China Glaze Crackle Polish Collection & Giveaway!

An innovative technology that allows you to play with a wide array of color combinations and achieve an edgy, new wave look. This unique formula was developed to give your nails a “crackled” design over traditional nail color. Contrasting colors are used one over the other to achieve a deconstructed shattered look that takes place right before the eyes.. Are you ready to CRACKLE?

cgcrackleCrushed Candy, Broken Hearted, Fault Line, Black Mesh, Cracked Concrete, Lightening Bolt

cgcrackleBroken Hearted, Crushed Candy, Fault Line, Cracked Concrete (Over China Glaze Millenium)

cgcrackleBlack Mesh, Lightening Bolt (Over China Glaze Millenium and Zoya Raven

I am loooving this nail trend!  These are so fun, and such an easy way to get a really unique look. To use these, you simply apply the crackle polish over a regular nail polish that has completely dried, and the crackle happens right after its put on the nails. My favorite way to apply these is completely random in every direction with very little polish on the brush, versus applying it like normal polish, as this gives the crackle a bit more of a shattered, random look, where as if you apply it like normal polish, the cracks tend to be quite linear and cracks in a rectangle form. Also, the more polish you use, the less cracking you’ll get.

These should be available in Sally’s and other retailers in March. If you’re interested, I’d call your stores and find out an exact date, as these are bound to be EXTREMELY popular and sell out fast (most of the e-tailers sold out with the PREsale!!)

Fill out the form below (do not leave a comment entering, you need to film out the form! If you leave a comment, you will not be entered) to be entered to win one of the six China Glaze crackle polishes! Fill out your name, email (it’s best if you use the email you check most often, I can’t tell you how many times people win but use an email they don’t check & I never hear back from them!) and then pick the color you want most from the drop down list. I will try my best to send the color you want, but please keep in mind that I only have one of each and it may not be possible.

Contest will run from February 22 to March 8th. Open internationally. One entry per person, Good luck!!


  1. Amanda says

    I bought these at my local Sally’s yesterday and they only had a few left. I’d highly recommend that everyone check with their Sally’s now before it’s too late.

    1. hdmccloud says

      i did sunday and we r already sold out:(

  2. Evi says

    which one do you like better – this one or the one from OPI?

    1. Leesha says

      honestly theyre very similar. if you have one you dont need the other

    2. Jena says

      I bought the opi one last week and it works great!! I just bought the purple one from China Glaze today, and I’m on my 3rd try to make it look good lol. you have to get just the right amount on or it’s either see-thru or won’t crack.

      I definitely like the OPI one better, but I like that these come in more colors

  3. Cassy says

    These have looked different on every person I have seen review them. I kind of love it. And I’m still rooting for purple to be the best (at what, I don’t know) Gooooo Purple!

    1. Leesha says

      thats the cool thing about them, they always show up differently :)

  4. Saroun says

    I hope my nearest Sally have them if not I’m going to be super sad.

  5. Spectrum Personae says

    these are lovely! can’t wait to get them all *__* i like the pattern, it’s very different from the others i’ve seen ^^
    thanks for the giveaway leesha *fingers crossed*

  6. Gina says

    You are the only person that I have seen Fault Line work on, do you think its because you applied it in random directions? Either way, looks great!

    1. Leesha says

      yup, and an EXTREMELY sheer coat.

  7. Tamsin says

    I loooove broken hearted, so cute :D what a great giveaway x

  8. Lúcia says

    How funny, I’m just painting my nails right now :P

  9. Elissa says

    i loveeee crackle polishes. i need these now! :D

  10. Michaela says

    I would like the pink one. Broken hearted, I think it was? :)

  11. Emma Lou says

    crackled concrete x

  12. kirti karki says

    i would love to try the color black mesh.

  13. Jesse says

    the black one please =]

  14. Hannah says

    i do not know if its because im in the uk, but i havent seen these nail polishes anywhere, appart from this video for the first time haha. they look amazing.

    1. Leesha says

      apparently barry m sells similar polish :)

  15. Ker says

    I went to my local Sally’s last night and asked them about these. They said that had just gotten the shipment in that day, and the lady went ahead and sold them to me.

  16. Jessica Arndt says

    I’ve been addicted to new nail polishes lately in fun colors & I’m not that great at doing designs myself, so this seems like an awesome alternative to getting some unique nails. Thanks for the reviews!

  17. Mary says

    cracked concrete is really pretty :)

  18. Elizabeth says

    I would love to try the purple one, Fault Line, seems really pretty.

  19. Triny says

    I’m super stoked for these polishes. If only I had the money to buy them myself :( Because I’d buy all of them.

