China Glaze Naughty or Nice Polish Swatches

I got these in the mail about 2 hours ago. Do you know how RARE it is for me to do a blog post, swatches, AND a quick video about a product THAT QUICK? Obviously it must be something awesome! :)

I’ve wanted these since seeing swatches on my favorite nail blog, Scrangie. I got mine from because my other go-to nail polish sites (transdesign, head2toebeauty) were sold out of one of the colors I wanted. 8ty8 sold these for I believe $2.88 each and had all the colors and shipped the day after I ordered :) I bought all the colors except I believe 4, so here are swatches!!








LOVE!! It’s like Christmas in a bottle!


This one disappointed me. I thought it was going to be more red, but its more of a pink.







  1. Amber says

    Oh my god I’m in LOVE with these colors! They’re so gorgeous. I get excited just by looking at your swatches, Party Hearty is amazing!

  2. Suzie says

    I need to have Little Drummer Boy!!! Not so keen on Party Hearty on its own but it looks amazing on top of Jolly Holly!

  3. Natasha R.D.S says

    i really hope that you can ship theese out to Australia =)

  4. Courtney says

    Party Hardy needs to be in my life ASAP. Or at least before Christmas.

  5. Casey says

    No joke these colors are to DIEEE for. I have NEVER fell SO in love with ANY colors so much! They literally make me feel like it’s Christmas and gives that really warm feeling! LOVE!

  6. jennifer lee says

    very pretty i like the plum one!!

  7. Anna says

    OoOo…! These are gorgeous, spot-on holiday colours. :D

  8. Saphren says

    omg there so amazing lol i just got some halloween ones at sallys lol i loooove party hardy so cool :D i so wanna buy some now XD

  9. Sophie says

    Omg im so super excited about this giveaway!! hope to be one of the lucky winners :D

  10. Megan says

    So awesome of you to think of everyone else! Party Hearty looks wicked.

  11. Sarah says

    Thanks for the contest Leesha! XOXO

  12. Viv says

    the nail polishes look so gorgeous!! :)

  13. Melissa Baize says

    Wow, i looooove this set i dont think ive ever seen a set for christmas so perdy in my life. Where i live we dont have many beauty shops that would have this kind of stuff, like our stores do have these brands but they are behind like a whole season, and they usually dont put out holiday sets, not this good anyway. thanx for doing this kind of thing for all of us, you are such a sweet<3heart, i <3 being subD 2 you, keep doing your thang, and stay strong, and take care, :-)

  14. Bellyrockin says

    I absolutely love Party Hearty! In fact I’m currently love with all things sparkly and shimmery right now, but this one just shouts CHRISTMAS!

  15. Donna says

    The closing date for your polish competition is November 11th and that is Rememberance Day in Australia.

    I would love to remember November 11 by winning on your the gorgeous Xmas polish packs :)

  16. Casey L says

    I have always wanted to try out China Glaze nailpolishes, and the reds they’ve come out with look very wearable and soooo pretty. I love the whites and golds…all the colors of Christmas are just so warm and comforting :)

  17. Masquerade1727 says

    OMG these are such cute nail polishes!!! PERFECT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!
    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! :-) YAY!!!

  18. Vivian says

    The real tragedy is that you single-handedly made me addicted to nail polish with your essie mint candy apple last year. Now I’m checking scrangie every day for new swatches. Thank you? I am a green fanatic, also a glitter fanatic so party hearty is really just my vice.

  19. VcarpC93 says

    Heya, love these colours, especially Party Hearty, so unique and pretty :D

  20. Bethany says

    Love these colors! Especially party hearty. Thanks for the giveaway(:

  21. xcarriecx says

    Thanks for the swatches! I was deciding between a lot of these, and these pictures really helped me out.
    And I’d love to enter the contest!


  22. Jodi says

    i totally agree with you when you say “party hearty” is christmas in a bottle! i LOVE it!!

