April 17, 2014
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Seventeen Beauty Smarties Showdown: Recap Episodes 1-4 and $500 Covergirl Giveaway


 I wanted to share with you the show that I had the opportunity to work on- Seventeen Beauty Smarties Showdown! It’s a show where 17 found 8 girls who are new to the beauty community and it’s a way for them to get exposure in an area of Youtube that can be pretty hard to break in to. Next week ... Read More »

New Hair! Undercut a la Miley Cyrus


I always get asked for photos of my hair, so since I just got it cut I thought I’d remember this time :) Ever since Miley Cyrus cut her hair off, I’ve been dyyyying to copy it. I don’t know why I never thought to get an undercut with my pixie, as the one thing I hate most about it ... Read More »

IMATS Vancouver Overview- Fashion, Fun, Fans!


Hi!! So right now I am sitting in the Vancouver airport, three hours early for my flight (free wifi!) and decided to post about my IMATS Vancouver experience this weekend :) I met quite a few of you guys and had a blast. For some reason, I really like the Vancouver show more than LA. I think a big reason ... Read More »

Sunday Funday- Lattes and Workaholics


Happy Sunday! I figure Sundays are a good “week catchup” sort of day. I actually filmed TWO vlogs this week (I’m shocked myself, lets see if i actually upload both)- one of Chelsea and I making chocolate ice cream from scratch, and one of bringing kiki to the vet and having a pool day :) I am okay at remembering ... Read More »

Back on Track!


Helloo!! So, my blog has been seriously neglected in the past two months, as I have stated before. This is stopping right now! I’m realizing now that I want to make this blog much more personal, so to speak, and make it more “LeeshaLand” and less specifically about makeup. For the longest time I have always thought that xSparkage needed ... Read More »

HaulerDeals Photoshoot and Launch Party Photos


Hi guys!! My goal this week is to finish up my makeup room, give you all a peek in to that, and get back on the posting train for both my blog and youtube :) I know it’s been a lot more slow going than I initially planed, and I apologize for that! I’ve been crazy busy with non-xsparkage related ... Read More »

Hi! I’m Alive! Little update on life for you :)


Hi! Long time no talk, I know. I hate going on MIA spells from YouTube and Blogging, and I know doing that without any warning is really lame of me, so I apologize. Long story short, These past 2 weeks have been very long and very, very stressful. I don’t mean to bore anyone with details, but I basically ended ... Read More »

Little Lush Haul!


Yesterday my friend Charlee and I went to the Lush in downtown Austin to pick up a few things, and I figured we might as well do a haul video to share! :) Charlee picked out some bath products, while I went to Twitter and asked for some recommendations on what to get, as I always love trying out things ... Read More »

Healthy Beauty- Easy Access Smoothie Cups


This week has been kinda a fail week for me, but I sort of guessed it would! I started off strong, then had to go out of town for a few days, and now my mom is visiting, so my healthy happy exercise train has kinda been put on hold. It’s crazy how you can start to miss the feeling ... Read More »

Healthy Beauty- Shredding, Hot Pants & Cookie Dough Dip


This week, I finally got off my butt and started working out. I started doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, which is a 20 minute workout, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s easy! It’s pretty challenging, especially if you are like me and haven’t really worked out in months, and whenever you do, it’s only cardio with ... Read More »