    So kind of you to do a giveaway :) I can’t wait for the results.

  20. Arielle says

    I would love Black Mesh, Broken Hearted or Lightning Bolt!

  21. Astrid says

    I love the gray one! So pretty!

  22. Evvy says

    I want the purple one!

  23. victoria says

    I love these colors

  24. Shannon says

    Love ’em! :D

  25. Looooooooool says

    You can buy the entire set of these on Amazon for only $30!!!!!!! Don’t be dumb and pay big money for single bottles on eBay. Just buy the entire set and sell the ones you don’t want in a few months when they’re out of stock for 10-15 bucks each on eBay!!! That makes them only $5 each (shipping is like $6) if you buy the set on Amazon. There are a bunch of users that sell the entire set

  26. Yazmin says

    Heyy Leesha!! I love these nail polishes, they’re so cool, and i think you’re amazing for doing a giveaway. I live in england and they sell a similar product from Barry M… i did a post on it on here

    Loving the BLUE one! Yay!! :D

  27. Fatima says

    i would love the broken hearted! <3

  28. Jessica says

    Hey Leesha!
    I couldn’t get my hands on the OPI one but these ones look awesome! I would love the turquoise one- crushed candy.

  29. Drea says

    I would <3 broken hearted sooooo much. I've been dying to get my hands on these. I love the crackled look.

  30. Stephanie says

    Love these!

  31. zoily says

    I remember back in the days they had this cracked nail polish. It came out for Halloween. Those were the days.

  32. Pei says

    Saw your video, a lot of my friends are getting these too. They’re so cool! I’d love to get my hands on crushed candy!!

  33. Stacie Gray says

    I’m not sold on the whole cracked polish fad, it’s more of a tween thing i’m thinking. I could never see myself wearing or buying it!

  34. Caysi Bogan says

    omg i LOOOVE how those polishes look!!!

  35. Ashlii says

    Hi! I want to enter to comp, but i need to know first. Do you ship to Australia? Because that is where I live.

    Thanks Lessha!

    (To people that can afford to by China Glaze take a look at BYS brand cracked nail polishes. They come in a 2 pack with a base, the crack and a top coat for like ten bucks. Just search them online, I have like two lots of them and they look so cool when there done. And you can put on a think coat or a thin coat unlike these.)

    1. Ashlii says

      my email was typed wrong the first time, please reply to this one. thanks Lessha.

  36. Alexis says

    I would like the Pink one!! its so pretty and pink is my fav color!

  37. Mary says

    black mesh

  38. Vijaya says

    I just bought most of these to review. I’m still waiting to get them though. <3

  39. Sadie says

    I love all of these a ton! Id love to have the gray if I win!

  40. shireen says

    I’ve been trying to find these for forever and no luck:( i really hope i could win one!

  41. Caitlin says

    I’m so excited about these collection! I wanted the OPI version but no where near me sells OPI (I wasn’t driving an hour for the polish either) but a Sally’s just opened up in my town this pas fall. I hope they have it!!

  42. Catherine Gaitanakis says

    Hi Leesha :)

  43. melissa says

    I purchased all of these through an etailer on amazon! My favorite combos right now are broken hearted over any bright yellow, or over a metallic glittery blue/teal/aqua color. Most of these colors with the exception of the purple are cream, so putting them over glittery shimmery shades adds much more variety and contrast!! I think the black looks good over baby blue and most lighter colors!! I cant stop staring at my fingers!

  44. Magdalena says

    I think I would like the black mesh one the best, but it really doesn’t matter. (:

  45. Janeen Wilkey says

    I would to get Broken Hearted

  46. Elena says

    the pink one!!! :p
    thanks :)

  47. Dayanne M. says

    I LOVE the crushed candy one like no other. I fell in love at first sight!

  48. amanda says

    they are all amaaazing but i absolutely love the cracked cement one!

  49. Cletta says

    I like the gray one great giveaway

  50. gina stern says

    i love the pink

  51. Jenny Vu says

    I LOVE the crushed candy one, it’s beautiful!

  52. Rachael says

    I love the cracked concrete one so much! thanks for having this contest!

  53. A says

    Hey just heads up, I just bought these at Ulta today, so I guess they’re in some stores already.

  54. Frances says

    Awh…the blue one is so cute! Love tht oneee:D

  55. Javy says

    these look so cool! im dying to get my hands on them :))

  56. Jessica says

    Hey I hope I win coz the polish is for my mum :)

  57. KurisuNeko says

    Thank you so much!
    I am in love with the cracked concrete one, but probably won’t be able to buy it, so thank you again!

