China Glaze “Colors From The Capital” Hunger Games Collection Preview

EEEE!! There has been loads of talk going back and forth about China Glaze doing a collection based off of The Hunger Games- some talk saying its for sure, others saying that it was going to happen, but CG backed out. I just got an official email with a swatch photo, so I guess that answers the rumors!

I’m a huge Hunger Games fan, and have read all the books and have been excited about the movie being made since they started casting. I think this is the first movie that I’ve been excited about since before the actors were even cast, so it’s pretty special for me! If you haven’t read the books, specifically the first one, I totally recommend it. I read it without really understanding what the story was about, it probably for the better, because it’s definitely not a story I would have initially thought I would love!

The collection is called “Colors from the Capitol” and features shades that showcase just that. Personally I thought the colors would be a bit brighter, as the book describes the capitol as being just about neon and super lavish, but I guess we see that in the last row of colors!

CG Hunger Games


What do you think?



  1. Angel says

    Loving Agro and Riveting. <3

    1. sadie says

      Me to

  2. Shannon Dean says

    I think they are supposed to represent each of the 12 districts… but I would like them named that way!!

    1. Jennifer says

      Well it’s the “Colors from the Capital” collection. But I agree. They should’ve done a “Panem” collection and had a color representing each district. It would’ve been way cooler.

      1. Mimi says

        They actually did, 12 colors, 12 districts. Luxe and Lush is D-1(luxury items) Agro is 11(agriculture) Hook and Line is 4(Fishing) and so on.

        1. Allie says

          I actually think harvest moon is 11.

          1. badkitty says

            Harvest Moon is for D-9 (grain)

  3. hannabeez says

    these colours actually look amazing. it’s a more unique take on the capitol rather than just the neons i think!

  4. Rachel says

    I definitely agree with you, the colors should have been brighter. When I heard about this collection I thought it would be more lavish! I thought I read they were going to do a collection about the capital and another about Panem and the districts specifically, but maybe not. The last row is nice, but the names don’t even seem to fit that much. Hmm I’m kind of disappointed.

    1. sophia says

      From what I heard is that each color represents each district, 12 districts, 12 polishes. The districts come from the Capitol (not really but you should get what I mean) hence why the collection is called ‘Colors from the Capitol’. If you read the names and think back to the book you should be able to tell what district the polish stands for. Luxe and Lush could be for district one. Hook and Line for district 4. Electrify for 3. Dress me up for 8. Stone cold for 12. Or smoke and ashes… maybe harvest moon for 11. Just my thoughts. I very well could be wrong.

  5. Shari says

    I’m a bit dissapointed they didn’t include a polish that represented Katniss’ dress at her interview – something like a bright red glitter with blue/yellow flashes, it would have been a must have for me! I’ll have to wait and see what the actual swatches are like before I decide if I want to buy them or not.

    1. Courtney says

      Luxe and Lush over Riveting may be close to that

  6. Marian says

    Super excited. The colors are great especially agro. I wish it were an OPI collection because I’m really not a CG fan. None the less I’m excited.

    1. Sarah says

      I was thinking the exact same thing! OPI also tends to have more fun names. Still loving the collection though

  7. Jenny says

    I love the four colours on the bottom row. Very pretty and sparkly :D

  8. Nora says

    They should have named it colors from Panem or something. Anyway, extremely excited about the collection and can’t wait for it to come out. :D

  9. Kelly says

    Such amazing colours, can’t wait for swatches, so I can decide what to buy

  10. Martina says

    Ive never had an interest in nail varnish but I like the colours in this collection :)

  11. Robin says

    Looks amazing!! Can’t wait for this (and the movie!) to come out!

  12. Courtney says

    The original line was made for the districts, but people thought the names were too odd, so they changed it to represent the capitol instead. For example, Smoke and Ashes used to be called Fight to the Finish and it was inspired by the night sky the tributes looked into and, Stone Cold, used to be Joined at the Seam, inspired by the seam. There were also colors called Catnip, Primrose, Rebel, and others. You should look it up. I personally think the original colors connected to the story better, but whatever.

    1. Lauren says

      @Courtney they’re the same colors from the previous sneak peek of the collection. Only the names have been altered. I’m wondering if this was an agreement that made both companies drop their lawsuits and continue with the collaboration.

      1. Courtney says

        @Lauren Probably. I personally liked the original ones better though. They fit better.

