Curly Hair Products & Technique

Since I started wearing my hair curly I have been asked numerous times about what products I use and how to achieve a similar look. I have tried SO many hair products for curly hair it’s ridiculous, but currently I have a set few that have been working really well for me.



Living proof Styling Cream & Styling Treatment for medium to thick hair
I got these a few months ago and they have been working out really well for me. I usually use about a nickle size of the cream and a dime size of the treatment, mix them together and apply to my hair, starting in the back. Then I’ll lightly scrunch, shake out the curls and let them air dry.


Bed Head After Party
This is a staple of mine no matter if my hair is curly or straight. I LOVE the results this gives, I always apply it after my hair has dried completely and it takes away frizz and leaves my hair super shiny.

BE Beverly Hills Inspired Shine & Repair Serum
This is a new product I’ve been trying out for the past month, and I’m super please with it. I apply this first thing out of the shower and then every day after that I don’t want to restyle my hair. It really helps to keep hair shiny and healthy, locks in moisture and is super lightweight and won’t weigh down your curls. (This is also AWESOME for straight hair, if you were wondering. I use it every day!)


Ouidad Curl Essentials Starter Kit
This is a new find for me. I bought it at a Sephora while on my road trip because I was in DIRE need of something humidity blocking for my curls (AZ isn’t really humid, so when I was in the south I was a hot mess!!) And a sales associate recommended this to me.
I didn’t use the full set (with shampoo and conditioner) until last week when I was in Austin, TX, but when I did I was REALLY impressed!I even styled the way they recommend: rake your fingers through your hair to separate curls, then grab the ends and shake out your hair so the natural curls form. No scrunching or anything you normally think to do with curly hair. The results were really nice curls that were super soft. Really liking this set.


  1. Caitalina says

    I have the exact same type of hair and i put no frizz from living proof and i’ll use hairspray if i’m going out while my hair is still damp and that works pretty well but i’m tired of having to use hairspray cause my hair feels crunchy for like an hour =/

  2. GoldenEyes says

    Leesha, I love you for doing this video post! There is not nearly enough recognition of the special needs of curly hair in the beauty world, what with straight hair / huge waves being in vogue over the past decade.

  3. sylvia says

    Hai i`m from holland i love your site i just wanted to say if you put beer in your hair afther the shampo and dont was it out you have nice kurly hair and you dont smel it when it`s dray, realy !!!!! ,tray it !!!!

  4. LivingProofGal says

    Thanks for such a nice review! The video is also a great addition–we’re glad your curly hair is looking it’s best with the help of Living Proof! :)

  5. Ariel says

    Happy birthday, Leesha! :D

  6. DubiousDetour says

    Oh dear, bed head after party looks like it could be used for something else.

    And yes, [hair cream] > [mousse, hairspray, gel, etc]

    I have frizzy untame hair too, but I hate the feeling of unwashed hair and have heard about the conditioning not shampooing idea before in magazines but have never tried it. Also in summer I feel like my hair needs to be washed more often. So the past two months I have been washing my hair using Johnson’s baby shampoo hoping that it’ll be gentle on my hair lol. It’s alright, makes my hair shiny, but I think I’m going to stick to Pantene my all time fav.

    Also, happy birthday Leesha!!!

  7. Serena says

    Great review. I’m a big fan of BE Beverly Hills. I live FL and deal with Frizz everyday. This is the best product I’ve ever tried. Glad to know you like also. I will need to try some of these others.

  8. Kallisue1212 says

    Hey! So i have freakishly curly hair, like huge crazy insanely curly hair, like ten times curlier than yours haha. I have tried all these products also and they work great but i have found one single product that out-does them all. Paul Mitchell’s Firm Style: Super Clean Sculpting Gel. It is a gel but your hair is not crunch or hard textured at all when you use it. It makes your curls defined and springing without making them greasy or weighed down in the least bit. What i do is wet my hair (and condition it if it needs it, i only shampoo my hair about once a week also) then put it up in a towel for a few minutes, just so its not sopping wet. Then i flip my hair over so its hanging down and put like a nickel sized amount in the back and ends, then flip it back over and put another nickel sized amount over the rest of hair while kind of scrunching it a little bit, (my hair is pretty long for curly hair so you probably wouldn’t need that much) then comb it out with my fingers and let it air dry. I have no frizz and no crunchy-ness. this stuff is amazing!!!! You should give it a try!!! Its $10 for a god sized bottle and it will lat you a good two months!! i also live on the CA coast so if something keeps frizz away in this humidity it must work!!! haha

  9. Lily says

    I’ve had the same problem. I have wavy hair, so a friend of mine with hair down to her back has this gorgeous healthy long hair and I wanted to see how she let it curl.

