CK One Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow in Reef- Brightest Cream Shadow I’ve ever seen!

My experience with cream eyeshadows is varied- they can be super sheer with shimmer and crease like nobodies business, or they can be kinda sheer and actually stay put. They usually come in more subdued colors that are easy to swipe on and be done with, and it’s pretty rare to find actual bright cream shadows. 

CK One is a brand I am fairly new to (I have a few products I need to post about still!) But their cream eyeshadows are a product I hadn’t tried before this one. I was at Ulta and saw they have a whole display for CK One and had a section for their summer line, which included three cream shadows, a green, blue, and beige. When I swatched them I wasn’t expecting the brightness of the packaging, but I was in for a surprise!

CK One Cream Shadows, Specifically Reef, are super bright and pigmented. It shows up nicely when applied to the lid, and dries down quickly to prevent creasing (I did have a tiny bit of creasing about a minute after I applied it, but I just smudged it out with my finger before it fully dried and it has been fine since). I’m really excited to use this as an eyeshadow base, because its so bright and pigmented and would really bump up the awesomeness of any lime greens. Check out photos and a swatch below!

CK green es 1CK green es 2CK green es 3


Available for $18 from Ulta.

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  1. Lauren L says

    Wow! This is a must have! I can’t wait to see how the blue swatches.

  2. kesa says

    Really amazing! I want see it in makeuplook! :)

  3. m says

    Dayum that’s amazing

  4. Sarah says

    Oh my gosh, I need to own that.

  5. sarah says

    i tried a sample of it and it also looks really nice and subtle when you do a light coat. It dries fast and doesn’t crease

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