  13. Lauren says

    From what I understand and have read- each color represents something different from the story..

    Dress Me Up – inspired by Primrose
    Argo – inspired by the forest where Katniss and Gale hunt
    Smoke and Ashes – the night sky the Tributes look up into during the Games
    Riveting – inspired by Katniss and Peetas costumes when they lit on fire around the arena
    Stone Cold – inspired by District 12 the coal mining district.
    Electrify – inspired by Cinna’s gold eyeliner he always wears
    Luxe – inspired by the Capitol
    Mahagony – inspired by Peeta and originally called “The Baker”
    Just some examples of what I read.

    1. Courtney says

      Yes, like I said before, the colors arnt inspired by the Capitol, because when they developed the colors it was originally inspired by the Districts, and because of a lawsuit, they changed the names but kept the colors, therefore the COLORS are inspired by the Districts, and the NAMES are inspired by the Capitol.

  14. Sara Ferreira says

    luxe and lush :o

  15. Angela says

    i think i need them all :l

  16. Gabi says

    As a huge hunger games fan, what the hell is up with the names?!?! But as a nailpolish junkie, I love the colors

  17. Tracy says

    OMG! Luxe and Lush!!!!! MUST HAVE!!!!!

  18. Christina says

    I’ve heard that none of the leaked colors are definite. They’re still formulating the official colors

    1. Leesha says

      I’m thinking this is definite, I got this color chart from a China Glaze rep :)

  19. Cassy says

    I’ll admit I find it a bummer they didn’t go with the original names. Even though they’re the exact same colors, they now look different to me. For instance I was interested in Dress Me Up when it was called Primrose, but now it looks too muddy. I also wanted Harvest Moon when it was called Cinna-Mon, but now it looks boring to me. It’s funny how a little thing like a name can conjure an image and make something exciting and then take it away if it’s changed.

  20. Margaret says

    Agro, Riveting, Luxe and Lush are absolutely gorgeous. can’t wait for the collection :D

  21. Itza says

    i screamed. no joke screamed! buying them all!!!

  22. amandasourlemon says

    I have no clue what “Hunger Games” is, but I’m in love with Harvest Moon, Foie Gras, Smoke and Ashes, Luxe and Lash, Electrify and Fast Track. :D (I’m a nail polish addict.) Can’t wait for these to come out, any clue when they’re being released??

  23. CatherineBuckle says

    Ahhh another collection I now have to buy! They’re all pretty gorgeous, I’m in love with Riveting and Smoke and Ashes, they’re beautiful.

  24. Tinkerbeth says

    So pretty. Did they say when it will come out?

    1. Becky says

      I think they come out march 1

  25. Felicia says

    I am SO EXCITED for this collection to hit stores! :D Luxe and Lush is GORGEOUS! <3

  26. Amy says

    SO EXCITED! I have to start saving now for these!!!!

  27. Mackenzie says

    I will take the entire last row!! and dress me up, fast track and stone cold :)
    loooove these!

  28. Megs says

    Haven’t read Hunger Games because it looks like a rip off of Battle Royale, but those colours look amazing!! Will definitely be getting them =D

  29. Kate says

    Considering the name of the collection references the capitol, none of these colors remind me of anything in the book which describes the capitol. If it’s the represent the districts, then why aren’t they named “Color’s from Panem”?

    The last row is the best. The first row is pretty boring. It looks way too similar to tons of other colors that are already out… except maybe the silver one, but really, a silver glittery nail polish is nothing new. I think I like Riveting the best.

    1. Kate says

      No, I lied. Electrify is my favorite.

  30. Krystal says

    these names don’t really seem to fit..

  31. Aychpea says

    I think the idea of each colour representing a district is definitely plausible. But since 5, 6 and 9 we know little about, CG could have just added filler colours inspired from the story.

    District 1 – luxury goods luxe and lush
    2 stone, carving tools stone cold
    3 electronics, cars, firearms electrify
    4 fishing hook and line
    5 ____
    6 _____
    7 lumber mahogany magic
    8 textiles dress me up
    9 _____
    10 livestock foie gras
    11 agriculture harvest moon/agro
    12 coal mining smoke and ashes
    13 nuclear weapons (but only 12 colours so…)

    I have to say I like the original names as suggested a lot better. But these are clever in their own way

  32. Becky says

    I really want to see what Luxe and Lush will look like when worn. ^-^ I think it has a potential to be really awesome or really horrible depending on how they are doing the opal-thingy. I don’t buy more expensive polishes often (what can I say? I’m poor and kinda cheap lol), but depending on how it comes out, I may just have to buy it!

