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I generally keep this blog mainly focused on makeup and related topics, but I think branching out sometimes is fun (and easy to overlook for people who are here for the makeup!) and maybe will be fun for you guys too :)

I wanted to share this with you guys! My mom is finally back to making videos, she had a few months of a hiatus, but now she has her own camera and computer, and with the amazing technology of the internet, I am able to help her edit her videos even when I’m not really there.

This particular video she edited almost entirely by herself using iMovie, and I’m really proud of her for that! Soon my little momma will be an editing and video making machine, and she won’t even need my help anymore *tear* hahah :)

This video is one she was inspired to do after seeing my favorite makeup products of 2010 video (she actually called me the day she saw it and told me how good the video was, lol) so here are her favorite kitchen products.

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  1. Sarah says

    Wow, this is cool! Your Mom seems so nice :) I can’t wait to see her other vids about cooking! I’m always looking for new recipes and ideas. Thanks for sharing, Leesha!

  2. Dani says

    I just gotta say I LOVE your mother’s username :)

  3. Brooke says

    I’m going to make my mom watch this and pick something to get instead of her damn chopper hahahah

  4. Maja says

    Thanks Leesha this is very sweet. I’m
    not sure if I’ll ever be truely on my own, but thanks for your
    support and patience. I love editing
    together it’s fun! Miss you! Love you Maja

    1. Cassy says

      Love the video! Aside from loving beauty products (which is why I <3 Leesha's blog) I also love cooking. Thinking choppers, have you used the Professional Multi-Chopper from Williams-Sonoma? It's a-mazing with apples and onions and the like. Specifically I don't know how I ever diced onions without the thing.

  5. A says

    Haha oh my god my mom is Maja sometimes too.

  6. Angela130 says

    I had already watched this by the time I checked here, but I’m SO excited she is making videos again. She’s my inspiration to think up new ways to do stuff in the kitchen. One of my fiance’s favorite things of 2010 was me making the “ring” with pillsbury crescent rolls and whatever I could mix together. Definitely awesome!

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