April 16, 2014
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  • http://kelleyanneac.com KelleyB

    I actually did something similar to this just with acrylics paint :) made special ones for all my friends and family!

  • Brooke

    This is a GREAT idea!! Have you found that particular finishes don’t work (i.e., glitter, metallic, etc)?

  • Abby

    I made some for my family and they look amazing! And I made a glittery one (pure glitter, no color underneath) and it looked amazing! I tihnk I need to get more glass ornaments so I can make more!

  • katee

    just did this with my favorite holographic nail polish!

  • http://hues-n-blues.blogspot.com/ Liza

    I saw this, such a great idea! Gonna try it I think :)

  • Denyelle Gervilier

    We did this in school once but we used school glue that dries clear and glitter. It was amazing

  • http://n/a Shelby Ashlynn

    Holy cow! i love making these but the best ones are with glue and tissue paper then outline them with shapes to make them look like stained glass! they are all festive!:)

  • Beth

    Contest: Please Vote …for me

    Merry Christmas Gorgeous!

  • Melissa

    I love the fact that this gives me a great excuse to use some of those Wet N Wild (and similar brands) nail polishes that are less than ideal for nails but always have great colors! Such a simple idea, but I never would have thought of it. :)

  • Alicia Stallworth

    best idea ever :) thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    I love this idea! I think my family would really enjoy these as gifts for next year :)

  • Christina

    This makes me think of when I was 12. I covered my alarm clock in purple glitter nail polish. As well as my Gameboy. xD The Gameboy wasn’t as good of an idea, but I still have my alarm clock!

  • http://www.aol.com leeshon sommers

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    • yoshimi

      Someone’s crazy.

  • yoshimi

    Aaaaaand I am SO SAD I didn’t watch this ’till now! What a great way to use leftover nail polish! Next year…