  23. Harper says

    Party Hearty reminds me of that one Sally Hansen colour, Strobe Light. I freaking LOVE that colour. Check it ou!

  24. Carmen Orsua says

    I really love how Party Hearty looks over the top ! I wouldn’t have thought to do this..but know now I will be using these combonations !!! TY for the idea!!!

  25. Donna Brooks says

    These are some of the prettiest colors I’ve ever seen! And just in time for the holidays! Yay!

  26. kelly says

    Thanks for the giveways !!! you are the best .!

  27. Cecily(: says

    These colours are amazing! They make me soo excited for Christmas<3

  28. Sarah says

    I am sooo in love with the gift set colors!!!

  29. NinjaKitten says

    So about the fact I love ur videos and I wish I found them earliercuz i deff could have used ur advice throughout highschool XPI tended to implement the dreded racoon eye! but yeah thats off topic, I <3 these colors, my 2 fave holidays are Christmas and Halloween!

  30. Kim says

    This totally made me even more excited for winter(: Jolly Holly is quite adorable <3 Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone!

  31. Autumn says

    These are gorgeous!! :D

  32. Autumn says

    I really like Peace on earth, Jolly Holly, and Little Drummer boy. :D Stunning!

  33. Amanda says

    Normally I don’t enter these things because I feel like I will never win, but these colors are just so awesome I felt like trying!

  34. Shelly says

    I love those christmasy colors! Very festive. =)

  35. Amy P says

    Great video and swatches, thanks for sharing!

  36. Shannon says

    I just recently started painting my nails again after literally YEARS of not doing it! These colors would be great to add to my small, but growing collection of polishes. So glad you are doing this contest Leesha and happy I entered. Hope I win!!

  37. amanda h says

    great video. i’d already seen these on scrangie’s blog, but i always love seeing other swatches. thanks!

  38. Shannon says

    .. Wow, Those are Pretty! SO Excited to see who wins!

  39. Kina says

    Ahhh!! I really hope I win one. Party Hearty looks amazing. I’d wear ALLL through december. :3 Maybe January too.

  40. Mae says

    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  41. jenny1124 says

    fun, especially that sparkly one :)

  42. Camille says

    love these! i already want it to be christmas :)

  43. Michelle says

    Party Hearty is amazing…but I feel like it would be easy to franken a dupe for it.

  44. Brittny says

    It would be awesome to win a set because you are anouncing the winners on my birthday!!!! It would be like birthday present from you to me ^.^ and China Glaze is my absolute favorite nail polish company! All of the Holiday colors are beautiful!

  45. Frances says

    Omg im in love :)))
    The colors r so gorgeous ! I want dem lols

  46. Haya E says

    party hearty looks amazing! haha you’re right! it is like christmas in a nailpolish… Love them :) Thanks for the giveaway!

    Hey Hey from Toronto :)

  47. Grace Chin says

    Party Hearty on top of Jingle Bells is sooo unique!!!!! LOVE ALLL OF THEM white is normally the last polish to go for but these two?!!! they’re sooo pretty!!!!!!

  48. Jennifer Henry says

    Party Hearty and Sugar Plums are definitely my favorites out of this collection.

  49. Michelle M says

    So glad you picked this set up, I thought most of the colors seemed great (especially Party Hearty!). Awesome to see which really lived up to my expectations. :D

  50. Meagan McNeill says

    I absolutely adore these colors! I always put coats of sparkle nailpolish on top of my neutral ones or just any of my other colors so I absolutely adore these combinations!

  51. Verena B says

    I think I’m in love. I need jolly holly and party hearty. need… where do I get them in Germany?

    Thank you for the lovely swatches and the giveaway!

  52. Alisa says

    hi leesha, ive entered twice by mistake ‘cos it didn’t work the first time round…pls dont disqualify me if my entry has gone twice! :) thanks a lot!

    1. Sophie says

      You can’t enter twice :) You only entered once.

