Concrete Minerals Pro Matte Eyeshadows- Matte Shadows that don’t suck!!

One of the hardest things to find in the makeup world in my opinion are amazing matte pigments. Now, matte pigments aren’t necessarily rare- MAC sells them, for one- but most of the time they are a chalky mess, grab in some places and don’t stick in others, and are a real bitch to work with. A few months ago I had someone message me on tumblr asking if I had ever tried out Concrete Minerals (I cannot remember your name, so sorry but THANK YOU!) and I decided to check out the site. They had an impressive line of thirteen matte pigments.

Concrete minerals is having a 20% off site wide sale for black friday/cyber monday, but because my review is going up before then, they were awesome enough to offer you guys a special 20% off coupon code so you can get your orders in early if you want! :) the code is XSPARK20 and is good through Thursday.  Now on to the review!!

Concretemineralsmatte 1Concretemineralsmatte 4 Risque, Hi-FiConcretemineralsmatte 3 Ember, FameConcretemineralsmatte 5 Toxic, GossipConcretemineralsmatte 6 Thrash, BulletproofConcretemineralsmatte 7 Domino, BruiseConcretemineralsmatte 8 Ravage, QueenConcretemineralsmatte 9 Jet, Electric Eye Primer

Concretemineralsmatte 2 Electric Eye Primer

(All swatches shown over Electric Eye Primer)

Concretemineralsmatte 13 Risque, Hi-Fi, Ember, Fame, Toxic, Gossip

Concretemineralsmatte 10 Risque, Hi-Fi, Ember

Risque: Your perfect matte red. Not too blue, not too red.
Hi-Fi: Full on Magenta.
Ember: Matte orange. just a bit more on the burnt orange side than neon, but still bright!! 

Concretemineralsmatte 11 Fame, Toxic, Gossip

Fame: DAT YELLOW.  Tell me you don’t need this. You’re lying. so smoooooth ;)
Toxic: Limey green.  a little on the pastel side.
Gossip: Seafoam Green. LOOOVE. this color is my dream color!! 

Concretemineralsmatte 18 Thrash, Domino, Bulletproof, Bruise, Ravage, Queen, Jet

Concretemineralsmatte 15 Thrash, Domino, Bulletproof, Bruise

Thrash: Forrest Green. This color actually has a little bit of a blue glitter in it, but I’m guessing it’s for blending purposes, to make it a bit smoother. You only notice it if you are about 2 inches away from the swatch, or are using a macro lens like I was, so I would still consider it matte, simply because when you wear it on your eyes it WILL look matte. 
Domino: Peacock blue. Beautiful!
Bulletproof: Electric blue. Very similar to Chaos in the UD Vice Palette, but is WAY more pigmented and smoother. 
Bruise: Navy Blue. Like Thrash, this one also has a bit of blue shimmer. Again, its NOT noticeable unless you are looking EXTREMELY closely.  

Concretemineralsmatte 14 Ravage, Queen, Jet

Ravage: Matte purple. slightly muted and pastel. 
Queen: Royal purple. beautiful and blends lovely, unlike a lot of matte purples that are skip city!
Jet: I don’t even think I need to describe this one to you, just LOOK AT IT AND ALL IT’S GLORY.

Overall I’d say Concrete Minerals really hit it out of the part with these mattes. nice and smooth and blendable. Fair warning- these (especially the brights) may stain your skin (you should have seen my arm when taking off the swatches, granted I was using baby wipes to remove them and had no makeup remover!) If you use an oil based makeup remover, you should be fine.


Available from Concrete Minerals for $8 Each. 


Disclaimer: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the brand of their PR representative for potential review or use. For more information, please read the Disclosure Policy.

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  • Ana Carter

    All of these are gorgeous! I am really digging the dark colors, especially Jet!

  • Ashley Castro

    I have all the Sugarpill colors and feel like I NEED these in my life!!
    Any suggestions on which I should get that aren’t Dupes that can further my color collection?

    • Itzayana Yamilet

      the only two that wouldnt be dupes would be bulletproof and risque. and of course the matte black jet. all the other ones are different.

  • Teknicolor Dahlia

    Oh god Bulletproof. LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS BEAST I need that right about now.

  • Becky

    Only 8 bucks? That’s a STEAL! Must have!

  • Mimi Maldonado

    Have you tried these with other primers? Like TFSI and/or UDPP for example?

    Also could you maybe please do a tutorial…?

    • adelinegrenades

      I bought three of them on the Black Friday sale, and I used them over Urban Decay Primer Potion, along with NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil in Milk. They stayed on and vibrant for over eight hours :)

  • Mary Seidel

    OMG I can’t believe I didn’t think of these. I have five pigments from them. Brain fart I guess. I guessed almost everything last night. Damn.

  • Laura Cristina Osegueda


  • How to be Fancy

    Wow…these are a great price point for such vibrant pigmented colors! xo

  • Brenda

    I don’t even wear bright colors and I am loving these, especially Bulletproof and the yellow of course! I’ll be looking forward to any tutorials you do with these pigments, I can always rely on you to rock these bright shades!

  • .*MinkWink*.

    Really interested in trying these out! Thanks for the coupon code!

  • Purging Pretty Blog

    I have to get “Queen” in my life asap!

  • Astrid

    I’m impressed! these look amazing!

  • Joni

    Wow, these colors are amazing! <3

  • Lola

    do you think the shimmers you’re seeing are from the eye primer? it looks a little shimmery.

    • xsparkage

      The eye primer does have a slight shimmer to it, this is true, but its a gold shimmer. in the shadows its a bluish glitter, so im thinking its not from the primer, but like i said its really sparse and unless youre super close youre not going to notice it :)

  • Lojs

    Ah sweeeeet! I’ve been looking for a great matte red for a while to use as an eyebrow color. Think that red is what I’ve been looking for. Awesome!

  • Joanna

    Whoa! Amazing pigmentation loving bulletproof.

  • Cupcake Leech

    I thought these were completely stunning, but once I saw that yellow I positively GUSHED!! So pretty!

  • Maribeth Bryan

    Awesome! thanks so much Leesha!

  • Krystal Jakelwicz

    I told you! =) I’m actually so glad you tired them out, I didn’t think you got the message. I’ve been a HUGE fan since day 1 and I’ve been doing a lot of UK shopping and came across this brand. You came to thought because it is Matte’s and Rainbows and I was like LEESHA! <3

  • Natasha

    woah those are SO pigmented! my favourites are gossip, bulletproof and bruise :) hehe, i like my blues


  • Michelle

    I grabbed a few during the black friday’s sale…looking forward to trying them out!

  • Lucy A.

    Can you do a make up tutorial with the Concrete Minerals?

  • Annie

    I scrolled down to the swatches and my mouth just dropped open. HOW FREAKING PRETTY OMG NEED IN LIFE STAT

  • Mädtz

    These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
    But how do they look without the base? And is the primer different than say UDPP? Would you say that they are better than the ones by MAC?

  • Shelby Reed

    is there a drugstore version of gossip and toxic that you know of it that isn’t as pigmented(too much pigment for me) and less that $8 because i LOVE the color?

  • Claudia

    Wow, I HAVE to get that yellow!