Collection as of January 2010

Oooh I hope I don’t live to regret making this post!

So, BY FAR my number one requested video to do is a collection video. If you’ve watched me for awhile, you know that in the past I haven’t exactly been the biggest fan of collection or haul videos, and the last time I did a collection video (June 2007, eesh! It’s grown.. a bit. hah) I got a TON of remarks on having too much, spending too much money, etc, etc.. and, quite honestly, that video has a small, itty bitty fraction of the amount of stuff I have acquired since!

Anyways, because it is my most requested video, and because I love you guys, I’m giving in. *deep breath* I’m not going to lay everything out and show every color because we would literally be here for years, but I will show you my set up, how I store everything and all the drawers of stuff (mind you, it’s not that neat)

Please don’t ask me “how much did all of that cost?” or any of that. I don’t know, and honestly, I didn’t buy all of it. A lot of the things you see were sent as samples or were bought at discounted prices (like the MAC).

Also, since this is my collection, I am showing you it just as it is. I didn’t bother to clean anything up in the drawers or what have you, you get to see it just as it looks when I open the drawer :) It’s an organized mess! haha.

Okay, enough disclaimer nonsense, on to the pics!

Here is my desk. This is where I film all my tutorials. The desk is from Ikea, Mirror is a light up one from Conair. Florescent Light is from Lowes I think, and the light I use is meant for kitchen and day (pretty sure!) Nail racks can be purchased from any nail site (my favorite is head2toebeauty. this is the 90 count rack.)

Close up of full desk.

Pigment Rack/ extra polishes.

Left side. MAC Palettes, Everyday powders, OCC airbrush minis, hand sanitizer, and a few Coastal Scents Palettes.

Right Side. Baby Wipes, Tripod for filming, brushes.

Closeup of brushes. This is a roundabout thing from Pampared Chef, it’s meant for kitchen tools but I LOVE it for my brushes!!

First Drawer Left side. I use silverware separates to hold my stuff. This is Kryolan, FaceFront, random MAC and other random things.

2nd drawer left side. MAC CCBs, Ben Nye, Fluidlines, Naked Pigments, more Kryolan, and other random stuff.

3rd drawer left side. MAC powders and skinfinishes, MUFE flash palette, random moisturizers and powders

4th drawer left side. Lip stuff, a whole mess of lip stuff that is totally unorganized (this is why I never know what to do for lip color, haha)

1st drawer right side. Eyeliners, Lipliners, Mascaras and Primers.

2nd drawer right side. Liquid liners and glitterliners, random NYX lipsticks.

3rd drawer right side. Loose powders, some primers, and a random eye makeup remover that shouldn’t be there.

4th drawer right side. Foundations and concealers.

5th drawer right side. random NYX double sided liners, some stuff I haven’t reviewed, and some full size OCC airbrush colors.

and finally, 6th drawer right side. Water Based palettes, ben nye, etc.

Ohmigosh, and were done! Well.. almost. I guess I could show you in the bookshelf behind me in my videos..

This has 6 spaces, but the bottom two were covered up :) Perfumes, Extra makeup, makeup I have no use having out all the time(different colored foundations, etc), candles, cases, blah blah blah

And (because I know it will be asked) a picture of my nail polishes:

Click for full size :)

Woo! All done :) Hope you enjoyed that! Now no more for another 2 1/2 years ;) haha just kidding!
I will have the video up for this tomorrow :)

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  1. Vivi says

    Awesome ! I wish i had the same =D !! Well im sure i have as many lip sticks and gloss as you do ! =) Happy New Year Leesha

  2. Megan says

    Love it!! So glad you did this!!

  3. Autumn Candy says

    I love your organized mess!!!

  4. Alyssa says

    Amazing. I’ve been following you for a couple years now and always hoped you would show this. Not necessarily so I can see all your stuff but I like how you organize it. Your organizational video a while back gave me a lot of good tips. I just need to put them to good use! My makeup winds up all over the top of my desk that I use and it’s a mess and I need a better way to organize. I like the way you use the big drawers and the silverware holders. That seems like it would help and I might try it. And I love your polish racks! Where do you get them? Thanks so much again for this. And don’t be nervous. All the haters are just jealous!

    1. xsparkage says

      :) thank you! The polish racks are from :)

  5. Alicia says

    I totally want how you’ve organized ur make up!!!!

