Creme de Couture Eye Look #3: Cotton Candy Eyes!

OMG, I need to stop. I am having too much fun with this freaking palette, it’s like my blog has become nothing but talking about it! I apologize if it seems spammy, i honestly am just really excited about it and inspired by it. I’ve been so bad in the past about getting products, taking swatches and then forgetting about them. I’m trying to create a lot more posts specifically for the blog, for your inspiration and my own. Hope you are enjoying these :)




So again, this look is featuring the Creme de Couture Palette from Sigma. I used my NYX Milk Pencil as a base, UD Chaos 24/7 liner on the waterline, Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara and Too Faced 3-way Liquid Liner (I think I lost my UD Perversion Eyeliner, I am going to the mall today to buy a new one because I suck with every other liquid, haha!) Colors from the CDC Palette are Blueberry Creme, Redberry Rose, Cassis, and Cherry Blossom.

Pre-Order the Palette here (Use code LJW2013 for 10% off)
Check out My Review/Swatches
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  1. Celi says

    I adore this look :)

  2. Stacy says

    I have never bought anything from sigma but because of all the looks that you have posted I decided that I need this palette in my life.

  3. Lauren See says

    Stoooop posting these killer looks – I’m trying to convince myself NOT to buy this and you make it very difficult!! ;)

  4. Erin says

    Looking good! I love seeing multiple looks that are possible with palettes, personally!

  5. Rachel A says

    your skin looks fantastic in these shots!!

  6. Nat Cat says

    I wish you knew how obsessed with this look I am.

  7. Anneka says

    Adore this, it inspired my makeup yesterday. ^_^

  8. Christina Beaute says

    OMGah! This is just too beautiful Leesha. Blending is perfect, the colours are perfect…. You’re making me think I need that palette lol

  9. Andrea says

    I love the 3 looks you did sooo much! Can you do even more? I feel like the combinations are limitless on this palette!

  10. Retha Smugala says

    I want to begin my own blog: are there such thing because blogs that are totally “open”, and anybody can view it? I maintain coming to the kind where you need to add other “friends” to use the site.. Links valued. Thanks!.

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