  53. Cinda says

    Thanks for the swatches and giveaway Leesha :)

  54. Agueda says

    missletoe kisses and peace on earth are just lovely. thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Rachel says

    I love the contest entry form! So much better than having everyone spam the comment section haha

  56. MichaelaMK says

    Party Hearty looks so amazing! Thank you for the giveaway. When I don’t win one of them, I buy them :)
    Greetz vom Germany!

  57. Roberta111 says

    Thanks Leesha, you’re magic! *_*
    And anyway I hope that at least one of the sets will be won by an european fan, cause here is sooo hard to find China Glaze ail polishes (and if you can find them , u’ll pay them like 25 $)!!!
    You are amazing!!! Thank you <3

  58. Sarah Kaye says

    Thank you so much for thinking of us even while your Kiki is missing =[
    These are amazing Christmas colors, the new Halloween one’s were gorgeous too.
    I wish they didn’t skip from Halloween right to Christmas though, we already have all our Christmas decorations at work set up for Macy’s. Thanks again Leesha!

  59. lindsey says

    party hearty looks incredible!

  60. Emily says

    Thanks for the giveaway Leesha! Love the colours, Party Hearty looks wicked!! :D

  61. Annie says

    Lovely lovely colours! I also really like Sugar Plums, I’m such a sucker for purples haha.
    Thanks for doing another awesome give-away<3

  62. Annie says

    And any news on the Kiki front?

  63. Dagmar says

    omg!!! there are all amazing colour!! thanks a lot for the swatches and giveaway! you’re so great! you always think of us, that’s sooo lovely! i hope that kiki will be back very soon!!!!

  64. sian says

    is this contest international?
    and can you enter how many times you want or only once?

  65. Ola says

    Omg they r soo pretty ! I love the most is Jinggle Bells and Frosty . ; ))) Thanks for a Giveaway . <33

  66. Akmalina says

    I LOVE THE POLISHES! The combo that you made was pretttttty!

  67. BettyKali says

    Thank you for this contest!
    I love all the colors ^ ^
    I organize a little contest sigma on my blog, I am French but the competition is open internationally, you just have to leave a comment with your favorite brushes, and why?
    Also leave your username, and you had better luck if you share my support on facebook or your blog, leave the link in the comment!
    Also if you subscribe to the newsletter!
    Bye and thank you

  68. nicole says

    thank you for doing all this work for us.. buying the polish, swatching them, talking about them, then posting pictures. it helps all of us see the true colors and decide what we want without wasting so much money, i really appreciate it. thank you leesha <3

  69. Kalogiannopoulou Stavroula says

    Hiiiii!! Thanks for the swatches and the giveaway!! They’re all very beautiful!!

  70. Natalie says

    Gorgeous colours!
    I love all the polishes they are stunning!

  71. Connie says

    I really love the party-hearty (or is it party hardy? as long as it isn’t party hardly)
    Great contest!

  72. Katy says

    Thanks you for a great giveaway. I <3 Party Hearty !!!

  73. Recy says

    Wow those swatches are really nice especially party hardy. It looks really nice over those colors. Thank you for sharing these with us!

  74. aria says

    Party Heartyyyyy *_* OMG thats just amazing! *_*

  75. Bruselas says

    Thank you for thinking of us and never change your hart. I love this set, just beautiful!!!!!

  76. Melanie*Loves*Makeup says

    I love these! Sugar plums is soooo pretty! Peace on earth is also goregous! Not usually a color I would like but I strangely love it…

  77. Scarlett says

    These colours are GORGEOUS! <3

  78. Susan West says

    You are the sweetest I swear I love watching you on youtube!

  79. Ingveldur says

    Wow, it does look like christmas in a bottle

  80. Bridgette says

    Do you know if these sets will be available everywhere? Like at Ulta, because I know ulta does sets sometimes also!

  81. Amber says

    Wow Party hearty is such an amazing color!! OMG I have to have this …lol

  82. artntechluvr says

    I love this set! Enjoyed watching your videos and glad I subscribed. I’m looking forward to more I would love to win the nail polish, and definately glad to follow you. I hope you find your kitty. Thanks for being here!