  6. Brown'Sugah says

    I just loved the new organization way, all that colors toghether give a feeling of joy! it kinna strang i know!*Love u so mush XoxO

  7. tammaay says

    hey! love love all your brushes! aww I wish i lived in the US sometimes! There is so much more available over there!

    Thanks for the update Leesha!

  8. Nia says

    Hey Leesha,
    thanks for showing us your collection.It’s awesome! I can understand why you didn’t want to show it for so long so I’m even more thankful you did (: Don’t listen to haters.
    I love to watch your videos.Your work is amazing.
    I can’t wait to see the collectionvideo.
    Keep up the good work.
    Greeeeeetings from Germany (:

  9. Anna says

    Thanks for the post! I’m glad to know, I’m not the only one with too much makeup :)….wait, can there ever BE too much? lol

  10. Heather says

    You need more Color Club nail polish! Haha, I’m sort of joking, but sort of not. I’m just obsessed with Color Club..
    Anyway, your collection is awesome, but I must admit, I like looking at how you organize all of it, because you have a lot(not that thats bad :D) and I’m always looking for good ways to organize things :)

  11. Rachael says

    Nice stash! What bugs me is that people say ‘thats stupid to spend so much money on make up’, you can’t grow out of make-up, it doesn’t go out of style, and you can wear it way more than once without people making comments unlike with clothes,

    I honestly feel for you when you have to do the weekly brush deep clean :L
    Happy new year! Have an amazing 2010 :)

  12. Carrie Anne says

    Very cool. For some reason, I noticed the random chapstick on the shelf.

    1. xsparkage says

      HAHAH interestingly enough, i have been looking for that. its usually on my desk and i was sad that it went MIA. so thank you!! lol

  13. Robin Byrd says

    I am so jealous. I have beend told that I need to be on Intervention…I got news for those folks. LOL! Any who, great collection.

    Don’t worry about the nay sayers. Your collection of make up is no different than people who have Longaberger baskets everywhere or people who collect fairy figurines.

    You have taught me so much. Thank you.

  14. Annie says

    Thanks Leesha, as other people have said, your organization helps me with how I should keep my stuff together! And please don’t worry about stupid mean commentter saying you have too much or whatever, it’s just a hobby, something you like to collect! :]

    1. Annie says

      *commenters, sorry I can’t type LOL

  15. glitterminx says

    I have a question? .. I got some two faces shadow insurance from my local ulta, it comes out runny, us it supposed to or am I supposed to shake/squeeze the tube to get it mixed? Thanks!

  16. yessy says

    hey girl happy new year where do u got that thin that u put ur nail polishes i mean that nails rack ??? please send me back thank uuuuu

  17. Elissa says

    oohh, i love it all. (: i wish i had that much, but i’m sure my mom would kill me. butt, i still go on little make up sprees when i have the cash. hehee. :)

  18. Cindy says

    I think in her last collection video she said she had bid on the nail rack on ebay? I may be wrong but there are some on ebay :)

  19. Cartlebmomb says

    Meh. I think your collection is fabulous. I happen to like the “organized chaos” method. It works for me too! :) Thank you for sharing!

  20. Suzy says

    Woah! I actually feel overwhelmed! That is one heck of a collection, goodness gracious LOL. This is like a makeup druggie’s heaven hahaha.

    I love the brush holder, very cool. But I feel bad for you that you have to deep clean allllll those brushes haha.

  21. Laura says

    YAY! I am SO glad you did this! I don’t know why people get all up in arms about collection vids/posts! It is everyone’s individual right to spend their cash on what they want…as much or as little! Some people buy grand houses, expensive furnishings, or over the top cars…WE BUY MAKEUP! Besides…you are a makeup artist and so are a lot of the rest of us! Some people should just learn to keep their nasty comments to themselves…I LOVED THIS POST!!! Thanks for the organizing ideas too! Gotta get a hold of one of the pampered chef containers! Thats KILLER! :)

  22. Naomi says

    Haha. You are fantastic! But you have to learn to not pay attention to those people who complain. It shouldn’t matter. If you enjoy making videos, keep on doing them! It doesn’t matter if other people dislike it. :)

  23. Sarah says

    ooooh, I saw some MUD products in there, I’d love to know what you think of their stuff.
    Love your blog Leesha! ;)

  24. Megan says

    ohmygoodness! and my mom thinks I have a lot of makeup…LOL
    Not that I’m judging you….I’m insanely jealous! I want everything in those pics! ^_^
    I agree with some of the other posters as well, this really gives me ideas about how to organize my own stash! Thanks for sharing this with us! It was helpful! ^_^

  25. Katie says

    Wow… I would have a field day if I were ever set loose in your room. I am very jealous of your pigment collection. :) I love those things. And I can definitely see why you can never pick something for a lip color… they’re everywhere in that drawer!

