Daphne Guinness for MAC- Cremesheen Glass- Japanese Spring, Narcissus

Daphne Guinness for MAC Collection includes four shades of Cremesheen Glass, a soft, smooth, and sheer gloss that is super comfortable to wear! I have two of these shades to review today- Japanese Spring and Narcissus. Click the jump to see more photos and swatches!




DGmacCremeNarcissus (Dirty Eggplant), Japanese Spring (Pale Dirty Pink)

DGmacCremeJapanese Spring Cremesheen

DGmacCremeNarcissus Cremesheen

DGmacCremeJapanese Spring Cremesheen (Top), Narcissus Cremesheen (Bottom)

DGmacCremeJapanese Spring Cremesheen

DGmacCremeNarcissus Cremesheen


If you are not a fan of thick, sticky lipgloss, I definitely recommend these glosses! While they are not as pigmented as your traditional thicker glosses, they are muuuch more comfortable to wear, are very lightweight, and still have a beautiful tint to them. These do not have any frost or sparkle in them, they are just a perfectly creamy gloss that will give your lips an ultra lush, soft look!

Availlable from MAC Cosmetics for $18.50.



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  1. Tinkerbeth says:

    So pretty. Do you think it would be possible to do a look with the dark one on the inner part of the lip and the light one on the outside, to create a sakura-effect, or would they just smear together?

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