  58. vsanchez55 says

    If you really want to try a crackle nail polish, but don’t want to spend too much money, you should really check out Mia Secret Crackle Nail Polish. You can find it super cheap on Amazon in several colors

  59. Jenny says

    Hey Leesha,

    Barry M have a black crackle polish that has been out for ages. I think it is much better than the Black Mesh.

  60. Alessia says

    Nice! I’ve the white and black from Layla comsetics.
    but Crushed Candy from China Glaze it’s very nice!

  61. Stacie Marie says

    I love love love! the black I think it would look amazing over many different colors!

  62. crakho3 says

    i should win cuz my NAME is crak :D

  63. Alecia says

    They are all amazing but I really like fault line!!

  64. Hannah Jones says

    the gray one is lovely!!!!

  65. Msfraisedesbois says

    I would Love to win The blue one
    Love your vids

  66. Mariam says

    I loved Cracked Concrete ..

  67. dietcokemad says

    Hi ya,

    Great video!!

    I love the concrete and Broken Hearted

  68. dietcokemad says

    Liquid lightening is pefect!!!

  69. Robyn says

    I can’t wait to go and find the polishes @ stores! Wouldn’t it be cool to put a slate gray normal polish,then the cracked concrete crackely one over that,then the blue one, and then a topcoat over that

  70. Sarah Buchanan says

    i’d love the black or pink one :)

  71. Alice says

    i really like crushed candy.. or broken hearted :D

  72. Carrie Cole :) says

    I entered for the Black Mesh one. I wish i didnt live in such a small town so i could get my hands on all of the colors, i have some what of a nail polish addiction!!! :D

  73. Linda says

    i lovee those nail polishes, i live in mexico so i think they will be available earlier there than here :) thanks! :)

  74. varsha says

    i love those nail polishes… thanks! :)
    think pink….

  75. Shirley says

    cracked concrete please! Thank you so much :)

  76. fizza says

    lovely :))) pink is just wow

  77. nathalie says

    wow i love them! can’t wait for them to come to the stores in Holland.

  78. Emily says

    All the colours are goregous and I really loved your video review of all the crackles, especially on silver :) I think my fav is the crushed candy one

  79. chelsey says

    with the cracked effects, can you top coat them?

    1. Whitney says


  80. Rachel says

    I’ve always wanted the black mesh

  81. Rachel says

    I like the pink one! :)

  82. Casey says

    I think the Katy Perry Black Shatter nail polish has a better shattered effect, but these are cool too :)

  83. Sydney says

    I would love to have the black one since you can use it on pretty much every color :)

  84. Michelle says

    I absolutely love the crushed candy polish!

  85. Amanda says

    I absolutley love the liquid lightning!

  86. Michelle says

    These are really cool but if they are going to be really popular than that defeats the purpose of buying them, at least for me anyway’s.

  87. mollie says

    broken hearted is really pretty!! lovee your videos and website! :)

  88. Geo says

    I would love to win broken hearted :) Thank you so much for your videos and for having this giveaway :)

  89. Jimena5683Nick says

    I would like the black one =]! and thank you :)!!

  90. Giovanna says

    oh My GOSH!!!! this is soo cool!!! they are all so pretty>.<! but i think i want the….BLACK ONE!:D since black goes good with almost anything! ^-^ THANKS! UR THE BEST!

  91. Bianca says

    Omgg I fell in Love with fault line ! :) Thank you for the opportunity in this giveaway.

  92. Dina says

    Does any one knows where I buy China Glaze nail polishes in Québec?
    I tried to find the O.P.I. Black Shatter but it is out ouf stock in every retailer!

  93. Ximena says

    I like the green and the black, but any of those is fine. Thanks

  94. Allie says

    I love the pink! <3

  95. Nimo says

    I love Pink and White :) Thanks for the review!

  96. Kristin says

    These are still on sale on Amazon…so if you’re having trouble finding them at e-tailers check out Amazon…I just bought two of them and there are still lots left!

    1. Kimberly says

      THANK YOU so much for suggesting! I just ordered the whole collection except the black because i already have opi black shatter. Ahh I am so excited…I thought I wouldn’t be able to buy them this time. (:

  97. shayde says

    please enter me to win, these are so cool. will they be selling them in canada as well as the states?
    i would like Cracked Concrete; but if thats all ready taken Crushed Candy and Lightening Bolt would have to be my next choices :P thanks

  98. Neidi says

    Back mesh is lovely <3

  99. JENN says

    I love the Cracked concrete!

  100. Mila says

    love this trend ^^
    thank you!

  101. Sharon says

    Can i please have the Broken Hearted! XD

  102. Nicolina says

    I Love that pink! It’s super pretty! <3

  103. Ashley says

    Def digging the pink :) I will be checking when these hit stores!