  26. Sanna says

    WOW! I’m so glad you posted this!
    You rock!

  27. Christina says

    holy moly you have soooo much makeup!! i’m kind of jealous, not gonna lie lol. but yeah it’s a pretty cool collection. is it bad that i’m mostly drooling over the polishes? luurrrveee

  28. Sara says

    I have no idea why I found this so interesting. I’m most envious of your brushes, and I think anyone who scoffs at this can go to hell because you’re a makeup artist and have been collecting for years!

  29. Joie Francine says

    I love collection and hauls because I like to see what products other people buy, not to mention it makes me feel better about my own addiction lol (which pales in comparison though). This doesn’t mean I go out and try and buy everything other people own. I think that the people that have negative things to say, like calling people a show-off, are just jealous. It is your business what to do with your money and this is a profession for you. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Haflingerlady says

    Whoa, thanks for this entry! Don’t regret you did this, it was worth showing us! I love all the pigments ( I fell in love with pigments ) and the nail polish you got going on there!

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  31. Taylorr says

    youu have so much makeupp! :D are you going to do a video of this on youtube?

  32. sierra says

    wow! that’s awesome. How do you decide what to take when your traveling?

  33. Laura says

    Thanks for giving us a peek behind the scenes! If you ever need to get rid of something, be sure to send it my way :)

  34. Kendall says

    oooommgahhhh!!! i love ur make-up collection. my is growing slowly. 2 think tht im accussed of having 2 much make-up. u can nver have 2 much make-up. im in love w. ur collection & my sister’s envious of ur nail collection. (im a hair & make-up junkie & she’s a nail junkie) but thx 4 the vid. dont worry bout h8rs they suck. ily!!! -XOXO Kendall-

  35. Desiree says

    Cool :]
    Could you do a review on the Coastal Scents UnderCover HD Foundation?
    And maybe tell us some of your favorite MAC Paintpots or Cream Eyeshadows?
    Thanks :]

  36. Betsy says

    Thank you so much. I think it’s so fun to see other people’s cosmetic collections, especially professionals and people that are really passionate about makeup.

  37. Mandy says

    Hey Leesha! First of all, Happy New Year.

    So, I loved your collection. How many years to have so many stuff? I want this for me… so many colors to choose!

    You use it just for your self or you use to do works too?

    Very, very, very nice… loved the brushes, nail polishes, liner and lip stuff!!!


    Visit me some time…! There is some of your videos at my blog!


  38. Mel says

    Awesome! Soo jealous of all those pigments :) Also, unrelated QUESTION! I’m also super super pale and was wondering if you could list some foundations that actually match your skin tone. Usually everything shows up a little too dark on me, even in the lightest shade. Thanks :D

  39. Alexandria says

    Gotta say, you are an enabler. I love how you have inspired me to get more into the artistic ability of makeup. I love when you did the organization video, it helped me a TON! Keep doing what you do, everybody greatly appreciates and enjoys it!

  40. Mandana says

    Do you ever weed your collection of old or unused products? If so, how often?

    Do you ever worry about products going bad?

  41. HOLLIE~JOLLIE says


  42. Angela says

    This was interesting to see all your stuff. I would say I’m jealous, but to be perfectly honest I hear shit from my boyfriend all the time about how much makeup I have. I need a bigger space like you have and I wish I could organize it in a way that EVERYTHING was visible at the same time. It’s almost like if I don’t see it, I forget I have it, and it never gets used. Like I’ll go through my train case and find something I bought forever ago and never used because I never see it. I taped pictures on the outside of my MAC palettes, but all my vanity drawers just don’t allow for easy viewing. :(

    1. Mandy says

      “I hear shit from my boyfriend all the time about how much makeup I have.”