  83. Magickalbecca says

    I just wish I could count all of the “Enter me”s on your youtube channel……LOL

  84. ilaria says


  85. Jackie says

    Loving these colors, especially the Party Hearty on top of the Jolly Holly. Yay!

  86. Alexa says

    Gorgeous colors ! Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year!

  87. Wynter says

    Hey xsparkage i just want to let you know ive been watching your videos forever now and i LOVE your makeup:) your ideas have helped me alot i love make up so much im going to school for cosmetolgy [if thats how you spell it] and Ive used some of your ideas on my friends and they love it:) Dont stop doing what your doing your amazying at it:) and I love how you connect with your viewers. So thank you for shareing your very amazing talent with youtube:) lovedarkpixie10

  88. Mootjuh says

    WOW, thoose colors are amazing :) i love little drummer boy, wauw :) and the 2 colors with party hearty on top it looks so cute :D

  89. 0HJOANNNE says

    Those are pretty. :) So digging Jingle Bells.

  90. Grissele Ruacho says

    I love the nail polishes! They’re all beautiful colors, but Party Hardy is my favorite out of all of them! Every single time i shop around for nail polishes I always end up getting glittery polishes. They’re my favorite. They’re fun and pretty. :]

  91. Angela says

    Beautiful nail polishes! :)

  92. jess says

    love all the colours! gorgeous!

  93. NicoleEliz21 says

    jingle bells looks SO pretty. might just buy it!

  94. coral says

    holy balls! party hearty is the best thing in the world. i need to go get this whole freakin collection.

  95. LaVonnia says

    My birthday is November 11th, so winning this would the best present ever <3.

  96. JuscallmeBrandy says

    omg!!!!!! I am super xcited about these holiday colors!!!! They are all super gorgeous…I am also on a super strict budget, so I hope to win the gift set!!!….:)

  97. Deanna says

    Sugar Plum is the prettiest color imo.

  98. Christia says

    I love Party Hearty and Mrs. Claus they look very christmas-y

  99. Laura says

    <3 you Leesha!

  100. Mrs. Purple Rain says

    Peace on Earth, Party Hearty and Sugar Plums are to die for.

    1. Danny says

      I completely agree with you!
      I love how they came out and I’d kill for Sugar Plums lol.
      The Peace on Earth has got to be my most favorite green though, it just screems earthy to me. The Party Hearty…. Theres just no way to discribe how wonderful it looks alone and over something else. Personally, I’d probably put it over Little Drummer Boy!

  101. Lea Sophie says

    I really love frosty and jingle bells. They all look amaying :)

  102. PersnicketyHall says

    Thanks doll! :)

  103. Nancy says

    Does this giveaway include UK?? I LOVE party hearty!!

  104. Sarah says

    I LOVE Phat Santa, I’m a sucker for reds!

  105. Krukovka says

    All colors are so beautiful! I like them all)))

  106. Jessica Rabbit says

    Ohhhh I’m swooning right now. See this is me swooning. Those three are my favs… plus jingle bell, but those three I want. Thanks for the giveaway Leesha.

  107. Heather says

    :) lovely nail varnishes!

  108. Erica says

    i hope this was the form you was talking about :P

    also, these were my 3 favourite colours as soon as i saw them!

    1. Erica says

      ignore this lol, my internet was going crazy :P
      is this open in the uk?

  109. Anna says

    party hearty is amazing!!!

  110. Pat says

    LOVE IT!

  111. Helen says

    The colours look so pretty! I love Christmas!

  112. ada says

    party hearty on top of jolly holly reminds me of a christmas tree :D

  113. Celeste says

    These colors are amazing for Christmas!

  114. janette says

    hello!! do you know how much is the shipping for the 8ty8beauty website?? i really wwant to know like around how much. cus i know it depends on weight n destination.