  104. AmandaGreathouse says

    Back in the late nineties when I was just starting Junior high, they had some of this, but it was navy blue, and I think it was Wet’n’Wild. It’s nice to see it coming back.

  105. adinussa says

    totally broken hearted <3

  106. Sara Hall says

    I really would like the white or the pink. I do peoples nails all the time and it’s hard to get that look with just normal nail polish. I’d REALLY like to win. Thanks.

  107. Giovanna says

    I would love Broken Hearted! Thanks :)

  108. Kerry says

    Cracked Concrete

  109. linag says

    i really like the crushed candy one the best but the others are prettynice too (:

  110. Elba Marina says

    I love broken hearted and crushed candy! Any one Would be fantastic though! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  111. Olivia says

    I like the black & pink! I love the the shatter effect it`s soo cool! :p

  112. Beth says

    i LOVE the Silver one, its absoloutly gorgeous<3

  113. alicia says

    i love the pink ♥

  114. dasom says

    broken hearted :)

  115. Reilah escudero says

    Cracked concrete

  116. Annelise says

    Love love love the white!! Lighting Bolt FTW

  117. reilah escudero says

    cracked concrete pls

  118. Mia says

    Broken Hearted &Fault Line look gorgeous!

  119. Julia says

    I would love the black one !

  120. haannah says

    Thank-you so much for the oppurtunity! I love your videos! Also, thank you for taking the time to make the videos!
    ps.. the broken hearted one is my faveee! (I submited to that colour) :)
    thanks again! <3

  121. sunchitza says

    Love the polishes, gray and purple the most, greets from Italy

  122. ginelly says

    OMG i have looked everywhere for the China Glaze and they are always sold out. Hope i get a chance to win and i love the cracked concrete and the broken hearted both definately my favorite .

  123. T'Kia r says

    If u Choose me (i reall really hope) i can have any color(:

  124. catherine says

    your a true insperaiton and artist evry thing i have learned i learned from you :)
    ps: the china glaze look is awsome

  125. Mirthe says

    hahaha shut up! I know, they are always sold out. When I first heard they finally sold crackle polish here in The Netherlands, i jumped around! :P And now every time i go to the shop for the amazing polish, it’s sold out! I hate that so much. Cause it looks so awesome! i love them all, but I think black is just a good basic colour that works with every colour (: xx

  126. Tay says

    OMG the broken hearted is absolutely beautiful, it looked amazing on your nails, to be honest, there all beautiful and prettyful <3 ;3
    goodluck for whoever entered!!! <3

  127. priscilla says

    omg! theses are so cool. i love each and everyone,but if i had to chose i’d say the pink and black. love ya vids on youtube keep posting i love watching and trying it for myself

  128. Emily says

    These nail polishes are so amazing and pretty! ive tried getting them but i couldnt find them! I love every color and i think there all amzinng

  129. Nicole Chau says

    i love the blue one!! please enter me in your contest:)

  130. Reema says

    Can a broken hearted win Broken Hearted Pleaseeeee!!!

  131. Reema says

    Ahhhh so dumb just realised comps finished!! :[

  132. Anna Marie says

    I’d like Crushed Candy :)

  133. lori says

    is this over? ehh whatever..i love the crushed candyyy

  134. Wynter says

    i would like the white,blue or pink :)

  135. Sabrina says

    I would love to win Lightening Bolt! :) Thx for doing this love!

  136. Jennie says

    I like the grey one

  137. emily says

    Green and gray are my favorite!! :)

  138. Sytine says

    I WANT THE PURPLE ONE! <3 X 1,000,000

  139. amanda says

    I just noticed your winners for the crackle nail polish were posted. I think I may be a winner but I didn’t get an e-mail?

  140. Annie says

    I would love the Crushed Candy <3

  141. elly says

    i luvv the pink damn i didnt see the competition earlier i would have loved to add this to my collection

  142. louvina says

    hello i really like to win the pink one. i love it and its my favorite color. and i never tried to win any of the giveaways in youtube. i hope you will going to pick me :) thank you

  143. Annie Keo says

    I am loving the color Broken Hearted! so If I were to win, I’d like to get that color.PLEASE! and thank you.

  144. Courtney says

    I would love to win the cracked concreek! (the grey one) I have been loving it for sooo long and would be happiwer then anyone to win the gray one!

    1. idil says

      purple please
      my birthday is in8 days

    2. Sasha says

      it my birthday i would REALLY REALLY want the crush candy one please

    3. Kamilla says

      i would love to have Broken Hearted please :))

    4. Amanda says

      I would love to win Crushed Candy!