      So do I! LOL!!!!

  43. Gaby says

    OMG, how do you afford all of that. EEHHH! Haha, just kidding! Very impressive. We have the same case (The black one on your bookcase that looks lacey) :D. I must say, now I am very tempted to go out and buy more make up…but I must resist :P.

  44. Coco says

    Woo! Thanks for showing :). I think it’s so fun looking at other people’s collections :D funfunfun!

  45. zeeto0 says

    sure i think that it is a LOT of make up and i would never spend my money on all of that (just like half of it)… but i’m really glad you showed us your collection! :) it sure has changed since last time ;P

  46. TadPoll says

    Whoa! that is quite a collection girl! But that’s wicked as hell, it’s like every girls dreamland lol j/k but yeah that’s hella cool.

  47. Christie says

    God you’re amazing.
    This is what I hope to have one day.
    I say money well well well spent.
    I’m going to montreal next year for makeup school and the kit is 1000$ and I can’t wait to see whats in it :D!

  48. laura says

    omg I would DIE if I had all of that!!! Thanks for sharing, Leesha!!

  49. Daiana says

    Do you like colours? It doesn´t seem so! hahaha!! Just joking!
    Congrats for all of this Leesha!! I wouln´t be as organized if I had so much stuff!!
    I´m going to start make-up lessons, I love so much what you do that i just couldn`t help myself! :P

    Good Luck! Bye!!

  50. Amy says

    OMG I wish you were my big sister! =D
    I would totally sneak in your room and be in heaven messing with all your makeup! haha

  51. Casey says

    i see you have some Lime Crime lipsticks, you should definitely do a review! =)

    1. Todd says

      More than likely, those are actually MAC for Heatherette. Lime Crime’s design for their lipstick packaging just looks very similar.

    2. Todd says

      Oops, ignore me. I was heavily examining the wrong photo.

  52. Required: Name says

    wow oh my gosh yay it looks amazing ive been waiting forever for this (: loveee itt

  53. racheel says

    ahhhh, you have appletini from victoria secret? thats my absolute favorite summmertime smell :)

    1. haley says

      i have appletini to and it smells amazing. at the local mall i paid 12$.

  54. abby says

    i cant wait to watch the video for this thanks so much for doing this… i love your videos! my favorite guru by far!!

  55. Tyler says

    I`m so jealous :( i only dream of having a collection like yours

  56. Jenn says

    Love your collection! Where did you get the bins that are under your desk? I’ve been trying to look for them everywhere! [the one on the far right that has shallower drawers] thanks! <3

  57. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn says

    Do you own some Stargazer make up? I tried to order from them a big haul yesterday – again – but there’s some kind of network error grrr, but I’d like to see swatches of their products, so hard to find! O_O

  58. Allycat* says

    i love your nail polish racks. i am addicted to nail polish.. what is the best way to keep your nail polishes so they do not get gooey and nasty? I have tried putting them in the fridge but that never seems to work for me. Also what is your fav brand of nail polish? it looks like you own a lot of China Glaze.. that is my fav brand to buy. thank you

  59. Gabe says

    Ummm… thank you so much for posting this!!! Oh and I have the Ed Hardy perfume that first one you have on your shelf… I love it it’s my love my go to perfume…. I’m really started to like my Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture but I don’t think anything can replace my Ed Hardy <3

  60. Val says

    thats amazing. but dont you have to go through it alot to throw things away on count of bacteria and such?

  61. Val says

    ps..where did u get the fluorescent light?

  62. Jessikkaa07 says

    OMG! This is amazing :)
    You have a great collection <3

  63. hananh says

    youuuu did not put up the video! lies! i can’t wait to see it though :)

  64. Drownrats says

    Review the Limecrime lipsticks please!

  65. dechn says

    Nice.. why don’t you do a video on your collection? Missed you a lot!

  66. Angela says

    Love the collection stuff. Do these comments get reset every few days or something? I know I left a comment when this was first posted, but not it and tons of other ones are gone. :( Thanks for sharing the photos though.

    1. xsparkage says

      nope, its just on the first page of comments (at the bottom you can click “older comments”) :)

  67. Anastacia says

    In love with your make-up collection since 2007!! Amazing!

