Comicon Dress Up: Grayscale Makeup

Last week I went to Phoenix Comicon for the first time and had a blast! My boyfriend really wanted to dress up for it, but we didn’t have much time to really plan out a cosplay couple (and I really don’t want to do cosplay unless it looks awesome, you can’t half ass that stuff!) I suggested going in grayscale, like a black and white photo. I have loved this idea for years and looove how it looks when you take photos- it looks photoshopped! Here was my inspiration-


I love this photo and how they embraced the black-and-white photo era with their clothes. That was really what I wanted to go for! 



Screen Shot 2013 05 28 at 4 40 54 PM

I found my picture on NewTimes the next day, which was pretty cool :) 

bwcomiconIMG 0721ComicondressupComicondressupComicondressup


The gray makeup was Ben Nye Cream makeup, although if I was to redo this I would absolutely NOT use this on my arms and legs as it got all on my clothes and was a TOTAL bitch to take off. I had a lot of fun though and thought you guys might like to see pictures :)

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  1. Keira Skyler says

    Even with your face covered in white make up, its still smooth and flawless and natural.. How do you do this!!?

  2. Alicia says

    Awesome! Are you going to do a tutorial for this?

  3. Kelly Catherine Sullivan says

    I just did something similar for a play I was makeup designer for. I used Ben Nye but I used their Clown White and mixed it with black myself that was a BITCH! What creme did you use exactly?

  4. jenjen says

    Next time mix acrylic paint with pro’s aide. That sh!t will not rub off.

  5. Melissa D says

    You both look amazing!

  6. Michty Maxx says

    This looks amazing! A really good job! I love to dress up and this is a fantastic and really cool way to represent as a makeup artist and comic fan. I love the contouring and the photos really do look edited. You guys look great together!

  7. ramen says

    troll grey.. homestuck…

  8. jamie lynn prata says

    that looks so cool and you’re very right – i would have thought they were ‘shopped if i didn’t know better! great great job!! it’s almost creepy how it looks in video, it really looks black and white!! so crazy!! great job and idea!!

  9. Micki says

    Please do a tutorial or provide a list of the products you used. You guys both looked amazing!!! My boyfriend and I want to do this for halloween!

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