    5. Janki Amin says

      Would love to win black crackled. Let’s check if my luck wins :)

      1. Karen Cheng says

        I would LOVEE the black crackle polish! I dont have any crackle polishes yet so I would love to win that! thanks :3

  145. Josefina says

    i would love to win the purple color!!

  146. Kristina Lee says

    Hi there! I would really love to win the white one. But honestly I don’t care which color I just want a crackling polish xD thanks so much for this opportunity! :D

  147. nADIA says


  148. Milani Kyaw says

    Hi I would really like to win the pink one, I have been dying to get that one but they were sold out at my local ulta and sally’s beauty. Thank you for the giveaway =)

    1. Jonell Matthews says

      I would LOVE the purple one! Just saw you on Youtube for the first time b/c I was looking for reviews on the OPI/China Glaze shatter/crackle polishes. Thanks for doing this!

  149. Bridget McPeck says

    I would like to win the pink polish :) thanks

    1. Elisa says

      same here love pink!!!!!! i really want it so i hope u consider me for the pink!! thanks

  150. Princess Watts says

    I would like to win the Crushed Candy polish!

  151. Loopyleah says

    Hello :) , By the way i just wanna say i love your videos , The nail polish I would like to win is Cracked Concrete beacuse its a different colour then anything i have in my collection thank you !

  152. Kristina K says

    I really liked your videos, you made it look super easy to apply. These look wicked awesome!!! I really like the Broken Hearted pink! it looks amazing on top of your silver paint and I think it really brings out its effect. I’d absolutely LOVEEEEEEE to win this nail polish…if I dont I may be BROKEN HEARTED <3

    Thanks for this opportunity! :)

  153. Sarah Mckendrick says

    I would love the pink or the black please or any colour if not spoken for.Thanks!

  154. Saroosh says

    “Contest will run from February 22 to March 8th.”

  155. Devon says

    I love the light blue i forget the name lol but i realy like it :{D

  156. Elisa says

    i want any color avalible or if i do have a choice the pink thanks!!!

  157. Anna says

    I would like the Crushed Candy one please. =D

  158. Kelli Leigh! says

    I would looooooove the crushed candy !
    Please&&Thank you.

  159. Vickie says


  160. micki says

    i would like to win the green looking color,i happen to like that color.

  161. Muni says

    Hii i watch alllll of your video i cud call my self a fan haha. Um i fell in love with the pink polish
    :) thank you forrrr thiss awseommme giveaway. I probably wont win though i never win anything lol but worth a try :))) p.s keep making more vidds

  162. Maddy says

    I really want the pink one plz. I actually never one anything but I can try. Thx!!

  163. sammie says

    pink for me

  164. ela marie says

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee the pink onee but alll the colors are preettyy:)

  165. anette moreno says


  166. Anju says

    I would like to try silver color please. thx

  167. Delia Crews says

    I really LOVE the Broken Hearted [ the pink one ]….It would be awsome if I won it!!I looks so pretty.I would really would like to try Broken Hearted!!

  168. july says

    plz the purple one plz

  169. veronica says

    i would like to have the black mesh or crushed candy please :D

  170. Christine says

    i would like to have the purple one.

  171. beckie says

    i would love the pink one or any other other color. your choice! :)

  172. pavani says

    crushed candy plz my b’day on 11th dec

  173. charmaine says

    i would like the cracked concrete please:) i really hope i can get it cause it really matches my nail polish colour:))

  174. Michelle Fallie says

    I always wonted the Crackle polish I would love to have the pink 1 badly:(

  175. Kim Jean Marie says

    i would like to win the pink. please

  176. rebekah.f says

    i would like the pink or white one please. if not spocken for.

  177. Abby Paradis says

    Black please~!

  178. Delia says

    I really liked the broken hearted the way it crackled.

    1. Delia says

      I think my daughter would really like this color she is always trying new nail polish.

  179. heather hodges says

    My name is Heather Hodges. Email is I would love to have cracked concrete

  180. Kelsey Harpole says

    All my friends have this nail polish and i just watched your video because i was trying to get some reviews on the Broken Hearted pink one because it looks really cool over white/silver nail polish… so i would really apriciate it if i won the giveaway! Oh and my twin Kendall is the one who told me about the video!

  181. Sarah says

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEESHA I AM A TEN YEAR OLD ANY YOU ARE MY GO2GIRL WHEN IT COMES TO BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. Preet says

    i love the crushed candy..but all of them were good except the purple and white as you mentioned..

  183. Sarah says

    Crushed Candy is the cutest out of the bunch, but they are all pretty cool

  184. Delia Momeni says

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