  115. Kirsty says

    Enter Me

  116. jacquelineboo says


  117. mindy meiring says

    hey Leesha, love the polishes, gotta say party hearty is one of my favs! :)

  118. LaVonnia says

    ENTER ME !!! <333

  119. GIselle says

    Please enter me for your giveaway Leesha! Those colors are gorgeous!

  120. Laura says

    I saw these polishes on Scrangie’s site too and LOVE THEM :D Entering the giveaway but if I don’t win I’m def heading down to my Sally’s and hope they’re there!

  121. SABRINA says


  122. Heather says

    i love these!!! hope i win =]

  123. Didy.c says

    i lovee the sett <3<3
    amazing colors :):)

  124. Marisa says

    Ahhh! These are so awesome!
    My nails are NEVER naked, so these colours would make for some awesome experimentation!

  125. Melissa Green says

    I really like the sugar plums polish very pretty!!

  126. Emma says

    Thanks so much for doing this Leesha :D you’re great! :) i really love jolly holly and mistletoe kisses :D

  127. Lisa says

    Enter me I don’t see a form .

  128. Lisa says

    Enter me I don’t see a form .

  129. Taliyah b says

    i soo love the colors…..all of them. Every year i go and help the less fortunate and im soo suprised at how many kids r there…so i would just like to make them feel like little holiday princesses(i have stuff for the boys…toys etc.) but thanks for the giveaway :)

  130. tessa says

    I want my first China Glaze polishes to be from Leesha <3

  131. Nynke says

    Wow! Those Christmas colours are gorgeous :D i guess it’s time for some first China glaze polishes in my life :D

  132. Michelle says

    love them <3

  133. Kileen says

    such gorgeous colors! perfect for the holidays!

  134. Danielle says

    yay! I never owned china glaze before! Let’s see if I’ll be lucky to own some of my own :)
    thanks for my chance at winning! <3

  135. Ines Oliveira says

    OMG! This nail polishes are soooo amazing. I hate the fact that we didn´t have this here in Portugal. The kit is really amazing… I love it!

  136. iihannahx says

    ahh! i only found your youtube today! i wish i had found it sooner! oh and the nailpolishes are soo cool! i love the party hearty one :)

  137. Courtney Laine says

    Hey Leesha, I love your vids! You do great and this website is put together amazingly :) Good luck throughout the year!

  138. SnowFairy05 says

    I love the Sugar Plums ! It’s so pretty!!!
    Thank you Leesha for this :)

  139. Sharay says

    These are absolutely beautiful! I couldnt agree more on the ‘Party Hardy’ being my absolute favorite (Its a christmas wonderland)! So im keeping my fingers crossed on winning. These I got to have. :-)

  140. Anna says

    Peace on earth, party hearty, misseltoe kisses and mrs clause are awesome!!! But really in the end I adore them all.
    I saw these on scrangie’s blog as well (if ya’ll haven’t check her out you have to,, she’s awesome) but oh man when she posted those swatches I was speechless throughout the whole display of pictures. I didn’t breath for like 2 minutes hahaha

  141. Diana says

    love these colors! enter me :)

  142. Jannet says

    wow i like the colors :D this colors are really nice :D

  143. RainyBoutique says

    Oooo!!! Look at that gift set… I’m drooling. *wipes mouth* Phat Santa and Jolly Holly rock my world!

  144. peace out i love you says

    omg ur vidoes and blogs are AMAZING!!!!!! and these nail polish colors are so chic!!! i love them!!!

  145. Sandra says

    Holy Crap >.<
    Thank you for this contest!

    I have been waiting for these forever,
    and I hope I win,
    cause I have to order all China Glaze nail polishes online :((

  146. Mrs.Newton says

    How stinkin’ pretty are those colors!!! I love deep Christmasy colors! Burgundys and dark hunter-ish greens. <3<3<3 them!!!