  68. Veronica says

    Can you review Lime Crime lipsticks?! Please :)
    Vero <3

  69. Trebbles says

    A review for the Lime crime lipsticks would be so awesome, Leesha!! I really want to know what you think of them I purchased one but haven’t gotten it in the mail yet but I’m so curious what they’re like! will you do a review? Please, Please, Please :)

  70. lacey says

    Review the Limecrime lipsticks please!

  71. Ardorrequiem says

    I stalk your website weekly, and I have to say I was SUPER surprised that you did this but im not dissappointed! yay

  72. noodels says

    ohh pretty

  73. noodels says

    hello internet cool colection nice polish

  74. Leah says

    My set-up is just like this, only with no where near as much product. Looks great!

  75. Sarah says

    Wow, great collection. Thanks for sharing ;)

  76. noodels says

    ace im green with envy i have no were near as much as u i only have three polishs ultra yellow
    ultra pink
    Peace internet people

  77. Angiie says

    that is so amazing, so jealous, my goal is to somewhat have that much :)

  78. heather says

    wow thats the most makeup i have ever seen in one person have ever.But at the same time that means you have endless options on what you want to wear. i would love to be able to play in your magic makeup land hehe if i had the skills you do anyway.

  79. Zinnia says

    please review the lime crime lipsticks

  80. ASHLEiGH:) says

    OMG. Big fan of yours. I am working on my way to aquire a COLLECTION and hope to soon someday have as much as this. Love your videos and you are truely an insipration. <3ASH

  81. Kate says

    It’s too bad that you have gotten negative feedback in the past on how much product you have as well as how much you have spent on these products…it’s not their buisness and you sure aren’t hurting anyone! So getcha make up girl!!! =) That being said I also am a make up artist and use primarily MAC. I have almost as much as you but not quiet! I love watching your video’s and seeing all of your product! I would love to play in your make up!

  82. Chantelle says

    OH wow, ive been waiting for this, who cares about how much u do or dont spend on MU, who cares on the brands and how much there is, i love seeing others collections, getting ideas, its a insight on how much others like myself love MU as much as i do lol, i would love to see you e/s pallets tho these types of videos make me wanna go and experiment and buy some more stuff lol…
    And i dont think any of us here would hate u for making this, but more appreciation of what u have done for ur admirers :D
    keep the pics ad vids coming, i enjoy all!!

  83. star says

    wow! lucky! where do you even start with what you want to use for the day! i would be overwhelmed with so many choices! ….lol

  84. Holly St.Clair says

    are you thinking about selling anything? :)

  85. Ursula says

    this is like my dreeeeeeeam!!! very nice!

  86. Lana says

    i’m jealouss >:[

    got any you dont want? lol.

  87. Louise says

    hmmmmm *drools* you have soooo much stuff. I would love to have that much!!! <3

  88. sherri says

    I’m inspired :)

  89. Trolly says

    omg i love your collection you are compleatly awesome and have taught me soooo much lol i use your looks all the time and now all my friends always want me 2 do there make up and stuff lol its cool thank you so much glad i found you on you tube!

  90. Beth says

    AWESOME collection…. dont let the negative comments get you down.. be proud of what you have.. i think its great!!!

  91. Laura says

    hi lesha!

    wow, i love your collection :) i’ve never seen so much make up stuff i think ^^
    if you’re tired of one of your products let me know :) hehe
    take care!

  92. Sabrina Geisha says

    Seriously drooling over your collection! Sooooo envious! When I have bad days or need motivation 2go2 work, I jus look at your pics and become instantly inspired!!

  93. Anna says

    You’re very lucky ! i have the ben nye pallete. and i love ittt ! it’s good for party’s. i’ve been waiting for a collection vid. xxxxxxxxxx

  94. Kim says

    God, I’m sooo jealous about your collection!! :o

    But I need to know: on the photo “Pigment Rack/extra polishes”, what colour is the 5th pigment pot on the 2nd row starting from below (the sparkly one)?

    Greets from Belgium xxx

  95. LiLi says

    I’m green with envy! Adore your site– it’s one of my beauty blog indulgences while I’m on deployment. Thanks for all you do!!

    Oh, and yes– Lime Crime review, por favor. I’ve heard mized things about them, and Makeupalley has only two reviews or so. :(

  96. VisualCog says

    “Duh!” Spend money on what you love.

