April 18, 2014
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Today’s video is kind of like when I used to do “Play Date” videos back in the day.. I recently got this palette from Bh Cosmetics, and just sat down, turned on the camera and filmed. I didn’t preplan the look or anything, just kinda went were it took me :) Hope you enjoy it! If you scroll down, there ... Read More »

LeeshaLife [Formally known as InstaLIFE] Vol. 1


I wanted to make sure that I kept you all updated on whats going on in my life week to week, so since I just started doing Weekday Vlogs on my second YouTube Channel, I thought it’d be a good idea to make sure I documented what was going on here as well! I used to do this with Instagram ... Read More »

TMI Tag! Get to know me :) [Video]


This was sooo much fun to film!! I hope you guys enjoy this video, and if you make videos I totally recommend filming one for this tag!     If you’re interested, here are the questions for the tag! Have fun :) 1: What are you wearing? 2: Ever been in love? 3: Ever had a terrible breakup? 4: How ... Read More »

BabySparkage: It’s a…!!


I’m so happy I get to share with you all what BabySparkage is!! If you haven’t seen the video yet. Check it out here..      We are so so excited, and I can’t wait to get going on a nursery theme and start buying things. If you watch the video, you can hear my crying when the ultrasound tech ... Read More »

Sigma Born to Be Collection Roundup & GIVEAWAY


Here is the roundup for the Sigma Born to Be Collection! This collection has an eyeshadow palette to create sultry looks with some fun, interesting shades to switch up your everyday smokey eye, eye pencils that are creamy and long lasting, super shiny and non sticky glosses, and more. Links to product reviews of each aspect of this collection are ... Read More »

BabySparkage: Boy or Girl Questions Video!


Yesterday morning we went and got our anatomy scan at 19 weeks, which is the big ultrasound around the halfway point of a pregnancy where they check your baby in detail, looking at all parts of the body, taking measurements, and making sure everything is on schedule and nothing seems out of the ordinary. The other great part about this ... Read More »

IMATS Recap: Meeting all of you!


IMATS last weekend was so much fun for me- I got to meet so many of you! I was pretty overwhelmed day one, so I don’t really have photos from that day, but I have quite a few from Sunday I wanted to share. Thanks so much to all of you that came up and said hi and had such ... Read More »

Instalife #7: BABYSPARKAGE!


Oh my gosh, this week has been an absolute whirlwind of emotions for me!! I’ve known I was pregnant for a little over two months now, and its just hitting me as a very real thing this week. I knew I didn’t want to go public with my secret until I hit the 12 week mark, but I didn’t realize ... Read More »

InstaLIFE #6- Bringing it Back!

naked3look 3

Today I’m going to bring back a weekly blog series I missed doing- InstaLife! This is just a weekly personal post about things I’m doing, buying, watching.. pretty random :) I like to be candid with you guys and make sure this blog has a nice personal touch to it )   Thanksgiving with my family is always fun, because ... Read More »

Healthy Beauty: My Daily (and Delicious) Green Smoothie Recipe! [Video]


Hey Guys! I wanted to share with you the Green Smoothie recipe I have been using lately. I decided to make a video on it and post it on xSparkage, and I’m so glad a bunch of you are interested in healthy lifestyle videos! I’m definitely someone who is wanting a balance of eating and living healthily, but also being ... Read More »