Cranberry Cocktail

I thought I already posted this here.. oops!!




Two Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Cranberry Eyeshadow
MAC Motif Eyeshadow
MAC Sketch Eyeshadow
MAC Burnt Burgundy Pigment
MAC Crystal Avalanche Eyeshadow
MAC Shroom Eyeshadow
MAC Blanc Type Eyeshadow
MAC Feline Kohl Power
Fresh Supernova Mascara

MAC Strawbaby Lipstick
Urban Decay Naked XXX Shine Lipgloss

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  1. kate says:

    can you please suggest a dupe for burnt burgundy? i’d love to have a go at this look. This is one of my fav tutorials. Looks stunning on you :)

  2. redrussiandoll says:

    Oh dear i remembered this look and tried to watch it on youtube but now realise you’ve removed it! how come – it was a good look? x

  3. Jaz says:

    Awww man! Would it be at all possible for you to repost this video? It looks amazing and I would love to try these colors. PRETTY PLEASE!!!! :( :)

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