve tried. They stay on even when I have drinks and some food. I found they do tend to get a little dry after a while, but lip gloss doesn’t seem to weaken the formula much (if at all).

  3. ihazabeautyblog says:

    From the pictures I can’t really see myself purchasing any of these. While they do look nice and I’m sure the quality is there but they seem quite meh! Warp Speed is the only uniquish type there that I’d think about getting but you never know.

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