    What she taught me was to use gel, like RAVE, but something with mega hold. Then she said when you just get out of the shower, blot it dry a bit for about 20 seconds, then get the gel and dilute it! I didn’t understand this until I asked my boyfriend (who dated her) and he said she ran the gel under water and rubbed it all between her hands and then scrunched it in. I’ve done this twice and I LOVE the results. This is my new way of doing my hair. Make SURE its wet or it will get frizzy. It takes forever to dry but the results are amazing. :) Give it a try! I LOVE IT!

  10. Renee says

    This is my first time on your site and I saw a curly hair segment and normally I click on it thinking that the person hasn’t found the secret yet but you have!! I am obsessed with Ouidad products. Next time you need to get your hair cut go to a Ouidad salon. I’m not sure where you are from but they are all over the country. I go to Greg and Tony’s in Westport, CT. I have never loved more hair more!

  11. Ile says

    I know this may sound gross but only washing your hair with conditioner helps get your hair really pretty when wearing it curly. Shampoo strips your hair of it’s natural oils. But your hair is so pretty I don’t think you use a shampoo that strips hair.

    1. Jasmine says

      i do that once or twice a week and it really helps

  12. Jasmine says

    i have extremely curly hair well not extreeeme but a little bit curlier than the video and i just use a frizz controll hair lotion and then garneir fructise hair lotion and it works very well. it locks in moisture i need cuz i dye my hair a lot.

  13. s. spiegleman says

    I fell in love with my wavy hair at age 37. All my life I flat ironed and paid for chemical straighteners. I had curls in one part and wavy frizz in another. Now I just use Mixed Chicks products. They stop frizz all together ( Then when I want to go straight, instead of using chemicals, I just use Mixed Chicks deep conditioner, rinse then do the flat iron for a temporary sleek look. Go curly!

  14. Dez says

    Have you ever tried Wen? It seems like the P90X of hair (infomercial product that works wonders). It would be great if you could do a first review on it!

  15. Georgia says

    Cool advice

  16. Tracee says

    I’ve always seen that Bedhead stuff at like Rite Aid and Walgreens.
    I’ve wanted to get it for a while, but didn’t hear or see any reviews on it.
    I’ll have to pick up some sometime :D

  17. autoversicherung says

    It took me a long time to search on the web, only your site unfold the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

    – Kris

  18. d&rk $p@rk$ says

    omg the hair on your head……………………ITS AMAZING

  19. Kate says

    ok, so my hair is SUPER curly and if i don’t pack it down with a truck load of product in it my hair will frizz up and go all afro on me. So I straighten my hair every day, I have to skip a shower since its soooo time consuming. When I get out of the shower i blow dry my hair straight then straighten it. It takes me 1hour to dry it, then another to straighten it. I have so much hair and its sooo thick that when i got it died my hairdresser had to use the amount of die 2 people usually use. I’m gonna try to get a CHI straightner since the one i have was 60$ but wont get hot enough to keep my hair straight during the day. Is there any thing i could try without having my parents spend a butt load of money?

  20. Sable says

    Hey leesha! I did the keratin treatment a month ago and I love straight hair and all but I’m getting a little tired of it. I was wondering since you got the treatment too do you still use the same hair products to make your hair curly? And I know it won’t be the same but what drug store products would you recommend that could get similar results? Aussie, bed head, garnier? Cuz I rly don’t want to have to buy expensive hair products.

  21. The Magpie says

    ¬†Very late to the party here, but when I decided to perm my hair (I love my curls, I may never stop perming the rest of my life. Wish they were natural!) I sat and researched how to take care of curls, and stumbled upon and the CurlyGirl method. If everyone with naturally curly hair did the CurlyGirl method, you’d never feel the need for chemical straightening or constant flat-ironing etc. ever again. It creates the most beautiful, well-controlled curly locks I’ve ever seen. And through I learnt which product ingredients suck for curlies-chief culprits are sulfates in shampoo and silicones in conditioner and styling products. My hair is naturally slightly wavy but I only use hair products good for curlies and I get a lot of days in between washes thanks to that website. In fact, I need to go order some styling products through curlmart bc CVS is just hopeless.
    Try and the CurlyGirl method. You’ll surprise yourself.

  22. Siya thomas says

    Very informative post. I am african-american with hair that is curly and tightly coiled frizzy hair. Its really frustrating to maintain such hair. I tried a ton of products but ended up with no results. Finally my hunt got over and i found curls hair products. These products are Awesome. I think everyone should give it a shot.

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