  33. Mimize says

    OMG ! LOOOOOOOOOOVE Riveting <3

  34. J says

    I REALLY REALLY want riveting and luxe and lush! when does it come out?

  35. Thomas McAnulty says

    I just wish they weren’t China Glaze, I can’t deal with CG. They chip so fast on me, especially when OPI will last a week and a half without chipping! And I love the OPI Pro-Wide brush so much better, ugh..

  36. Holly says

    there seems to be a lot of debate about the names and the colors of this collection. i’m just kind of guessing from everything i’ve read on other blogs and msnbc (they have a story about the lawsuit on there) that the name of the collection is colors from the capitol but they are representations of the other districts (sort of how the capitol would see the other districts if that makes any sense).

    Luxe and Lush (formerly Flaming Gems) – District 1 (Luxury)
    Stone Cold (formerly Joined at the Seam) – District 2 (Masonry)
    Riveting (formerly Fire in Flight) – District 3 (Technology)
    Hook and Line (formerly Coal Hearted) – District 4 (Fishing)
    Electrify (formerly Heat of the Moment) – District 5 (Power)
    Fast Track (formerly Catnip) – District 6 (Transportation)
    Mahogany Magic (formerly Baker’s Son) – District 7 (Lumber)
    Dress Me Up (formerly Primrose) – District 8 (Textiles)
    Harvest Moon (formerly Cinna-mon)– District 9 (Grain)
    Foie Gras (formerly Rebel) – District 10 (Livestock)
    Agro (formerly We Could Run Away) – District 11 (Agriculture)
    Smoke and Ashes (formerly Fight to the Finish) – District 12 (Mining)

    the colors definitely fit the district they are supposed to be representing and the names make it more transferable if china glaze would ever make any of these permanent but for die hard fans of the book (like me) i liked the original names better.

    i have a blog post about it and the law suit if anyone wants to read it

    love the blog leesha!

  37. Abbie says

    omgeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i almost died when i saw this. stood up and screamed. i LOVE the hunger games books, and nail polish is my favorite thing ever. thanks so much for sharing leesha!

  38. Megan G. says

    Wow, these all looks so cool! I absolutely fell in love with “Riveting” because it reminds me of the descriptions of Katniss with her interview dress. To me, the colors kind of represent how the Capitol is on the inside: dark, vain, along with confusing and frightening. The last row of colors is about how lavish and wonderful the Capitol can look like on the outside. Either way, I LOVE these colors and I’m so excited for the movie to come out!!!!

  39. Emily says

    I totally agree about the colors. If they were truly inspired by the capital these colors would be waaaay more lavish. I mean, people DYE themselves pink and green, with turquoise tattoos and I don’t see any colors like that. Or at least a lot of glitter. I agree that these are more district like than capital like.

  40. Emily says

    I think the original names are MUCH more appropriate to the color choices. The colors make more sense that way, along with the coordinating district.

  41. Rebecca says

    these are really cool and all but they kinda make me sick. they make me think of the capitol. and some of the comments are saying how they love this one or that one. *I* personally think it would Katniss sick. ;)

  42. Charlie says

    Does anyone have any idea how much these would be and where I could order them from because I live in the UK and would love this collection to review on my blog but China Glaze aren’t replying to my email about it :(

    1. airica smith says

      Yeah i work with them and i tried contacting them and no response.

  43. Annabethe says

    That’s the problem. We’re confusing the districts. I definitely would’ve rather preferred them to name each color specifically for the district it represents. I think it’s just a little confusing… seeing as how we just confused district 11 with the two colors Agro and Harvest Moon. Still a cool collection though.

    TA TA!

  44. Jaime L says

    Did you guys see the recommendation from theHOB>? Someone on there found an online retailer ( ) that you can pre-order this set from. I just pre-ordered the whole collection for myself and my sister and got free shipping too! Hurry up and pre-order it before it gets SOLD OUT! I’m so excited.

  45. erin says

    they say that although Districts 5, 6 and 9 representation isnt mentioned in the book, they’re industries are :

  46. ashleigh says

    Does anyone know where i can buy these? They come out on march 1st but i dont know where I can buy them.

  47. Valerie39 says

    luxe n lush looks awesome

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