    Good luck to everyone…including me…lol

  147. J. Holmes says

    I love the Snow and Phat Santa! Beautiful colors :)

  148. Linzee Gair says

    I have NEVER seen a polish with such sparkle!

  149. JenniJenJen says

    Hi Leesha!

    Hate to be a pain but I have visited this page like 4-5 at least! And every time I try to see if there is a form bellow I don’t see a thing! Don’t know if its just me! I want to enter but it looks like the odds aren’t in my favor! help?!

    thank youuuuu <3

    ps: I agree with you Party Hearty needs to be on my nails for the entire Month of december, no kidding!

  150. AshleyRose says

    I entered and i hope i win! These colors are beautiful! I agree with you the frosty is really pretty. but I really like all the colors that come in that package!

  151. saraaa says

    these are the coolest (and prettiest) nail polishes i’ve ever seen! good luck to everyone that entered (:

  152. Ally B. says

    omg i LOVE these colors. ive always loved painting my nails and these colors are so cute. Leesha u are the best!! thanx SO much for giving these away. I LOVE THESE COLORS!!!! and party hearty is really like Christmas in a bottle!!!

  153. Saskia says

    OMG they look so great! My Favs are Jingle Bells, Peace on Earth, Jolly Holly and Party Hearty! :D
    And you are right, Party Hearty looks like Christmas in a bottle, so nice!
    Thanks for sharing those great Swatches with us.

  154. Lisa says

    Wow, great nailpolishes ! Thanks for this great giveaway ! :)

  155. Breeyan says

    these colors are beautiful !!! I feel in love with all of them . thankyou so much for doing the giveaway , good luck to everyone<3 and happy holidays !!!

  156. Jojjo says

    I love that party hearty!
    Wan’t to have it now!

  157. NinjaKitten says

    The winner will be annouced 18 days before my birthday, how exciting! =^.^=

  158. Veralyn Bautista says

    Please do enter me. Those are sooo lovely! :) <3
    Love everything! :)

  159. Shortstuff says

    AHHH, too cute! I entered, but really in hopes for my 6-year-old daughter. She’s just getting into makeup, and nail polish now, and this would be awesome for her! Okay, okay, for me, too! ;] I hear a mani-pedi day is in our future!

  160. Heli'?beauties says

    i’m you follower.
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

    I’ve added you on my side bar.
    i’m also having a giveaway, if you have time drop by!!

    have a nice day

  161. Saffi says

    nice giveaway :D this set looks really nice
    i didnt see if it was international or not so just dis count me if it isnt international :)
    i love seeing new blogs :D

  162. Stavroula Plag says

    Such pretty colors!! :) Thank you so much for doing this giveaway :) x

  163. April Claire says

    These are GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for doing this giveaway! <3

  164. Leeshy says

    when will the winners be announced? :)

  165. ann says

    so saaaad that i didn’t win..but congrats to the others!^_^

  166. yoshimi says

    I really like Frosty, Missletoe Kisses, and Sugar Plums… otherwise, ehh.

  167. EllesBeautyBox says

    Thanks for this post! I am in LOVE with Party Hearty and I bought most of these colors to rock this Holiday Season! Thanks for posting so I can be festive all the way to Christmas love!

  168. Mellisa says

    How pretty. I’ve ordered from that site before and I got my polishes very quick. Impressive holiday colors. I hope I get the chance to experience the colors just like you… tis the season. I’ve been holding off on getting some hoping that I do win :)

  169. Morgan says

    Love Your Videos!! :)

  170. Lena says

    Wow, they are very nice XD When I first saw the video I thought the Party Hearty glitter would be circles, not hexagons or what they look from the closeup! So nice :D
    All of them look cool and christmast-y XD

  171. double strollers says

    Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is excellent, let alone the content!

  172. darian bear says

    I would really LOVE if i won this i have been in love with china glaze nail polishes for years and have been doing these contest for 5 years i never won anything i really hope i win this ! !!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. darian bear says

    by the way i love/ watch ALL YOUR VIDEOSSSSSSS !<3

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