Comicon Dress Up: Grayscale Makeup

Last week I went to Phoenix Comicon for the first time and had a blast! My boyfriend really wanted to dress up for it, but we didn’t have much time to really plan out a cosplay couple (and I really don’t want to do cosplay unless it looks awesome, you can’t half ass that stuff!) I suggested going in grayscale, like a black and white photo. I have loved this idea for years and looove how it looks when you take photos- it looks photoshopped! Here was my inspiration-


I love this photo and how they embraced the black-and-white photo era with their clothes. That was really what I wanted to go for! 



Screen Shot 2013 05 28 at 4 40 54 PM

I found my picture on NewTimes the next day, which was pretty cool :) 

bwcomiconIMG 0721ComicondressupComicondressupComicondressup


The gray makeup was Ben Nye Cream makeup, although if I was to redo this I would absolutely NOT use this on my arms and legs as it got all on my clothes and was a TOTAL bitch to take off. I had a lot of fun though and thought you guys might like to see pictures :)

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  1. Keira Skyler says:

    Even with your face covered in white make up, its still smooth and flawless and natural.. How do you do this!!?

  2. Kelly Catherine Sullivan says:

    I just did something similar for a play I was makeup designer for. I used Ben Nye but I used their Clown White and mixed it with black myself that was a BITCH! What creme did you use exactly?

  3. Michty Maxx says:

    This looks amazing! A really good job! I love to dress up and this is a fantastic and really cool way to represent as a makeup artist and comic fan. I love the contouring and the photos really do look edited. You guys look great together!

  4. jamie lynn prata says:

    that looks so cool and you’re very right – i would have thought they were ‘shopped if i didn’t know better! great great job!! it’s almost creepy how it looks in video, it really looks black and white!! so crazy!! great job and idea!!

  5. Micki says:

    Please do a tutorial or provide a list of the products you used. You guys both looked amazing!!! My boyfriend and I want to do this for halloween!

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