  97. Jessica Ann says

    I am so incredibly jealous of all of this. You have no idea! I want all of these things so bad. GIMME GIMME! Lucky Duck…I guess I will get there someday

  98. Momo says

    Give me the random stuff you dont use!
    I can just dream of a collection like that!

  99. anna says

    oohhh i see some Lime Crime a review plzzzz

  100. Soffi says

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D i wish all this was mine :P <3
    but you are very good! sorry mu weird english (im from denmark´) ;)

  101. Lisa says

    your makeup collection is to die for!! haha

  102. Sophie says

    wow. I’m 15, so don’t have that much money, and I have around 1/100 of what you have. :O I would be in absolute heaven if I had a collection the size of yours, though my room isn’t big enough.. haha.

    thanks, sophie. x

  103. Jenny says

    what color fat balm from eyeko do you have? I have the minty one and I love it :D

  104. Becky says

    Hey wow girl, would love to have your makeup collection. :P also the nail polishes picture at the end the url doesnt work xx

  105. Tamsin says

    Oh my gosh. You are my idol! I long for this much make up – And for your skills! You are truly amazing :D

  106. aletha lloyd says

    do you ever use low brand makeup becaues i did not see any in your collection
    could you please do drug store tutorials for ones who can’t afford high end
    makeup like me truly a fan .

    1. Courtney says

      All you have to do is write down the colors she uses and find drug store equivalents. Pretty much any Wet and Wild Palettes in any color work just as well.

  107. aletha lloyd says

    I do not see any low end brands of makeup in your makeup collection could
    you please maybe start doing drug store tutorials for people who can only
    afford drug store like me truly a fan. thank you for sharing.

  108. Kaitlyn says

    Hi! My name’s Kaitlyn and I’d just like to say that I’m a huge fan of yours. About two years ago I started to get into makeup, and your videos have taught me just about everything I know. I’m thinking about becoming an esthetician when I’m older; and I’d like to thank you for showing me the one thing I want to do for a living. You’re truly an inspiration and I just want to say thanks, and keep it up!

  109. aletha lloyd says


  110. Taylor says

    *angels singing* you’re makeup collection is amaaazzing!! and its pretty organized. i wish i had that many brushes. and is that an hdtv i see next to your desk?? you go leesha!

  111. Taylor says

    oh, and do you reackage your pigments? or all they all MAC or OCC? just curious

  112. Kendal says

    OMG! I would LOVEE! to have your makeup collection! especially the nail polishes!

  113. SHANADE says

    Wow your collection is fabulous, i live in England and just over a year ago i started watching your tutorials and i think you are fabulous!!!! I have learned all i know from you, and sometimes people ask if im a make up artist (i wish) lol. You truely inspire me and am hoping to complete a beauty course this year so thank you and keep up the good work.
    Take Care Leesha mmmmwahhhh! xxx

  114. sushiam says

    i’ve never seen anything like this before, and i wish i had your skills! you’re AMAZING!

  115. Sophia says

    I would give anything to have this collection. It’s my dream.

    So lucky! x

  116. Katie :) says

    I wish i had all this makeup ::) This is absolutly amazing :) I want to be a makeup artist for major motion pictures when i get out of school :) Just letting you know that you are absolutly amazing. :)

  117. Rachel says

    Howww do you pay for all this omfg!! I am so jealous!!! Love your vids :D

  118. Jocelyn says

    Your makeup collection is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love watching your videos they are so COOL!!!

  119. cassie says

    i love your makeup styles there amazing and u have alot of makeup and p.s. your very pretty:)

  120. Courtney says

    Wow, That makeup collection is to die for. I wish I had that much makeup.

  121. Jessicca says

    I was wondering were u got your nail polish racks from.

  122. Jade says

    holy smokes that’s a big collection! However you may want to wash your brushes, they look like they haven’t been cleaned in a while and that can cause bacteria transfer which is dangerous for your skin. I have a post all about it on my blog you should check it out… 

  123. Kayla says

    Let me be you.

  124. Serene Lee says

    Wow… What a huge collection of stuff.

  125. Kavisma says

    I do trust all of the ideas you have presented to your post. They’re very connivcing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very quick for newbies. May just you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.

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